Author says brain chemistry changes after social media use | ABCNL

ABC News’ Linsey Davis spoke with author Max Fisher about his book “The Chaos Machine,” on how social media giants are changing the way we think, act, and process information across the globe.

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37 thoughts on “Author says brain chemistry changes after social media use | ABCNL

  1. Reading the word of God transforms your mind for the better, read Proverb 8. , today slowly, read once a day for the day it is and you’ll finish all of proverbs by the end of month. 😀

  2. It's DEFINITELY destroying people. Most especially the younger ones. They truly get locked into their own circles of influence, and almost NEVER learn anything new, nor are they challenged to fact check. If you're an intelligent human being, you'll constantly be using your brain to determine if people (and "news" stations) are attempting to manipulate you, or if you're getting legitimate value and facts/logic.


  3. A friend of mine, age 45, was invited to a party of younger people. He said they sat around on their phones, never engaged in conversation, and then he left.

  4. Why he are only focus in social media? Inicial brains emocionaly stress are cause from mis infomation . Though mis information it control and undermines brains system as whole. In other words brainswashing out freedoom emocionaly.

  5. I checked out Facebook for one week when it first came out and then deleted my account the next day and have never used ANY social media, EVER! IF you're weak minded it just creates scum like Conald tRump and the Maga-morons!

  6. I gave up my social media accounts right before the start of covid. One of my closest friends last Fall convinced me to come back to Instagram, but I only kept it for 3 months. What the author said about the happier experiment subjects couldn’t be further from the truth. I feel way happier now that I’m off it. I feel the greatest sense of clarity for the first time in my adult life. Going back last Fall I realized how much of a toxic cesspool it has become. No wonder I was so depressed

  7. One of the numerous studies that show how our neurological pathways are modified by the social media and internet. I subscribed to FB in 2006. I was a lot on it, and there were good things about it at the time. But little by little, I became uninterested by social media. It tends to be really boring, because when you say you like something, then all the algorithms tend to show you the same things over and over. It goes in circles until you get sick. There is no intelligent debate, no interesting exchange, hardly any on FB or on Twitter, just anyone expressing opinions. And this is without taking into account the insults you receive if you do not agree with someone. Your world shrinks instead of widening. Truth is you become stupid.
    I send things on FB, if I want it distributed, otherwise, I just do not click on it any more. and I counted: if in one month, i go 5 times on it, that is a max.

  8. What if I told you, a person can instantaneously determine if a stream of information is being manipulated or is not, but only if a person has experienced both. I think if everyone understood this fact. They would turn off most of their social media apps tomorrow.

  9. 2:46
    Her: do YOU have a social media account?
    Him: blah blah blah
    Us: answer the question Keren!
    Her: 9 hours later: forgot what was going on and moves on to next question.
    Us: we take that as a yes! Blasphemous hypocrite!
    Him: don’t tell the church!

  10. They have me wrong. Stop sending me "I'm having a baby!" feelgood crapola. NO sports. NO freakin' games. NO golden retirement stories. Gag.

  11. Never has a British PM been put into such a position before. Our parents warned us, about how these new arrivals, would turn the country on its head. My personal opinion is this. Because these people have infiltrated every western institution, she now only has one choice. She must talk to the people directly, there is no other way !!!! Start talking to working class people, cut the middle and upper classes out. Start talking to Rod Liddle, Andrew Fox, Nigel Farage just to mention three.

  12. Well ,the world economic forum talks about putting chips in your body to monitor how you fill and react to every encounter of the day.comming soon,its called the new world order.

  13. I deactivated my social media for about 3 years and then went through a break up and went back onto it. I wish I never did because I remember being more happy and more present reality in front of me. I feel like I get social anxiety in the real world if I don’t have a phone in my face. It makes us into robots.

  14. If a person is even moderately alert to their own mental well-being, you would have turfed Fecesbook and Adolf Twitler a long time ago. Doomscrolling is the new human occupation and largest mental illness agent on the globe. It should also have been made obvious that Zuckerberg’s morals were utterly absent when every update outed your personal info, or that time they did a sociology experiment with purposefully morose post selections but didn’t ask a single user if they agreed to participate in said experiment. Their amoral greed during the past few election cycles that allowed a morally bankrupt organization like Cambridge Analytica to suppress or compromise voter’s info feeds was disgusting and Orwellian.

    Of course you may notice my slight hypocrisy at making such a statement on a social medium like U-Tubez, but you can put the blame on the TV networks and streaming services for producing utter dreck, like anything Kardashian, or movies such as “Things Keep Exploding, Marvel Universe Edition, Part CXXIV.” The few musician presenters on this medium are one of humanity’s last saving graces.

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