ABC News Live: White House says Putin is still preparing to invade Ukraine l ABCNL

Plus, President Biden’s Supreme Court nomination could come as early as this week, and the former Miami Dolphins coach suing the NFL for racial discrimination lands a job with the Steelers.

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50 thoughts on “ABC News Live: White House says Putin is still preparing to invade Ukraine l ABCNL

  1. Putin and Chinese communist party have already allied for Invesion Ukraine and Taiwan.
    They have threarend to kill them for invasion.
    They couldn't cheat the world. We've got to deal our severe sanctions.

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  3. Take money from Putin's friends and they will strangle him in a bunker. And give Putin's personal $ 300 billion to Ukraine as compensation for everything that the Russian Federation has done. And there will be peace in the world. It will cost you and the whole world much cheaper than supplying weapons to Ukraine, and most importantly, you will save tens of thousands of lives.

  4. This was a brilliant chess move against the Deep State rats playing checkers and trying to drum up a war with their BS narratives on Invasion and False Flags. Like we don’t see through that weak ass foreign policy. Even the President of Ukraine just said the Biden Admin were the ones blowing things out of proportion. That was Checkmate by Putin.

  5. Propaganda and lies, to cover up for ther duram report, bidens worthless reign, democratic faled party, not counting the piggy pank the world launders ther money throu.. we see what politicians care about most, US gov. should be protecting our own border's, majority of Americans do not want to be part of NATO, UN or anouther worthless war.. let Europe protect it's own self intress.. and biden keep his false narratives amd lies out of it

  6. Psycho Putin should just leave Ukraine alone. Stupid psycho. Putin, if you’re listening ✌🏻 peace. Don’t poison me

  7. Will NATO offer a huge apology if there is no invasion?

    Will NATO ensure that oil prices are forced lower?

    Will oil and gas company CEOs be named, shamed and sanctioned??

  8. US intelligence?? NO Ukraine invasion, NO Weapons of mass destruction, NO Afghan children fatalities. US Manufactured pretexts!!

    The Ramstein Air Base in Germany costs $1 billion annually. US is willing to pay for 12 German bases for 77 years! Why?

    This is like the James Bond movie "The world is not enough' but the baddies threatening the pipeline are Americans.

    Cyber attacks make American planes, tanks, ships & subs nothing more than trillion dollar scrap metal.

  9. America has bombed 32 countries since WWII for the 'PRESERVATION OF PEACE & SECURITY' ?

    Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia, China, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala,

    Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Peru, Serbia,

    Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, (Ukraine?), Vietnam, Yemen & Yugoslavia..

  10. How blind are you idiots? 2014 Then sitting US President gave Soros 5 billion dollars to overtake Ukraine via political coup and civil war. And who was Vice President then and made millions from that nation?? Oh ya, the same guy who’s President of the US now. Russia is far from perfect, but seeing how Russia is trying to bring God back and the US is all about Satanic things in society.. who do you think will win? The US empire is over, our nation will pay the price for letting evil take over the government, schools, media, etc.. You leftist liberals and right wing conservatives all will pay the same price and you all did this to yourselves.

  11. ABC news as usual biased -almost EVERYTHING important requires a photo ID but they make up a big deal when voting to ask for it– So on one hand a person has to show a ID to fly but it is like pulling teeth to ask for it to Vote please your news station IS PART OF THE PROBLEM — Typical hype news elitist reporters—ohhhh is this the SAME news station that played 24 ht 7 days a week of Russian Collusion jaja

  12. Is this any surprise,the United States is a laughing stock to these countries with our leadership,this kind of thing would have never happened under trumps watch,what a surprise it didn’t take long under Biden’s watch for it to happen

  13. Within the next few days, we can expect Russian military to move into the Donbass region, risking a direct conflict between Ukrain and Russian military. The world will see the move of Russian forces into the Donbass region as an invasion of Ukraine.

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  15. Putin, by recognising the independence of the Donbass region of Ukraine, he has provided himself with the necessary excuse to invade all of Ukraine. Effective attacks on these breakaway regions by the Ukrainian military will be considered as a direct attack on Russian territory, thereby justifying an invasion by Russian forces. Their can be no doubt, following Putin's television address, that these regions will become part of Russia in the long term, so this is a land grab. It was telling that Putin made a number of references to the Russian empire, this is no doubt how he sees Russia growing back to being the USSR.
    This recognition is equivalent of NATO allowing Ukraine to be a member. As any attack on the Donbass region is an attack on Russia.
    It was telling that Putin's tv address sounded so paranoid, a clear attempt to gain support from tbe russisn people for an invasion of Ukrain.

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