All eyes on new inflation report as prices rise l GMA

Rebecca Jarvis reports on the latest inflation data and what it signals about the health of the U.S. economy.

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34 thoughts on “All eyes on new inflation report as prices rise l GMA

  1. The price of gas will go down in America if American gas executives and their families were targeted by MAGAT Fox TV/Facebook followers.

    44 Americans are shot by other Americans each day so who would notice?

  2. I would like to know when the mainstream media is going to quit lying about the inflation rate I don't know where the hell you're getting 8.3% why don't you come out here and buy some groceries and buy some fuel and you'll know it's more than a 8.3%, for God sakes quit lying to the American people.

  3. As seven years working security, all other retailers should tighten their security guards bringing down theft, shoplifting, vandalism, and unmanageable customers. During first wave pandemic struck, many people were stealing and gasoline from their cars sitting in parking lots.

  4. Joe laughing to the bank as he sends 40 billion to ukraine. Get more immigrants in to leech of social welfare yo, remember Joe can send 40 Bil to another country and counting but cant spend 5 million to bolster your own country's border. Have fun taking care of other countries before your own citizens. 10% to the big guy. Hunter enjoyed his energy sector gains in Ukraine.

  5. Rich people don't care , just take a stroll on 5th Ave and see how much luxury items they are buying, luxury stores are booming from this inflation.

  6. The real inflation rate, is roughly double that of government statistics. Today, that figure is 16.6% inflation, year over year. That, also, indicates that the Federal Reserve discount rate, today, should be 16.6% in order to bring inflation down to the overall 2% target rate.

  7. REMEMBER WHEN THESE FAKE NEWS OUTLETS CLAIMED INFLATION WASNT A BIG DEAL & WAS GOING TOP CORRECT ITSSELF? Trillions of $$ & American Citizens got less than 1% of this money & now you are giving it all back & then some due to inflation. If you took out a big home mortgage in the last 2 years or obtained new lines of credit that you can not pay off now you need to get serious and make a plan for deflation. The worst thing about all this is the American Citizen will pay for all the trillions of dollars handed out to promote political agendas.

  8. Pour combattre l'inflation galopante la BCE doit mettre son taux directeur à 6% au lieu de 0% à ce jour. En outre la BCE doit réduire son bilan de 1000 milliards d'euros par an. Sans Attente.

  9. You all helped him get into office GMA. Thanks a lot! The guy who will use everyone as a scapegoat but never have any real solutions. Start your gardens because when the food shortage hits it’s going to hurt. Criminals will be stealing with no repercussions. But no mean tweets.

  10. I have got thee #1 solution to solve the entire country's problem. Simply lower diesel fuel prices. I'm a Logistics Company Owner and a truck driver. At $6.50/gallon for diesel and only getting 6 mpg (miles per gallon) it's no wonder no one can afford anything now. Diesel fuel is actually the left-over by-product from petroleum distillation. Simply put, it's the junk left over once regular unleaded gasoline is made. It has a 40 octane rating where unleaded gasoline is between 86-93 octane at the pump. Diesel fuel should be cheaper then all fuel combined. Why is it the highest??? Lower diesel fuel means lower transportation cost which means lower prices all around

  11. Thnxs democrats let’s go Brandon and ABC who hates America 🇺🇸 and spits on veterans and backs the democrats party 😬

  12. Let’s just print 10 trillion more dollars and see what happens.. Than we can pay people to not work and say unemployment is at it’s lowest.

  13. WH Comm Director talks today on ABC’s GMA about how April cpi number means that inflation will be gone by the end of the year….
    Gas ⛽️ prices at the pump alone have gone up 5% in the last week….
    CPI numbers don’t have gas and food prices in their calculations….
    I’m sorry that ABC allowed themselves to be so biased to this administration spinning the runaway Inflation that will continue way past this year end….
    I wish ABC would be a more trusted and truthful network..
    Sadly it isn’t .., imo..!

  14. Strict energy policies, you want climate change then this is the bill the middle class will have to suffer with. It’s sucks but I can afford definitely, do not agree but what can I do.

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