Apache Tribe Fights To Save Its Centuries-Old Holy Place | NBC News

To the San Carlos Apache Tribe in Arizona, Oak Flat is a place where generations have come to carry out religious ceremonies and connect with their Creator. But the federal land is set to be transferred to Resolution Copper and turned into one of the country’s largest copper mines — threatening the Apache sacred ground.

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Apache Tribe Fights To Save Its Centuries-Old Holy Place | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


37 thoughts on “Apache Tribe Fights To Save Its Centuries-Old Holy Place | NBC News

  1. Im 100% native american mescalero chiricahua but im from many tribes aztec cree kickapoo purepecha native american man i love my apache people the most. I feel it i look like them more then most of my tribes im related with a few clans from arizona new mexico ixehe

  2. "Reservation" means the Indian don't own the land, the US owns the land, the Indians just lease it by their signature upon the treaty with the US. "Sovereign Nation," is the word the chief wants to sign. It's the same with the white man, "Property Tax," means the white man don't "own" the land he "purchase"(not require word "buy" in statute), he just "lease" the land. Hence, Property Taxes he pay each/every year upon the land(leased) or the land will be sold to another person. Land of the Free???

  3. Their are three(3) differently named bands of Apaches (white man call tribes) it's still upon the US law books since the late 1800's that the named band that Geronimo was with, to this very day those Indians of that band are still prohibited/outlawed from ever "returning" to those Apache lands today( being today area of New Mexico and Arizona) or their decendents will go to Federal prison today, past, present and future. Well, why don't you talk about that today???

  4. Wow destroying more nature. Watching this it’s very sad. Could you imagine your city where you go to church where you got baptized married your life lives. They find copper or oil or diamond or gold they want you to go away find another place. I hope they finds good solution. God bless and protect them

  5. Yea sure it will create 1000 jobs..but the flipside of that coin is that the jobs that is created from mining copper will benefit those with college degrees..not for your average person…like I or people reading this. Yes I have diploma but long story short. Them saying that "oh it gonna bring jobs and create jobs if approved mining" it's a b.s. excuse.

  6. I Ade Munandar must take a decision with the American army to take firm action, if America is capable like me for decades not with women, I want to be American soldiers, I am an American product that fails America must be able to take risks, dare to take risks, for the continuation of America is better, Good people they are close to those who have no power, even though America is advanced, America still doesn't know, I'm an American product that fails to America, I have to make a decision, for those who violate ham, take very very firm actions … Facebook Ade Munandar Munandar is diligent in reading on the wall Facebook, Ade Munandar Munandar, is very important to translate in English, Americans are in danger of Indonesia not being able to lead themselves, Ham is not a trivial matter, someone will fall, with something they think is trivial, there are still many Americans who do not know, there are comments before me on msnbc abc nbc american news youtube and other american news. i don't want to be ungodly with America ika

  7. Alas, those without the understanding of knowledge , will reign cursed with the knowledge of greed. They`ll never be content. Until all the resources of earth r spent. But none, but the holiest of the land will grieve. those who lived by the land, respected the land. While those of modern design. Will lead us to end times. Mather Earth, & Father Sun, speak their discuss`d. your right to your history. is your right to your way of life. stand stall. peace&goodwill. TT"

  8. Just go to Washington DC, Boston MA, New York City and other locations of Christianity and Catholicism and uproot their so called sacred sites.

  9. We the people of america unite and stand with this tribe over any corporation we must respect our mother earth make nature your religion and respect and put into law the rights of nature we is because it is

  10. So the area will become yet another TOXIC MINE for a few, wealthy greedy people to make more money. Then they will turn around and leave a toxic wasteland that will NEVER be cleansed from the earth. Copper mining generates large quantities of waste, tailings, and acid outflows causing long-term environmental impacts and potential threats to human health. The mining industry uses sulphuric acid in the extraction and treatment of copper. The extraction processes are called heap and situ leaching; during these processes, particles react with each other to create acidic mists that not only harm people’s skin, eyes and lungs, but also destroy crops, deteriorate the quality of the land and damage nearby water resources for decades. From coast to coast we ALREADY HAVE hundreds of toxic mines in this country that have been abandoned AFTER they are no longer profitable that were once coal, gold, copper and other mines. REMEMBER IN 2015 WHEN THE COLORADO RIVER RAN BRIGHT GOLD FROM A TOXIC SPILL? That was the abandoned King Mine responsible for the spill and it has STILL NOT BEEN CLEANED. The Federal government lets these companies abandon the sites and leave a chemical wasteland for generations to come. IT COSTS THE COMPANIES NOTHING AND LEAVES THE EARTH POISONED. WRITE AND CALL YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES AND SO NO TO TOXIC MINING.

  11. Stay strong n hold your grounds the white businesses think the can control lands they dnt this has been your lands for generations before this nation was even born. My heart n prayers go to you all.

  12. sacred places must be protected , these people have a right to worship there,woe to those that get in between God and its people.

  13. Stay Strong. Brave people. Hope NYT, National Geographic, etc.will do specials on this situation. More info on Apache Indians is needed. PR. Save these Indian Religious Sites. Praying for y'all.

  14. I pray for a world that comes to live by the peace within these people. Blessings to us all.🙏🏼✨💖

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