A police officer shot and killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop

Protests broke out overnight near Minneapolis where tensions are already high as the trial of Derek Chauvin enters its third week.


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32 thoughts on “A police officer shot and killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop

  1. Despite the fact that I have been arrested several times (deserved each one) I have never been tased or shot by police. It is Not because I am not black. Plenty of folks (every color) get shot and tased by police.
    And you ask how I can perform this miracle? I avoid it Because I Never argue with the police much less physically fight with police or pull a gun on police or try to take their guns to shoot them or resist arrest by pushing the police off me and then jumping into my car and speeding off in my car thereby endangering the police, myself and anyone else nearby.
    That said: that LEO needs to be fired (certainly) and perhaps prosecuted for negligent homicide (no way that was murder).

  2. Jesus said there would be civil unrest and ethnic groups will fight ethnic groups. He is returning with fire to judge all the wicked even those that claim to believe in Him and live in sin.

  3. Was his warrant for aggravated robbery? If so the police that pulled him over because he was blk. Learned of of the no court appearance for aggravated robbery. So that would put the police on alert. If you can’t live by the consequences of living that life. Don’t do it. That’s if the warrant was for aggravated robbery with a firearm.

  4. New Jersey here. I had an outstanding warrant on me when I was pulled over. They arrested me. I would never try to get back in the car. I went to jail and got a new Court date. But I lived. True story.

  5. If the cops would’ve just let him and George Floyd go, this would’ve never happened ✊🏾😔cops need to stop arresting us black folk and let us go when we start resisting and reaching for our weapons!

  6. To @dc4l … I did my research "HUN" (as you called me). I didn't need to do research because the videos were clear. Videos on this page and the ones that most people haven't seen. If the police shot and maced (pepper sprayed) "white" people at an astronomical clip, then you can argue fairness. It's shown throughout Youtube, body cams, and more that "white" people that are approached by police are more likely to endure these situations unscathed. Sure, there are a few "white" people that are shot and/or sprayed by officers. The numbers against OUR Black people in which we aren't alive to stand trial are astounding. If you find 10 "white" people that are arrested, you find almost 100 that are shot and/or murdered. So you're welcome to do YOUR research but honestly your opinion doesn't matter to me. It's clear through the body cams. No thank you and good afternoon!

  7. How many of you saying that this man deserved to be shot because of his past criminal record a Christian I know I am and the church I attend teaches us to forgive and not to judge this man wasnt in the middle of his past crimes he had expired plates and has a bs warranty because he didn't show up to court God will judge you come judgement day

  8. It's sad someone died but the child had did it to himself especially showing videos of himself smoking drugs and swinging around a pistol and trying to live the lifestyle of a gangster. Foolishness leads to death and Pridefulness leads to destruction. Don't believe everything on the Media they tell you and what people tell you.

  9. Riots erupted. Not protests. DANTEs arrest warrant was for robbing a girl by putting a gun in her face. The young man was a criminal. He didn't deserve to die for this.
    Mind u don't run. Don't die. Fairly simple. We've all watched enough cops shooting people. If you don't run..you don't die.

  10. Why say black man when it's the victim of a white cop but not say it when is the criminal? Why didn't his mom and you say he was wanted for armed robbery and had a gun? What this cop did was stupid and anyone that watched the video knows it wasn't racist. But yet you make it out like it is. She should be charged but not for murdering a black man because he was black. If the president can be brought to trial for inciting violence why have the news? You are all protected unless it is done with intent like you are doing.

  11. Read. The WHOLE. Comment please.

    Hey ABC being professional and well-founded well-documented and well-known news source that you are why are you missing details in the beginning of your news report? Really simple details that are very critical to people's outlook on this situation. Like how a 20-year veteran of the police force somehow was so stressed during a three-on-one altercation that she pulled her service pistol instead of her Kaiser and shot an unarmed man resisting arrest. Its almost like you're trying to push a rhetoric. But nah, you wouldn't do that… Would you?

    You see, I'm not trying to neglect or debate the fact that he had a warrant out for his arrest for a aggravated crime. I do not think anyone who has a warrant for an aggravated crime is a good kid, but this is not a situation where he had to die. There is no way I can possibly believe this officer was so stressed out that she Drew her pistol and didn't realize that it was not a taser. I just think she didn't care enough to make sure it was a taser.

    It wasn't a mistake due to stress, it was a mistake due to carelessness

  12. "He was a good kid". Really? He had a warrant for attempted AGGRAVATED (that means "armed") robbery, and he resisted when the officers tried to place him under arrest. I'm sorry, but that's not a "good kid". The moral to this repetitive story is simple. DO NOT RESIST! How freaking hard is that to understand? SMH

  13. Good example of why women shouldn't be police but he was a punk who had it coming by the life he leading. Stop doing stupid shyt. Listen how they characterized the situation seeing he was shot after getting back in the car you mean resisted broke away and was trying to speed off

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