ABC News Prime: Kids & COVID-19 vaccines; Crisis at the border; France’s #MeToo Moment

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41 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Kids & COVID-19 vaccines; Crisis at the border; France’s #MeToo Moment

  1. On CoVid vaccines, Governor Wolf and his Minions have their collective heads up their alimentary canals.
    Months into this and they are still on Group 1A, except my 78-old neighbor can't get a vaccine STILL! None available anywhere, appointments online filled up in less than 45 seconds. May 1st goal of ALL ADULTS being eligible highly unlikely with these clowns in charge. You know it's bad when West Virginia and Alaska are kicking your butt.

  2. Just to be clear. The red States Govenors need to secure their southern borders, instead of whining and begging for federal government SOCIALISM AID and FREE TAX DOLLARS.

    After the billions of FREE TAX DOLLARS stop flowing to the red States for the fake border wall, they're artificially creating a crises by allowing an influx of immigrants, in order to receive FREE TAX MONEY. WELFARE States that got a taste of federal government FREE LEFTIST SOCIALISM DOLLARS for the border wall. Now, their dependent on it.

  3. The thing I am going to tell you is weird but a cure. it is my 20 years experience over pneumonia 🌈 A healthy man doesn't need to be vaccinated of any covid 19 vaccine because this immunity doesn't work for long and second thing covid 19 is not harmful for everyone and the vaccine is not a solution because covid 19 mutilated itself with time third thing, can a vaccine treat body inflammation or pneumonia? answer is no! and the other thing is. If covid 19 is so fatal it would have killed every affected patient. And next thing why the death ratio is different through out the world .actually it is patient body's overwhelming action on corona that makes the situation worst and because of this patient's body get inflamed and later he faces septicemia and it is a cause of death. In some cases the patient faces some heart and kidney related problems. and the thing is responsible for this, it is inflammation because inflammation damages patient's respiratory system and it is the reason for whole crisis. Because in lack of oxygen the patient's body system get destroyed and septicemia make the situation dreadful . because of it patient's body lose it's capability to kill the virus. I make you sure that The patient's body has capability to fight against covid 19 no matter what type of virus is that. but it needs time and the patient has to avoid inflammation . and it is the way the patient can avoid inflammation. Believe or not we can resist our body inflammation by controlling our eating habits it is possible. I am a patient of pneumonia myself and I was fed up of allopathic treatment. earlier I would have faced pneumonia regularly after every three or four month it did reach on it's peak and it did turn my body into a mucus producing machine. Then I followed some aurvedic instructions and some research was done by myself , today I am hundred percent healthy. I don't face pneumonia since last two years. There is no possible vaccine for corona and only Ayurveda can save from this mysterious virus. If someone gets affected with covid 19 he should eat only the following things. if a corona patient eats the following things his body would not produce mucus and he is safe – the things are – wheat, gram(chana) , white sugar, milk ( milk from animals) and all products made from milk , salt, red chili, mutton, chicken, fish, mustered oil, tea, masoor dal(peagion food ) ,green leaves but not Cobbage( the green leaves mustn't be bitter, sour or acute ) , remember all this products mustn't be contaminated and they must be pure. if the patient eat these things and don't eat enything else and follows these instructions strictly. Covid 19 can not harm him at any how . it takes 15 to 18 days because the patient would have eaten something already that his body would take 15 days to stop producing mucus. If someone get affected with covid 19 he must consume the said foods because this thing takes 15 to 16 days and if someone delays to apply this thing. The situation would be out of control so apply this thing immediately and the patient must wash his nose with hot water. I mean warm water and inhale hot water thrice a day by his nose and he shouldn't mix the cold water into the hot water to get the temperature down because if he does so. I don't know why but the result will be zero. so to get the temperature down either the patient can pour the water or he should wait for some time. I think
    Patient nose is a heaven for the virus because neither body's action nor medicine works there the patient must wash his nose. how, it is on himself because virus enter into the lungs from here and the patient get affected again and again. it is my personal experience and please have a trust on it.the patient mustn't eat the fruits neither a single bite and others vegetables besides green leaf because fruits and vegetables are the main source or cause to makes our body producing mucus. It means if the patient follows the said instructions his body never get inflammation and a healthy person doesn't need to follow this formula. It is for those who are under threat and either they have a history of pneumonia or they are in their old ages and patients of diabetes or at high risk. besides them no need to worry it is only common cold for a healthy person nothing more. I am a patient of pneumonia and I have been researching on pneumonia for last 18 years. if the patient trusts this thing. and applying this thing. he never need a vantilater and he never going to face any worst or a death. do you know why the death ratio is less in poor countries. it is the reason. the poor people don't eat fruits and vegetables as much compare to the richer and mostly the rich people have been dying with corona. a six month old child never faces pneumonia because he fed only its mother's milk. a wild animal never face pneumonia because he never eats another feed besides green leaves, a man never faces pneumonia if he eats the said things. and if you get over with it once you needn't to worry at all( if you are not a patient of pneumonia). friends pneumonia made my body too sensitive. so I discovered this thing. it took me 18 to 20 years to sort out these things. I have most sensitive body because if I eat an orange I get a body pain immediately and if I eat rice continously for four and five days I get cold that turns itself into pneumonia after one or two days I have faced corona and it took me 16 days
    To get rid of it and it was like a some different kind of cold for me i lost my appetite, smell and test. I became weak my nose was running continuesly for four five days but I didn't face any mucus problem I have seen it. It was very dreadful but I saved my life because I am on the said diet already but if I won't have known this thing I would be a dead man yet for sure with this therapy you can cure septicemia or such wounds that not have been getting cured for long time. It takes fifteen to eighteen days to get the results starting.
    (A healthy person must avoid fruits and vegetables during the infection. and an under threat person must eat the said foods during the infection)
    Note: vitamin c daily value is different for different people. a patient of pneumonia needs very little amount of vitamin c and green leaves like spinach and lettuce can full fill this need perfectly.,

