ABC News Prime: Coronavirus shutdowns, economic impact, Utah earthquake, Vote 2020

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39 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Coronavirus shutdowns, economic impact, Utah earthquake, Vote 2020

  1. 🏵️🏵️🏵️ THE SPANISH FLU OF 1918… there are several narratives and agendas playing out simultaneously. They include, over 200 trillion in Wall Streets bad debt, securities, and derivatives are due at the end of 2021,what a great excuse to give free money to themselves to buy their own bad debt to keep those in power, in power. Second, the 🏵️Spanish flu of 1918, at the same time as World War I, called “the chemist's war” The highest use of chemical weapons ever. This toxified populations all over the world, toxifying the the immune system, lowering the body's voltage, allowing bacteria and viruses already in the body, to then hatch and breed causing the worldwide pandemic. It started with the military, who were at the time using experimental vaccines with toxic adjuvants and foreign DNA. 🏵️The polio outbreaks of the 60s and 70s were caused from the use of DDT, the year DDT was banned the polio outbreaks decreased rapidly. 🏵️The cholera outbreaks of the 1850s and 60s, is now known by scientists to have been caused from the use of green arsenic dye used in clothing, wallpaper, paint, toys, and even sweets. The toxic dye toxified the immune system lowering the voltage and allowing cholera to flourish. ❤️Understand, the body does not get sick when it is healthy. A virus is a piece of information like an update on a computer for a new environment…. YOU CANNOT MEDICATE OR VACCINATE AWAY AN UNHEALTHY AND TOXIFIED IMMUNE SYSTEM…Stay away from fluoride a neurotoxin, roundup, chemicals from medications, vaccines, and flu shots. They only create a lifelong client for the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical, chemical, and vaccine industry regulate themselves because of agency capture, where they put their members on the boards of the FDA, CDC, WHO, federation of State medical boards, and so on, causing the science itself to be corrupted. Third, an election year, what a great excuse to blame one side versus the other, when it is time for a third party to win……
    It is now known, that children's health problems are two to four times higher in the vaccinated versus unvaccinated and are caused from mainly vaccines at early age. This hidden information is now available. It is not a debatable issue, it is those who are informed and those who are not. Start by finding the information at Children's Health Defense. 0rg, DR Tenpenny, and Dell Bigtree…..PLEASE WAKE UP. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. The white secrets society know what they has done to our children's all around the world, the elites, the head- taller, the untouchble who think god don't see their wicked, evil and guilty deeds being done to our children's god ax at that tree to destroyed the cloning factors all around the world, the elites, you falling down, day by day! In jesus name, god sent his rider on that firey red horse to take peace from your earth and cause y'all to slay yourselves! Watch and see, my god oromise me venge on all our enemies of every nations, and i am looking forward! In jesus name, have no mercy! So let it be writtensi let be done, a., mom weeping for her children.

  3. The whole world need to read psalms 78 because of the wicked, evil and the guilty will be judged by god for all the sin they causing the world to endure! All political , all the rich, all the hollywood stars, not one will escape for taking our children to serve the rich underground, lord jesus kill them all, lord send a band of destroying angels to destroyed all that hold my children and familys underground from the south, set god peoples free all over the world, children back to their clans and parents back to their homes, in jesus name, so let it be written, so let it be done, all mom's weeping for themselves and they children's.

  4. I pray god destroy all the wicked, evil and the guilty of the military that electron stalking and mind control the world, i pray all the government agents that ride the skyed with they spaceship and the explorers that kidnapped our children, i pray god visit every nations to destroyed them all and have no mercy on the evil, wicked and the guilty about kidnapping our children and got them sex trafficking underground, i pray god visit each and every home of hollywood stars home and their familys, because they know about our children taking from our home and being replace with clones , all the sciencetology and dark science that cloning our children's , all the head-taller thats playing god in god creation, i pray god kill them all and destroyed them all of every nations, never to recover no more, in jesus name, so let it be written, so let it be done, a… Mom been waiting a long time for god to avenge us of our enemies and foes, lordjesus! Looking forward! Have no mercy and none will escape, and lord jesus , please protect and serve all your peoples underground and give your angels charge over them and keep them in all their ways, you promise !

