Author Salman Rushdie attacked at speaking event

Author Salman Rushdie was transported to a hospital via helicopter after being attacked at an event in New York.

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32 thoughts on “Author Salman Rushdie attacked at speaking event

  1. When rushdie choose to insult the Hindu and Muslim religion he was considered broadminded. Knighted by the Queen for this. Justice in part served, He'll fire is waiting for SR the devil. Since the day he was attacked he will relive it every minute of his evil life.

  2. How long our freedome of expression will permiting to hurt feelings of other religions, if one dont like a religion just stop following them and leave them alone and stop hurting them , instead of hurting their feelings be more civilized to stop pushing our planet earth towards more hostility.

  3. I myself am a Muslim in Iran. We warn America and Europeans that the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Brotherhood will easily take away your intellectuals with deception and terror, then your media, and then your freedom in your home, and the world will be dark. They will do it. Biden is the worst president of the United States, who makes friends with religious extremists and murderers. One of them is Farjam, who will give concessions to the Iranian brothers. This is the beginning of darkness for America.

  4. That man sulman which country he belongs? Why he don't go there?
    His name start with Islamic word why Muslims wanna killed him? To much questions there ? Anyone use bad words about your parents or your holy prophet which thing you want to do? No one knows how much we cry when I see his book ? Why Muslims blood to cheap? One last question America still don't forget 9/11 why because to many peoples dia in it. The holy prophet dear to us more then over lifes more then over parents more then over Nation more then this world. Please don't use bad thinks about over Islam over Allah over holy prophet and over Holy book . Thanks I'm Muhammad Mehdi Ali

  5. He’ll survive this, and it’ll make him even more desirable to the female population. Look up pictures of him with his girlfriends and ex wives. He’s not the best looking man around, but he’s a badass who has gotten some real high class beautiful ladies.

  6. Chautauqua Institution is where you go for enrichment – Open debate, higher thinking and expression.

    This was a attack on free speech, – Our political system has too many times bent to Muslims will and our liberals appeasement is endless – IT MUST stop – !

    Islamic writing in the Quran are incompatible with our values and culture. – STOP appeasing these people –

    Its our country -our rules and laws they MUST obey and no more inclusiveness of Islam – its incompatible with our values and value. NO pushing down our throats , its sharia halal, EID or other radical Islamist festival and pay in public places.

    This 24 yrs old radical Muslim has learnt this Islamic ideology and doctrine of hate -while being raised in the USA by his parents and mosque. THESE Muslims do not change , even when they are born in the USA, Canada or UK – They are doctrinated by their families and mosques.

    Canada , ENGLAND has a huge tinderbox of radical Muslims, highly inflammable waiting for spark to engulf the local infidels.

    UK, English have already bow down to Islamist practices and have lost control of many areas of cities and towns.

    Justin Trudeau has opened the gates of Canada for Islamist take over as their population explodes next 20 yrs.

  7. New inspiration from the Almighty ALLAH.

    One night I was sitting in the main room having conversation with other believers, while Dr. Rashad Khalifa, Messenger of ALLAH was in his office working on the Quran at his computer. After a while he came to the main room and said to us, “Tonight is a Historical night, I just took out those ‘Two Satanic Verses’ from the Quran”. Sure enough, the next day “Salman Rushdie” was on TV with his “The Satanic Verses” . . . That was an awesome sign from ALLAH for us. Then, the UK spying agencies provided this man with full protection 24/7. They sent him to all news media to be interweaved and sent him to many different countries fully protected by UK and US government spying agencies as well. WHY?

    All because, he was “Ridiculing ALLAH’s Arabic Quran”, that was why they wanted to promote him all over the world yet, those first world countries and their news media’s fooled people by saying that “We are promoting “Freedom of Speech and Human Rights”. Satan assigned his name on his mission: “THE SATANIC” verses and all of those countries took that open heartedly. WHY?

    Because, they wanted to promote their own made up religion which, you would never ever find it in any scriptures of ALLAH the Creator. They called it “Christianity”, then they made up a name for their messenger and called him “jesus”, or “son of god” and wrote a fake book and called it “bible” and they made up a fake story about that fake messenger and said that he was “crucified” which he never did and then they created the fake “trinity” and in USA they came up with 4500 different churches which each one of them has rituals which is different from the other ones. Satan has done his outmost. WHY?

    Because they have been pure Prejudice and Jealous of ALLAH’s Mathematical Miracles in the Arabic Quran. You must know that “E-saw” son of “Maryam” never wrote down the “Enjeal” with his hand yet, those people wrote the “bible” with their own hands and said that, “It was revealed to us”.

    Pay attention please, ALLAH sent HIS Messenger, Dr. Khalifa, with Scientifically proven fact based on Mathematics, the Exact Science on HIS Arabic Quran in order to “Ridicule” so called Muslims by showing them with more than 1000 mathematical confirmations that satan has injected Two “SATANIC VERSES” at the end of chapter “9” of the Arabic Quran, and for 1400 years SATAN has Fooled them by reading from a Distorted Quran, but, those spying agencies could not recognize that. . .

    The most stupid phrase these very famous News Anchors they have been using these couple of days about stabbing Salman Rushdie is that they say, “””” What was the MOTIVE of the stabber””???? It seems like have been sleep all these years. One Billion so called Muslims wanted to kill Salman Rushdie for 24 years and they made 3.5 million English Pounds for his head because, he ridiculed ALLAH’s Arabic Quran . . .

    Now, if you have read those last couple posts of mine you would recognize that FBI, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Homeland Security, knew who is going to kill Messenger of ALLAH, Dr. Rashad Khalifa, what date and what time he was going to be assassinated, yet They Sat and Watched him to be KILLED and they even took a Movie from his Association from across the street and then, they did not allow their news media even talk about it. All because they studied those Irrefutable Mathematical Miracles of ALLAH and they Recognized the Authenticity of those Miracles of ALLAH. That was why they just wanted to stick to their SATANIC made up religion and follow SATAN’s Plot. ALLAH is the Best Avenger and with all of these daily Embarrassments in UK when their Prime Minister got Fired, and Embarrassment in US government day by day, and those daily Disasters which we are all witnessing every day they are all nothing compare to what is going to happen in the near future. The worst is yet to come.

  8. Will ABC News ask the president of the United States why is sending millions and billions of dollars to the West Bank in Gaza that are killing gay men women and transsexuals or millions of dollars to Somalia where they are killing 15-year-old boys who are being gay or transsexuals will the president of the United States stop the Islamic Muslim Nazis of the democratic party the Nation of Islam with millions and millions of followers that promote racial hatred of the Asian race the Jewish race and gay lesbians and transsexuals

  9. Now we are waiting for muslims all around the world to start saying that this is the act of only one person and does not define the whole religion. Basically acting like they didn't read the Quran and don't know that it promotes exactly this kind of violent behavior.

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