ABC News Prime: Fauci intv. on J&J pause; Prosecution rests in Chauvin trial; Leaving Afghanistan

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35 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Fauci intv. on J&J pause; Prosecution rests in Chauvin trial; Leaving Afghanistan

  1. I would deathly not trust Dr. Fauci or the pharmaceutical companies, if Fauci gave a damn about the citizens he would’ve been talking about staying away from the standard American diet, keeping up on vitamin D3 levels zink k2 Vit c have an immune system and a simple coronavirus Virus is no match for it if you keep all the other poisons out of your body. Seems stupid to add another unproven poison into your body.dr berry and dr burg have many videos on u tube on the subject if anybody is interested It is definitely worth checking out. I have no fear of Covid because I do not eat the standard American diet and my immune system works fine. You need to stay away from processed sugar and carbs, it’s all about insulin resistance. Healthy people do not have problems with COVID-19 or any other strains, these things have been going on for hundreds of years if not thousands this was all political BS.

  2. Getting struck by lightning is a natural event, people dying of a man-made chemical is like getting wet in the rain. Some things are just inevitable. What they should be doing is explaining how it is like getting killed by a grand piano, it should never happen but if you're dumb enough to stand underneath it, it just might happen

  3. It’s not White against Black or Black against White.
    It’s good against bad and bad against good.
    Stupid against smart and smart against stupidity.

  4. Now it seems that this ex-police officer need to be investigated also… Because, he's justifying use of criminal Force… And if we go look back and see how many complaints we had against him then that will answer the question why he's up there saying that you should not try to put this man in a patrol car and get him to the jail facility but just keep him on the ground because he ain't doing whatever it is that you think he's supposed to be doing while his hands are behind his back and you for grown men kneeling on him you low-down dog

  5. The training of all U.S. law enforcement officers must be changed immediately, in order for these senseless acts of murder by police to stop. If your kitchen faucet drips constantly for years, you fix it by completely taking it apart and removing the faulty parts, replacing it with new parts. Drip is gone.
    Solution: All U.S. law enforcement must complete at least 75 hours of training in proper diversity training. That includes:
    1. The class trainer is African American and ONLY African American.
    2. The classes are taught by ONLY African Americans. The trainers and guests of trainers include; Law enforcement officers, community leaders, clergy, teachers, business owners, mayors, city council members, mothers, fathers and those who have experienced, first hand, police brutality.
    3. The law enforcement officers being trained, are assessed, scrutinized, and evaluated during said training, by the trainers, to detect if any officer being trained, shows signs of being racist or not. If racist. They are fired. Immediately.
    Fix the inherent issue. Incomplete and bad training.
    RIP Daunte Wright 💔💔💔

  6. Mainstream media will now focus on creating riots and looting. They will continue to report misinformation and not tell the entire story. Why? To make money, and act as puppets for the Democrats. Biden and the Democrats are thrilled. As this type of sensationalism takes Americans eyes off the miserable job they are doing. Disgusting they don't give a damn about America or it's people. They don't give a damn about black lives. The only lives they care about is. There own. Disgusting!

  7. George Floyd and Daunte Wright should have listen to Lawful demands by police,This is a country of laws and they need to be followed. Anymore questions?

  8. Show us the real numbers of the Covid deaths not your made up numbers, it’s interesting nobody died last year of anything except Covid. From the evidence I’ve seen there were no excess mortality’s last year from prior years, so what’s up with that Dr. Fauci?

  9. Fauci is a politically controlled sell out. Keep sick people out of nursing homes, don’t eat the standard American diet, get plenty of vitamin D three the darker your skin the more you need along with other simple measures. Your immune system is an amazing machine if you let it work. Keep your hands washed and stay away from sick people. This is all political BS.This vaccine was made on purpose for reasons I will not get into right now but believe me these people do not care about you, it seems most of them are sellouts connected to China communism. Shame shame shame!

  10. Hey Dr. Fauci, how come you haven’t told people about their diets? Vitamin D3? K2? The danger of processed carbs and sugars etc. seriously what the hell is wrong with you? Shame on you you sell out. I hope you make a ton of money on your stocks in the pharmaceutical companies have fun spending it in hell. Jack ass.Shame on you Dr. Fauci!And shame on main stream media! God bless, AMEN.

  11. Dr. Fauci is a scientist but there’s many better scientist to listen to. The only truth you ever told was in the beginning when you said the masks really didn’t do anything. Shame on you it appears that you are a sellout as well as the rest of the leftist controlled anti-American idiots.

  12. “Ladies in German”I wish they would stop calling Biden “president“ a president is usually the one who legally won an election, idiot Biden obviously did not, not by a long shot, and you ABC know that this is true, shame on you ,people believe you when you say stuff but not for long hopefully. Start reporting the actual news and the facts and stop putting your spin on the truth. Directly speaking to your so-called reporters, is your soul really worth selling out for money? Either be real investigative reporters/Anchors or get a new damn job. Shame on you all again! God bless, AMEN.

  13. The reason why we got caught up because he had a president of United States of America for four years you had Trump a dry to plan a circus he got all his marbles because he tell you a year ago the virus will go away in one year and over 500,000 people pass away because lives matter you had a president oh he was all about the money he was a thief and all his whole life he stole money so now we got a pay for now if you have a president of United States of America and you have lives matter you got to be up accountable for people but he didn’t hear he was a thief Trump was a thief all he did was steal money because his dad was a thief stole money so Nana tells you he tell you to take bleach and Clorox in the virus go away in one week and 500,000 people password so now as Americans is a mess so now we got a pay for it because there’s no cure for it it’s gonna take 3 to 4 years before we get a cure for it because a lot of people can take the shot that’s whySo I can tell everybody you got a present for two years in office all he did was steal money and run his mouth he want to fire everybody do you like any movies and we’re like these Hollywood making movies but it doesn’t work they’ll be that way because a fact if you have a president who you got to have a team but he fired everybody because he got his marbles because I think he got the majority there is two sons and two daughters and his wife they know we still have money do about the money trying to steal money and that’s all that’s my story.Black Power to People all People 🏆🏆🏆👎👎👎👎👏🏾

  14. As far as Daunte Wright goes he should have not fought with police I cannot believe this is even an issue if you don’t follow police commands you may die doesn’t matter what color you are at all! The fact still remains that more “white“ assailants are shot by police then “black“ if you fight with police they should be able to kill you. How hard is it to follow police orders?we Need law and order back in this country so do what the hell you’re supposed to and there will not be a problem. Common sense people, we need to get it back! “Come on man” oh my god this craziness has got to stop! The left is so racist it is sickening! Hopefully even the “useful idiot” followers of the left will start to open their eyes and see what is truly going on. Shameful!

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