A new documentary tells the story of Boy Scouts sexual abuse scandal | Nightline

A new Hulu documentary ‘Leave No Trace’ features former Boy Scouts speaking about their experience of sexual abuse by Scoutmasters and the century-long scandal inside the Boy Scouts of America.


ALSO AVAILABLE ON HULU: https://hulu.tv/2wSmSrZ

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24 thoughts on “A new documentary tells the story of Boy Scouts sexual abuse scandal | Nightline

  1. Childhood sexual trauma is the worse pandemic in human history. The US for a very long time has covered up this henious abuse of US children. Corrpt news outlets still don’t report sexual abuse of tens of thousands of US kids for a very very long time. The Catholic Church an international org 😏decades and decades ago successfully, via bipartisan corrupt congress, ensured the vile criminal pedophiles, that sexually abuse US kids, have more rights than the innocent victims. One child victim of sexual abuse is one too many. Kids grow up and the childhood sexual trauma has had devastating lifetime consequences ☮️☮️

  2. I was involved in the south for 13 years as an eagle scout,cub Master and scout master….I never witnessed any abuse and never heard of any until thousands of victims signed up as part of the lawsuit….I feel that the numbers have been exaggerated of true victims ….I feel there are alot of people that have figured out how to make a quick buck off of the backs of dedicated leaders that set a good example for all of there scouts . Shame on the true molesters and may they rot in hell .

  3. The thing is these pedophiles get no repercussions is whats troubling. The fact that they kept hiding each other's tracks pisses me off. It isn't just Boy Scouts but in every institution from Gymnastics to your child's school. To them, we parents are just breeders of their sexual deviant desires.

  4. Did exposing the Catholic churches and Vatican's culpability change anything? In the short term; yes. But not in the long term. People will still send their kids into the lion's den without a second thought. Catholics will play down children being abused by their priests, but have no problem speaking out against gays and abortion.

  5. It's been talked about for decades, even on yt, but people were labeled as crazy and conspiracy theorists. It took some courageous individuals to bring these atrocities fully to the light and hold the rapists, molesters and their enablers, to account. Thank you. And thank you all the original yt video makers who talked about this decades ago and received nothing but ridicule, and sometimes were deplatformed.

  6. Another polarizing “work of art”. It suggests that all Boy Scouts are dirty, and everything about the program is perverse. It’s like how the media paints that all cops are bad, all CEOs are greedy…unfortunately, there are lots of sheep that are polarized with eyes popped open. Pedophiles will burn in hell many times over, that is absolutely certain. However, to label all Boy Scouts and parent leaders as dirty is just another prejudiced and biased, superficial mindset. Very poorly done, Hulu. I just cancelled my subscription, and will quickly spread the word.

  7. Remember, the Boy Scouts are a Christian organization, so with the churches well known history of sexual abuse, is not surprising…

    Time to tax all churches……..

  8. They call it a scandal.
    Meanwhile they are teaching "gender fluidity" and pro LBGTQ.

    What the hell do you expect when everywhere people are pro LBGTQ xyz and animals and children too?

    Let me clue you in on where its going;
    In USA, people are shooting each other in record numbers.
    107,000 dead from overdoses.
    They are smashing businesses open like Jewelry stores and taking whatever they want.
    They are teaching your kids about homosexuality and gender fluidity perversions which is lust and BLASPHEMY with kids at Gay drag shows with signs saying "this will not suck itself"
    We are 7 Trillion in debt.
    The west is setting record temperatures.
    There are droughts AND floods.
    Catastrophic events are coming and they are coming to your house.

    And we think we can involve ourselves in a war in another country?

    Guess what? Its all about to get much worse.
    God is about to do what He warned the world about and it will be absolutely necessary and devastating.

  9. The elephant in the room is this was ALL men molesting boys. Not den mother's. And these were OVERWHELMINGLY post pubescent boys.The research has found about 35-40% of gay men admit attraction to underage boys. Even gay icon Harvey Milk was know to scour bus terminals for runaways.

    The same trend was in the Catholic church. It wasn't nuns molesting boys it was priests and again overwhelmingly post pubescent boys.

    Where is THAT story?

  10. As a survivor from the ages of 4-12 I always thought it was just me God hated. Although I am not a man nor a scout I have nothing but gratitude for every victim speaking out. Non survivors will never understand the evil placed upon victims.

  11. Eagle scout here, I remember my scout master too. really nice soft touch. i will love you forever scout master James!!!!! ❤❤❤❤


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