  4. Parents who allowed their children vaccinated will regret it when they start noticing mental illness from their kids like Psychosis, bipolarism, split personaluty and so on.

  5. My opinion like I'm crossing legally it disqualifies them. Ever being a citizen and kick their ass back into Mexico you guys want a p** foot around with a f**** illegal breaking the law cuz your damn stinking door no good worthless Democrats really you f**** Democrats

  6. Unemployment and homelessness will be huge problems now. The United States doesn't have resources to provide all these freebies at the taxpayers expense. The debt is out of control as well. Biden will make America a lot worse.

  7. The masks are an indoctrination into lucifer's beast system. (video below) Wake up world/America! The mainstream media is the mouth of the anti christ. Pray for them for they will suffer only pain & torments in hell for eternity. We are being played again by both sides controlled by satan. This is spiritual warfare. Their god is lucifer. God is always in control; sometimes He allows evil to prevail for reasons that are above our understanding. NO FEAR!!!

    God will heal our land if we Repent & Pray. Do you worship I.A.; The" I Am" ? or A.I.? Believe and Trust in the bl o o d that was shed by J e s u s C h r i s t for your sins; being born again/saved. Humble yourself before the LORD and S A V I O U R J e s u s C h r i s t and pray. Pray by lying prostrate on the floor with your face to the ground. The ultimate humility before Jesus Christ is you on your face. Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. Watch; "The Mask Ritual – A Mass Mind Control Operation" . Watch B i b l e teacher R o b e r t B r e a k e r's videos to rightly divide the word of truth. You can make a difference! We can't lose with J e s u s C h r i s t. Give Him your heart today and serve Him!

  8. Fix your focus loved ones. Whatever we allow to roll around in our thoughts & minds, directly affects what goes on in our brains & bodies: let the redeemed say so, the rest will follow.

  9. WHAT is wrong with the humans in this world??? Do you think when Jesus returns he'll be sending you to different parts of heaven…???

  10. Can't the the State Department somehow redirect people through them rather than the military or police? Somehow build a branch a few miles away from the most trafficked part of the border, and help them start the long process of becoming citizens including health check-ups; like Ellis Island, only on the Mexican – U.S. border.

  11. Washington Post admits Falsely reporting Trump’s phone call, Tapes reveal,Trump NEVER Said “find the fraud you’ll be a hero” Everything said was very normal

  12. Don't believe what the government and media say because they are controlled and manipulated,i don't trust CDC,leave the children alone,no to experimental vaccine.

  13. What u mean the parents volunteer there children to be vaccines oh pls how much u offere them. Bc 6months to 12 yrs on niddles and cach on others hands😱😱🐒🐒

  14. We'll trade 1 trumper for 1 immigrant…or all the trumpers for 1 immigrant…or we'll just give them all the trumpers.

  15. You are crazy to let these idiots inject your children with that garbage. There is no reason to do that, the seasonal flu is more of a problem then COVID. Do your research before you believe anything these criminals tell you.

  16. How are we supposed to take serious ANYTHING that Biden, the fraudulent “President” says???? He is so crooked and has done and said so many things that are wrong and bad.. (back when he could semi form sentences.)
    Him and his vp are liners and are ruining the country.. ruining USA in record breaking time!
    NO VACCINES!! Don’t let your kids get this!!

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