Anti-abortion activists continue to push for overturning Roe v. Wade

Mallory Carroll, vice president of communications for the Susan B. Anthony List, reacts to the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that indicated the possible upcoming reversal of Roe v. Wade.


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22 thoughts on “Anti-abortion activists continue to push for overturning Roe v. Wade

  1. OK, so let's compromise.

    Let's overturn Roe v Wade and give states the right to outlaw abortion.

    The compromise is that all the pro-lifers must register in a database, which randomly picks one of them for adoption of the unwanted child. The parent wants nothing to do with them and the pro-lifers say they MUST be born. So, let the pro-lifers take responsibility for them.

    I think that's more than fair.

  2. We need to ban all religion. Beliefs in supernatural dieties have no place in an advancing, modern civilization. Our laws should DEFINITELY not be dictated, or influenced by them in any way.

  3. People who are using sad & extreme cases; (rape and incest etc) as a shield to gain their own benefits; (having unprotected sex and be irresponsible later) – are absolutely fricking disgusting… I do agree with abortions in extreme case, these should be examined and monitored by the court. However, abortion open to the public is a loss to humanity and is forever a no.. People would then just abuse this legislation. It’s so fked up

  4. No ABORTION and now its time for Male contraceptives. A woman can get pregnant once within 9 months a Man can impregnate 275 women within 9 months.

  5. The host is exactly right. It's common sense that if someone breaks the law, especially if that law is murder, there has to be consequences. Without consequences there's no law. I don't know if she's just lying about what she believes because her real position would be massively unpopular, or if she genuinely thinks we should ban abortion but not enforce it.

  6. You Politicians sure have your priorities completely wrong. YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF YOUR OFFICE!! You are so concerned about taking away a woman's right to choose while you site back and DO NOTHING about the thousands of Ukrainian citizens being SLAUGHTERED by Putin and his Russian army. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. HOW THE HECK DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?

  7. Basically a young woman fighting against other women's freedom to do with their bodies but if women do an abortion it's the men's fault not hers and should not be criminalized. RIDICULOUS!

  8. It's time for women to do the unthinkable since men can't control their own bodies and women cannot if it is overturned in the court here is one damn thing men are going to understand I don't care if your husband and wife boyfriend and girlfriend whatever relationship you're in it's time for women to say hey you can't touch me we have that right to say no you men and people in government want to take the rights of a woman we're going to take the liberty of a man not touching a woman we don't need a man whatsoever. At all it's time for women to stand up and say hey no judge no government no state is going to tell me what I can't do with my own body and men go effin your own self since this is the only damn thing that going to understand no more pleasure no more nothing if men can do whatever they want and women cannot even if then thinkable until women have the same rights as men with their own bodies no more touching no more anything I've had enough of this so-called men's liberty of having whatever the hell they want and women come second I don't bow down to no f**** man and he's Christian people are so called people and he's liberal rights for children don't understand if there's children in this world being mistreated killed because they are not wanted because the women didn't have an abortion it is not right to the children I don't give a damn what the Bible says it is so called fact God damn sacrilegious

  9. That guy completely lost his composure at the end. Journalists are supposed to at least pretend to be unbiased and professional.

  10. All the Court did was rightfully and lawfully and constitutionally return this power back to the states. Those who are protesting are ignorant to the constitution and believe the FED can do what it wants anytime it wants.

  11. We have seen under aged child killing their siblings and their parents, they were indicted of Homicide. If a fetus is a person at the first heartbeat, then it is liable for Homicide. When a fetus or a child kills the Mother at childbirth, that's Homicide.. Then, the death penalty is in order. When a fetus or a child is putting the Mother's life at risk, that's Attempt of Murder. That's means all the pro-life organizations, judges,, governors, and all pro-life law makers are complicit to the murder or Attempt of Murder .

  12. dont like it? the move to a blue state to get an abortion….. ohhh are taxes ,prices and crime too high in that state?? WELL TOO BAD!
    you either choose the right way to live or the wrong way.. your choice.

  13. These young kids today believe almost anything that is told to them. They are so reliant on someone else’s thinking and thoughts ( government) that the ability to stand on their own and take responsibility for their actions and lives is lost.I personally could not not do it, I think if you get In a situation to where you used bad judgment, then you should own it, understand the consequences, and at that moment start doing everything you can do to make the kid life that participated in creating as comfortable and happy as he or she can be. You owe it to that unborn soul. Now if you are raped or anything along those lines I still would have a problem with it but I could understand that decision better.

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