Amber Heard fires PR team ahead of testifying in $50 million defamation trial l GMA

The “Aquaman” actress hired a new public relations team just days before taking the stand in the bombshell defamation case against ex-husband Johnny Depp.

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40 thoughts on “Amber Heard fires PR team ahead of testifying in $50 million defamation trial l GMA

  1. amber's presentation when she testified was from some movies Gone girl, maid and others, what she commented on the carpet is from a netflix movie she is taking parts from movies in her statement she is a liar and thinks people are dumb.

  2. Amber Heard is the only one who has a HISTORY of being theî5dd Domestic Violence her background as well asß deßßfaming someone to explain away her actions. In 2009, Amber van Ree, as she is referred to in a court of law in Washington State, for PUNCHING her then wife Taysa van Ree. The case was dismissed however only because the girls were from out of state, California as evidenced in the courtroom audio and transcripts. Amber and Taysa then attempted to defame the arresting officer Beverly Leonard by saying she was homophobic and that is why she made the arrest. However, the arrest was made because the officer found the violence to be particularly disturbing and had absolutely nothing to do with her being homophobic considering she herself is in fact a lesbian.

  3. There were tons of women who were "abused" by Weinstein..But All other women of Johnny, love Johnny Depp.All exes of Johnny say he was the most gentle soul..Yet


    was arrested for attacking her ex ??..Amber has been violent all her life

  4. They both abused each other. Why wouldn't Johnny be violent especially under the influence of drugs? He is nobody's victim. They're both sick people for tolerating so much abuse from each other. A very childish and violent relationship.

  5. she wasdrinking drugs an shiting on his bed , but did she have to attack him when thry were done , the fact she kept asking for more money. she failed she was nagging u cant do that with a drunk

  6. Its her pr team thats caused her downfall?? 😂😂😂 or is it her lies abuse she dished out she musr be watching the news watching social media and omg thats it im firimg my pr team its their fault 😂😂😂💩💩💩💩

  7. No P.R. team can try and make something out of the complete opposite…….It appears time and time again she is the abuser here and no P.R. team can try and change that…….A private photo showing a black eye of Depp on their honeymoon, a severed Depp fingertip she admits she caused 'accidentally'…….Human poop she left in Depp's bed saying it was a practical joke gone bad……..and Depp, like any female victim of domestic violence said he accidentally cut his own fingertip and walked into a door and got a black eye…….Forever covering up for the abuser because they love them and the abuser says they didn't mean anything E.G. human poop in the bed was a joke when Amber knows she placed it there to belittle Depp just that bit more…….. As Amber is the biological mother of a baby now she has through IVF and by herself she really needs psychological help because I am very concerned about the safety of her baby right now.

  8. I think A.H. changing her PR team is a futile attempt to change her image. The saying of "you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig" comes to mind.

  9. Ya… that's the reason, bc he's a bigger star, let's blame his success for her evil doings!!
    What a piece of sh#@.. to even dare to suggest something like this when there are all those audios, and testimonies from even 4 officers proving turd to be a liar, fraud, and an abuser!

  10. This case shows us that a man JD must gather insurmountable evidence and risk exposing his private life in public to prove that he is a victim of abuse, whereas it only took her AH to utter some words and a good PR team for people to believe that she was abused. The double standards are despicable.

  11. Amber bought the judge and the witnesses that's why she said last Monday Amber arrived smiling and very dressed up that's why the corrupt judge said that the only evidence was what was written in the newspaper

  12. Bitch is a crazy bed shitting borderline personality, she prefers women, so she was always about the money, abuse began early, cause if your fighting your not fornicating.

  13. The pandemic came and taught everyone the importance of having multiple stream of income, unfortunately having a nice paying job doesn't mean you are financial secured anymore. So we all need to put in an extra- income earning chance, like investment.

  14. The entire court Amber has bought the Judge and those who are testifying in her favor let's stop this in the whole world there is corruption and this judge had a price they distribute this so that they remove the Corrupt Judge and witnesses

  15. The entire court Amber has bought the Judge and those who are testifying in her favor let's stop this in the whole world there is corruption and this judge had a price they distribute this so that they remove the Corrupt Judge and witnesses

  16. Amber Heard sold an edited video of Johnny Depp slamming cabinets to TMZ and the whole world instantly took her side.

    Johnny Depp provided 80+ CCTV videos, hours of audio, and more than two dozen eyewitnesses, and people still wanna rock up and say “I think it was mutual.” #MePoo #MenToo

  17. His security guard’s testimony was about an incident that occurred in their penthouse in downtown Los Angeles not Australia

  18. can we all agree that if a man was to abuse a woman as much as she claims she wouldn't just have a little bruse to take a picture of their would be gashes a broken nose maybe knots swelling men are buit to be able fight other men their would be no questions if he really abused her because it would have been obvious not coverable by makeup BTW when is someone going to mention to the judge that theirs proof her team has been lying under oath

  19. I do not like the way you guys portray the whole case this woman lied about being abused! Not only can that deter current victims as well as future victims from coming out with their truth, but it also tries to shove under the floor mat that men get abused as well! She is a disgusting human being and as a survivor of domestic violence myself I am completely flabbergasted at the fact that she would lie about being abused when she is the abuser!

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