ABC News Live: Biden calls on lawmakers to confront gun lobbyists l ABCNL

Investigators confirm the gunman in the deadly Texas elementary school shooting was armed with two AR-15-style rifles and died in a shootout with law enforcement.

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34 thoughts on “ABC News Live: Biden calls on lawmakers to confront gun lobbyists l ABCNL

  1. What an absolutely disgusting human being Mr Biden is.
    Instead of helping people, he is trying to politicise this tragedy.
    Just sickening.

  2. 1st off how did a uneducated 18 year old turd of a human afford 1200-1400 dollars of ar15 s not counting 300 plus for a pistol to do this ?? Plus someone has to register that gun cause I know at 18 there was no way I could have got that money if so I would have had a car at that age

  3. Maybe take the guns away we have shootings in Canada but come on you can get an AR 15 no problem WOW think about in Texas you can walk around with a gun what the f

  4. ok so America kills 1 million people in Iraq? how many in Afghanistan? or Syria? or Sudan? or Ethiopia? or Libya? or Yemen? or Vietnam? or Somalia? or Serbia? wow to many to count no wonder your kids go nuts, it is because you are nuts with no history or no culture

  5. Well… of course, ABC News allows passionate appeals from heartbroken officials to do the unthinkable! "What are we doing… what are we doing!??" And, "it's been forty years since reasonable gun law reforms were enacted!!!" All to browbeat us the public into submission! Except, they fail to disclose the facts that 1: regardless of punitive measures they can dream up, the number of weapons already in use "will" be hidden and or coveted. 2: America is the land of the black market. And our past with drug interdiction means guns, like drugs, will be just as easily available as a hamburger from McDonald's on every corner! 3: Whether it is for personal security or as a means to confront nefarious government agencies, eventually, it will be the police state and the criminal element armed with firearms with the average law-abiding citizen in the cross-hairs. 4: Despite these terrible examples we see too often, the fact is, that the number of incidents per capita is minimal at best and far from being the "only hope" we have to combat this menace! 5: In every case where government overreach is tolerated, the "needs" and "excuses" with "positive platitudes" morph into even larger threats to freedoms and liberties!

    And, we know these facts are true yet our elected officials say otherwise! The problem is our country, the land of the free is micromanaged with corruption that causes the hostility we see in our streets today! Plus, "they" tend to suggest our "rights" are only "privileges" and thus are subject to change at a moment's notice! They use the same old jumbo that it is for our own safety…blah…blah…blah! That they have the right to exclude you of your rights and will do so to make "them" happy! In fact, Mexico, with far more gun ownership regulations mirrors or exceeds American homicides due to stabbings! And that has recently changed due to the use of firearms lately used by drug cartels and the corruption that is involved! So again, we are subject to "pleas" from "concerned parties" to "reach into our hearts" to allow honey-dosed band-aid on our boo-boo! That, we all will feel this will make us better people! And, like in the old westerns, we heros will get the purdy lady to ride into the sunset!

    So, for either "Chairman-Joe" or others of his ilk to browbeat society as he does, he needs to know that is not leadership, but only edicts from "big-Brother!" It is unconstitutional and hostile to our Bill of Rights. That this is nothing but an evasion of the national oath he swore on and will not be tolerated. My Gawd… what a concept!!! To, promote and protect the United States Constitution from all enemies domestic and foreign!!! And, only when he can get two-thirds of the Senate to force an amendment, we the people will have the last to be said on this, and all other "threatening" socio-experiments he wishes to employ! And, I say that even if it was my child that met such a horrific and disgusting fate! We can't bring these kids back regardless of all attempts to do so. Unfortunately, that is beyond our capabilities, but to assume the edicts of government sources who claim they will replace that with another attack on Americans' freedoms, rights, and liberties, is an assumption based on the belief that everyone is promised a rose garden! People will die, period! We know that! But, life is a bitch and everyone must know life is a gamble we all face every morning climbing out of bed!

  6. I feel bad for each victim family member and survivors of the massacre. Additional law's are not the answer. They've been given the tools; but not taking action to remove the person from the home and street and placing the person on psychiatric hold for observation and determine what measures to prevent harm to himself and public.

  7. It just happened on the NYC subway with hundreds of Police officers around. He didn't use a AR. That won't fix the problem!

  8. hardening the schools = the guy chooses a mall, theater, summer camp, etc. Soon we will live it a society with gunman at every entrance and fences around everything, and the shooters will just find some flaw in the permiter

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  10. We can not let them manipulate us into giving up our guns. The moment we lay down our guns, is the moment we become like Shanghai or Australia.

  11. This what these 19 kids gets by dropping lifeless in their class rooms so FBI could follow Muslims who doesn't have the means to carry out attacks. innocent Muslims who FBI become their stocker. Hopefully FBI learning the hard way seeing these kids sacrificing their young lives because of work and operation FBI operates.

  12. As long as CNN, fox, Hollywood, tv, movies. Any media that glorifies vile acts whether verbal and or physical. The hate will continue. Plus the money involved obviously.. Stigmas and labels add to this. Like I applied at Walmart, McDonald's, minimum wage jobs. Always on the first page would be am I – Asian, Black, Latin, then Caucasian. It's supposed to simulate like sat tests or multiple answer surveys.. Where always the check this box for all of the above. Then it proceeds to ask stuff. Like, if you saw a act of robbery, etc etc. Subliminal Plot points. Takes effect differently then others.

    It's truth/well known that the major record companies control the lyrics. First time I read how the control the lyrics & robbery if the artist don't comply; Was reading an older Lupe Fiasco interview/article.. Basically he did want to re write tracks so he lost money he was owed (By, contract). Please read below. Short version for YouTube

    Also look up – Negativity Bias. It's more or less how. Every/Anybody can have a good day – whatever. But a single negative slander – verbal/physical can effect one the rest of the day and so forth. Alike crimes of passion. High, drunk. ADHD meds that's handed out like candy. When I can claim adults who gossip during work about before/after can be forced amphetamines too. Like my nephews/nieces are too. Because they get distracted easier. Last I knew kids/adults get lost in cartoons/music and so forth. ADHD amphetamine supposed to help people how to act – memorize things unnaturally. Internalizes things – "Negativity Bias."

    It's all illuminati/subliminal messaging. Alike – Shut up and ball. But Hollywood/Media loves pushing everything from; Oscar winners Saving Private Ryan, The Revenant, American Sniper, American History X, etc etc. Then take in second hand smoke (Cigarettes to weed, to crack smoke). And lobotomy back in 1936 – fossil fuel aka ethanol was used as a key ingredient.. I grew up in long Island/NY. And the news talked about the pollution and smog over the metro. Alike all that junk from. Car emissions/fossil fuel/ethanol – plus all the second hand smoke. All this just evaporates like water/mist and just rains back down. Slower – Death by a thousand cuts kinda.

    Also everyone gets PTSD. Especially those who hear/see "Vile things." Even Chris Kyle the American sniper lost control because of PTSD ; You could see in one on one interviews when his military past was brought up. He would struggle

  13. In another month, this will be old news, they already forgot about Buffalo. And liberals want to defund the police and support rioting and let criminals out of jail. What did you expect?

  14. We have armed guards to protect money at banks but none in our schools after multiple mass shootings. Politicians will blame guns. Gun lobbyists will push back. Nothing will happen. Rinse and repeat.

    For the love of reason and practicality…put well-trained, armed policers and/or staff in schools. You can continue to debate gun rights while providing security.

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