  5. Unbelievable: it's already the treatment, im a Doctor, I have, I treat me AND a yang adolescent that was the unico TO give me that Covid, but it's v v easy this #treatment with every single symptoms, I don't believe : way nobody else now that rules in medical school , the organ are the same, it's not individual symptoms= it's more than 5/6 way, the rest it's details, time , more long, APP: I have already 2 times in 17 years a Spanish Flow, it's like Meningitis fever, v v quickly io can doing until a 42 in 24/48 ours and Death : iffy nobody give you a Tachipirina for sure, it's more long butt io can handle Covid 19 like Pulmonary / SARS = than the Spanish Flow , and the secret it's TO put the single symptoms v v quickly, and after the treatment , it's more than 120€ FOR person around 35 days maximum, and 27€ for Spanish Flow, that's IT and point.

  6. virus from china government let the world protect this people the before virus spread President respond that word accusing to American soldier if the America do that The America most affected are you okay reporter a bias media what think yourself look at the world now many people died because of your mouth can act and good journalist you not ashamed what you stand yourself this disagree the President that are you American Citizen to protect the people America where you belong. say that to resback the China accusing American soldier bring virus real the virus start WUHAN from are bad reporter and bias remember your feet stand in America.

  7. This is offensive .. Many meds nurses even Dr Paul Cottrell been screaming publically we needed PPE and begged everyone to cover this back in Jan . stop lying to us in USA public we are no stupid ..

  8. The millionaires billionaires and trillionaires are going to clean up off of this all the free property they can slide right on in and get and there's virtually nothing to stop them

  9. The Corona Virus 2 came from Wahun China, where did the virus corona virus 1 come from in 2003 Cecilia Vega? this is a serious virus the President is who he is. It seemed Vega was trying to get back at the president for sending the Mexicans back to Mexico. I was ashamed of your sarcasm and disrespect in front of all of those children who laughed at you. They thought that you where a joke.

  10. Back to1980, they said that haitians people had brought HAIDS.Furthermore Trump even calls Haiti,the shithole country.The true leader supposed to express not this way.He is needeed attend class,so he can learn how to speak properly.

  11. Joe your full of yourself. Since your ok with wealth and power. But what about the regular citizens “huh”???
    You don’t want to help the people while these horrible times.but want to bail out businesses? Your ass backwards

  12. I agree we should all try n help to slow the spread of this virus. I can't help but feel that the ones in charge are keeping something from us. This looks like a weapon that either got accidentally released when was released on purpose but I feel they are lying to us about the severity or they just do not know that it may be more airborne then they believed they just don't want to put us into a panic even though I personally not panicking. The problem is going to be most of society is going from paycheck 2 paycheck and people can't go months without working at least not many I know so something is up I wish they would just be honest but that will never happen

  13. Are you kidding me? Why are you always so negative? Lyme disease, Spanish flu, Ebola? Now there is a problem by narrowing down the region from where the diseases breakout? Wow y'all need to watch how you look and sound. Bring us together!!!

  14. If what I'm saying has you running to your therapy dog for a hug please call your doctor.
    Question, at what point is all the shelter in place, self quarantine, economic standstill going to cost more, cause more damage and more death than the Covid19?
    Obviously the answer is off in the future.
    Some cost to consider; suicide, alcoholism, domestic violence, credit ratings, business closures, bankrupting States and federal government for future services because to hell with all that if anybody's dying. As if the services don't save lives such as cancer treatments, food programs, schools, parks, public Safety, public works, etc. I can hear all the right winger saying government is only for military and a police state.
    I know there will be some people who would say, saving somebody's life is worth the collapse of the entire world. If that's true haven't the terrorists really won?
    These are probably the same people who have a total meltdown and are willing to spend about $50,000 when their pet is dying.
    At what point will people realize that death is part of life. So often people around a dying person make them feel guilty as if they're doing something wrong when really what they want to say is I'll miss you and I love you. Too often this shows up with dramatic efforts to save their life, such as running down to Mexico for cancer treatments and spending a fortune on Alex Jones supplements.
    The truth is people are dying everyday from all kinds of ailments, West Nile virus, Zika, Tuberculosis Measles, Meningitis, Whooping cough, Hepatitis, Lyme disease, Hantavirus, Plague, etc and we don't shut society down.
    So right now all the cheerleaders are rooting for team shut it down. A big campaign around the globe is the shelter-in-place quarantine and to hell with the economy that keeps us all fed, warm in winter, cool in summer. Shut it all down because people might die.
    Along the lines of, if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger, at what point is propping up and insulating others make us weaker as a species?
    Now if you'll all excuse me I've got to drive my big gas hog around the neighborhood and then get back home to watch Fox news about how global warming is a liberal homo plot to make our children transgender.

  15. 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and PESTILENCES, and EARTHQUAKES in divers places.
    8 All these are the beginning of sorrows. (Matthew 24: 7-8)

    People wake up!!!

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