ABC News Prime: Chilling testimony in Chauvin trial; Workplace shooting in TX; Pres. Biden on guns

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44 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Chilling testimony in Chauvin trial; Workplace shooting in TX; Pres. Biden on guns

  1. Pamela TURNER, say her name, this is awful, the contempt for this black woman is awful. Get rid of the egotistical, the wicked and the fearful. This has got to stop, this type make it bad for all police, replace these sort with more officers whom have bravery, civility, discernment, and de-escalation skills. When 911 gets this type of call send also ones who have experience handling Challenged or Unstable people.

  2. Governor Florida he is a thief stealing money look at all the people die behind the virus he didn’t care he wouldn’t worry about people passing away that’s all I want it was the numbers in Florida still no money.

  3. So four of those police officer they should be charged for murder because the reason why I was they are staying around here Laney police officer with his knee where he could not breathe not here that’s racist police officer he was racist so now what do you need to do a video and give him life without no parole settles that you can’t do that in a police department they need to shut them down the police department they need to shut them down because they’re not racist they race is the races you said Do you know the way man he knew what he was doing in the Lord is talking for him that lawyer somebody to kick him up out of here because he knows better than that when you go to prison just said I want to say that but if you go to prison if you go to prison that’s the problem today

  4. Without BLM, the justice now being rendered to victims murdered by so-called police officers would not have crystalized. It is interesting MSM has not mentionedthat reality.

  5. Officer Chavin problems seems to be from hatred that was taught to him from a young age. Those that taught him hate is the ones responsible for his actions, and I feel that their conscious should beat the devil out of them.

  6. I really feel bad for officer Chavin. Those that taught him hate at a young age is responsible for his troubles. Maybe now they will stop teaching hatred to their young. A bunch of mad dogs. I hope their conscious beat the devil out of them

  7. 😳 Wow! So sad there was “Another Mass Shooting”, But You'll Easily Figure Out Why The Liberal Fake News Media is Silent Over It. It was an Angry former black NFL man that did all the shooting.

  8. This is supposed to be YouTube! Instead, it’s like fucking TV with all the goddamn pointless commercials! Will not be watching ABC again!

  9. Boring gun-happy Americans. The world is sick of US racism, 7 MASS SHOOTINGS in 7 days, school shootings and bombing in the name of peace.

    The US show videos from Mars but no videos of Uyghurs in Xinjiang and only two suspect witnesses from a city of 25 million.

    The Changcheng (Great wall) to Lu sè Changcheng (Great green wall) can both be seen from space.

    The US had fires from a gender reveal party that could be seen from space. When was America great?

  10. The George Floyd case shows that the US has the world's worst record for human rights abuses both domestically and internationally.

    The burning, shooting and looting that happened last year wasn't BLM or Antifa. It was thieving Americans from both the left and the right.

    Extremism within the US police and military ranks maybe why US troops have been stationed in Germany for 76 years since 1945.

    Is the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act being updated in real time from this online trial?

  11. The editing, select-picking snip-clips from 6 hours of court today is so misleading, no wonder so many Americans believe the opposite of the truth. As someone who's actually listened to every moment of the case, both the questioning coming from the prosecution & defense, the case is not heading in the direction as ABC is intentionally misleading us to believe.

    The issue here is, that for those who form their beliefs on faulty news such this video, their beliefs are being created and molded on falsehood. No objective lessons in law and logic here. No striving to pursue facts. Rather a narrator who pops in every few seconds spoon-feeding how we should be thinking.

    The sinister aspect of all of this is that there's a high probability that the legal course will arrive at a very different conclusion than this video would mold you to believe. When met with such shocking results, no wonder riots ensue. Systemic racism is then attributed for the lapse between realty's results vs the minds of the mass.

    Riots are coming to the streets nearest to you. 2021, here we go again….

  12. If Derek Chauvin had just gotten off Mr. Floyd's neck, he'd be at home with his wife and still doing his job (although he didn't deserve to have it). I wonder if he sits up and thinks all of this crap was worth it. You lose EVERYTHING because you're too arrogant to just get off the man's neck.

  13. Biden, the left, and all his thugs insult every black American grandparent who actually had to suffer under such conditions, they undermine their love and sacrifice for their children and all other children in which they showed that mercy and time that America will give their children a fair chance. They are now eroding their legacy and devotion they gave to the world and America, so sad to witness every day as an American, that the president of the United States is a gooney and his followers, the same.

  14. I like the unbiased way these MSNetworks are covering “ The KILLING of George Floyd”

    They would prefer “murder of”, but, they like to go by the mantra “Here, in America, we never want to pre-judge the guilty”.

    An honest news organization might say, “The DEATH of George Floyd”, or just not give it a title at all.

  15. I didnt notice Chauvin's boot even lifted from the ground and I didnt notice George tried to use his knuckle to life himself up to get air

  16. This is why Police officers should be given an area of a city like back in the day when officers still walked the beat, and then encouraged to get to know and understand that part of the community and the people there within. I know this is a difficult thing to do, but as the old saying goes, "You gotta be tough to be the Police", not "You gotta be easily frightened by the community to be the Police". You must be mentally tough over all things and make rational decisions, not rash decision making.

  17. This is what happens when people are forced into isolation and onto technology. Technology and the media platforms provide a purely artificial connection. People become devoid of connection to themselves, feeling, empathy, and the violent acts are expressions of their inner disconnect from spirit. Its very sad that humanity has lost its connection to nature, the natural environment, and living in attunement to the planetary cycles.

  18. This trial is upsetting me more and more with each passing day.
    The representation of this defendant is crazy. Ain't no black man would have gotten that type of representation if he was accused of killing a white man. Lets keep truth in its place. Am I wrong…

  19. If McConnell is against the infrastructure he's part of the Republican problem. This isn't just about infrastructure it's about jobs too. And yet people continue to vote for him and others who are against moving forward and positive policies.

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