Asylum seekers in America patiently wait years for cases to be heard

ABC News’ Juju Chang reports on a woman waiting for her asylum case to be heard after spending months while pregnant in a tent city in Mexico due to former President Donald Trump’s policy.


Author: Rafael


27 thoughts on “Asylum seekers in America patiently wait years for cases to be heard

  1. These are economic migrants, you cant claim asylum because we have a higher standard of living here than in Honduras. That would mean EVERYONE from Latin America (and a host of other regions) would be automatically allowed to come to the United States.

  2. Asylum seekers run from their own country fleeing war and political persecution, not for economic reasons
    Fleeing social crime isn’t sn excuse to apply for asylum in the USA
    U could get beaten and robbed in the USA, ,nobody runs away to seek asylum in other countries
    Is a fraudulent game

  3. Give them a court date, and send them back to their home country, to wait. We will let them prepare their case from there. Possibly, we could arrange to do the whole thing over the internet, to save them the trip.

  4. Globalist/Progressives: Take in the world !
    Native Citizens: We can’t pay to support the whole world 🤷‍♂️
    Globalist/Progressives: YOU RACISTS!!

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  6. That's not asylum. Why keep having babies while you can't afford them unless use it to get the US citizenship and get food stamp and free healthcare. That's very smart.

  7. Lazy people! They are in and every child 🤑🤑🤑
    Waiting in camps for a year (no bills, rent free, free food and no free legalizing process). I was pregnant and working everyday during the pandemic pandemic.
    Funny thing is that some of these people have 1 month in the country and are already protesting in the white house so that they don’t get deported and are demanding that Kamala Harris stops the long waiting and allow them to enter immediately.

  8. We have a huge disconnect. It’s just difficult! How can they appreciate their own countries? Surely, this nightmare has an ending… that’s not us!

  9. Biden spend War money on collaboration and cooperation between US, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

    Biden and Deb Haaland set up trade and tourism routes. A hospital was built in 10 days so add more accommodation it's not LA's skid row.

    Follow China's Poverty Alleviation 5 pronged strategy: develop local industry, relocate, ecological restoration, education and social security.

    Thank goodness migrants are not having forced sterilisations since Traitor Trump's landslide loss to Biden.

  10. Job seekers not asylum seekers. I am sorry their country is a shi_hole and wish them great luck back in THEIR country changing the system.

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  12. Not everyone can just come to to the US whenever they please.Make your own country better. We have over a million homeless as I speak in the US.How about helping them first? Americans cant just go to other countries whenever they please even mexico!

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