ABC News Prime: Day 2 of Derek Chauvin trial; Horrific anti-Asian attack; SC voters rate Pres. Biden

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34 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Day 2 of Derek Chauvin trial; Horrific anti-Asian attack; SC voters rate Pres. Biden

  1. So I understand why and what a defense lawyer do, defend! But using the witnesses as the cop out, like they provoke the police to react they way they did! Is unacceptable.

  2. What has anti Asian violence got to do with The Black Community which has and continues to support and patronize the Asian Community all over the World????…

  3. Please Repost anywhere and everywhere

    I'm not only A US citizen but also a US Veteran, yet I cannot get justice here:

    I was Illegally Shot with a Taser, Aggravated Assault, Fourth amendment Violation, by the Bloomingrove PA State Troopers that committed theft, false arrest, also false imprisonment. Illegally held in jail on bogus charges "that were proven false last year". I have transcript minutes. All initial Probable Cause Charges were proven false, therefore all charges stemming from it must be dismissed by Law Mandate, which is not the case here. They Held Me in the county jail until My Nephew had posted My Bail. A $30,000 bond. While My Mother went on hospice and died Feb 15-March20,2019 died while I was illegally arrested and held all in a violation of both State and Our Constitutional Law Mandates.


    This is My actual written statement of part of what actually happened not all of it. I have to discuss with the lawyer first whether I should put the rest, as their kind of in trouble between the video and this their  just in so much trouble. All contrary to the Law.!AupUfe3dYPHOghhjqxOzvJaN3VTs?e=5mIuvi

    The cops are caught dead wrong on video and also transcript minutes that follow below at the factual testimony on the transcript of the Preliminary Hearing held on the date of: Tuesday 

    14 January 20, beginning at 12pm. Hearing held before the then District Justice Paul Menditto, 213 Silver Lake Road,

    Demons Ferry, in Pennsylvania

    Please 🙏 Help

    Hi, I'd really appreciate it if you would share or donate to this GoFundMe,

  4. So you live in a place like that and your talking about food🤔 everything probably grows there, that along with a gun, arrow or traps you wouldn't ever talk about not having food. People in the city I can understand but not in a rural area all you need is seeds, a little work and time. Even if you can't buy vegetable and fruits to get seed, people throw that away.

  5. If mr. Floyd had fentanyl in him, you can put a brick on his chest and it would make it hard for him to breathe because of the Fentanyl. With fentanyl in his system leaning on him in the slightest bit would feel like a car on top of him. The fentanyl was numbing his system, nerves and muscles that's why I believe the leaning on him caused his death. He was not a threat at that point and he should have been in the back of the car or not being leaned on

  6. So no one thinks that the numbers of covid are going up due to the these injections everyone is so over joyed for🤔.

  7. Does anybody actually believe the lies of channel 7? Unbelievable how these people keep telling lies and think people are actually buying their BS. People wake up. Corporate news is told WHAT to say, and when they must say it Newscasters have simply become mouth puppets for the corporate Elite. RESEARCH! if you want to know the truth.

  8. IF that killer cop walks out free from this trial the court itself is definitely racist and the judicial system is B.S!! His full conviction should be imminent; there's no way around it if justice is to be served!🤔THE outcome will speak whether there is JUSTICE OR NOT IN THE U.S.A.!

  9. The Defence lawyers always put the victim on trial…especially if he's or she is black. But if they free this murderer it'll show there is no justice in America.

  10. Too many activist jurors. Very mad very much salt. I hope they know lying on the stand won't end well for them

  11. "the angry mob made me do more of the exact same thing that was making them angry"
    I heard some of the jury selection, "blue lives matter means cops?", But I don't think ALL these jurors are brain dead.

  12. "I felt like there was nothing I could do. As a bystander."
    And that's why this happens.
    Start carrying. Make it normal to always have armed citizens watching each other's backs.

    When someone is slowly murdering someone in front of you, demanding they stop at gun point is reasonable.
    When they don't, or go for a weapon, shooting them is reasonable.

  13. Here's how I see the George Floyd thing.
    4 minutes.
    After 4 minutes, even if your heart is restarted, you are a vegetable.
    They pushed it and pushed it until most people would realize their was no going back, and kept pushing it.

  14. Proof that even bad people can still occasionally do good.
    Not proof cops are good.

    That he was handed a fire extinguisher, good chance the guy would have been pulled out and gotten 1st aid without them.

  15. Maybe the vaccine is making people think they are okay to not wear a mask because they are vaccinated so vaccinated, asymptomatic, people are spreading it because of confidence and misunderstanding what the vaccine does… A lot of feeble-minded sheeple out there that actually think they can't catch or spread it now… Maybe instead of race-baiting, y'all could use the time to tell them to wear the mask… Unless playing mind games with the feeble-minded is what abc is all about… Tell who, what, when, and why Central and South America is doing poorly…

  16. If the defense wants to paint a picture that the eye witnesses made him (Chauvin) angry…he should have gotten off Floyd's neck, Floyd was not a threat (he was in handcuffs), Chauvin, the police officer is a cruel man and he should be convicted on all counts and sentence to the max

  17. I am only sorry that Tupac Shakur wasn't up and about near that scene and things would have beendifferent. One God one Aim one Destiny. BLACK POWER 🤜🏾🏁💫💫✨⚡✨👍🏾🌟

  18. The border crisis is nothing more than a political joke. Biden wants to help people breaking the law but yet, we have veterans living under bridges and people all over America that needs help. Maybe he should worry about issues here and send all the immigrants back. He said they wouldn't take them back. Really? Be a man and a real leader and make them take there people back. Better yet, get out of office and let a real leader run this country before it's too late.

  19. If Jeffery Dommer were to save a man from a burning vehicle and perform CPR to resuscitate him saving his life, would we praise him as a hero? Why this cop?

  20. What's more disturbing are the supervisors of the policeman who killed george. They knew this man was was dangerous as a cop. He didn't wake up one day and kill george. He should never have been a cop!

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