At least 8 dead in historic flooding in Kentucky l GMA

Pounding rain on Thursday caused severe flash flooding in Appalachia, leaving at least eight people dead and still several people missing.

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  1. Saddening. RIP 🙏🙏🙏 and hope everyone will be alright. These are serious matters and yet Republitards are taking away veterans aid to get back at democrats. Horrible.

  2. The government needs to build a coast to coast flood canal to prevent these kinds of disasters.. N.S.E.W. if they can build railroads and interstates.. They can build a canal.. Instead of sending the money they steal from us to other countries to fight in wars that we have nothing to with.. They could put our money into building a flood prevention canal!

  3. I don’t want to sound mean, but I looked at the history of flooding in this region of kentucky. There have been many attempts to build dams that would prevent these floods and would provide hydro electric power. Folks need to decide flood the gorge and build a lake. or get these floods every 50 to 100 years that will destroy everything in the paths of the forks and river. Its pretty much that simple.
    I’m sorry for people losses and the deaths.

  4. death toll here in southeast Kentucky is now 18, at least six children. According to the weather experts, we're expected to receive another six inches of rain here in southeast Kentucky. Here in Letcher County, Kentucky, we have two of those deaths. Here in downtown Jenkins in Letcher County, the flooding has receded, and the mud, water and trees have been cleared; but, you can see some serious damages in certain places. We finally got our power and internet back on last night, and we got our water back this afternoon. I can't say the same for the other places in and around Jenkins. Yesterday there were a lot of men driving four wheelers and carrying around chain saws who were going up hollows everywhere to saw down trees in the road. The town of Hindman is pronounced with a long "I" sound, not a short "i" sound. You pronounce it like Hine dman. These reporters should know how to pronounce the word "hind", and then all you do is just add the word "man" to it. So simple. From all the photos and videos I've seen I think Hindman/Knott County looks like the worse hit more so than Hazard or Jackson. These reporters are all the time using Hazard and Jackson. I guess that's because Jackson is where the U.S. weather station for southeastern Kentucky is and Hazard is a little over 20 miles away from Jackson.

  5. They don’t care about none of you poor people is so sad how the government and the fake governor who sits on salary and his rich ass house he don’t care about none of y’all poor people now that does the president they don’t care about nobody we don’t make enough money to get out of the poor cities that flood daily who wants to live by the lake anyway that’s not our sport anyway I don’t care about people you don’t care about poor people you don’t care about us as the people you only care about yourselves it makes no sense how people are out there Dino robots are other save and nobody come on you guys make no sense this world is coming to an end and you guys are all going to go to hell for being the people that you are the monsters that are on top of the government and the presidential Queen Elizabeth the dutches the Amish do you know what you do you incest your kids your family members you’re all sick thing is going to come to the lake one day that’s why they DuPont’s all look alike because they incest and they’re out here flooding and drowned and you’re not even save and people you’re letting people die your sickening you monsters out there your day will come Rosen believe me the Indians will take back their land of what we on the Indians you know what we do we gotta stick straw world soon there’s more Indy and then there are people you better get with the program your people are not right what you’re doing to us people you people are not right you’re just monsters aliens just sickening

  6. this was all bidens fault the weather respected trump not like Biden after all you didn't see this happen when trump was in office

  7. Please turn to Jesus. True peace is found only and through the prince of peace him self Jesus Christ. These are the end times repent!

  8. Kentucky cannot catch a break. Last year it was the devastating tornados now it's flooding. It will take YEARS to come back from this. I live a mile from a lot of the tornado damage (Breman, KY) and it looks as if the tornado just went through (Dec 11th was the date of the tornado) we haven't even began to rebuild. It's just devastating to sooo many ppl. 💔 💔💔

  9. The good and faithful Kentucky people need new senators. Wow and both senators from Kentucky don't believe it. Mr.Paul, Don't believe in free money.

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  11. I feel so sad for the people who lost their homes. Too bad Rand Paul is their Senator though, he is against FEMA aid & seems to think people should not be helped.

  12. And…praying doesn´t help. Reduce your CO2 footsteps, travel less by plane and by car, use public transportation, quit using air condition. And so on…

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