Battle over abortion continues

Abortion rights protesters targeted the private homes of two Supreme Court justices.



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26 thoughts on “Battle over abortion continues

  1. The Population have dropped alot. Somewhere I hear the President is asking for growth in population. Why don't you stop this madness of " KILLING THE UNBORN CHILD " THAT CHILD Have A Future there on Planet Earth

  2. While they claim to care about women's health, they are now responsible for baby formula shortages!
    The demokkkrats are as genocidal today as they were when they were butchering native Americans & pushing to keep slavery & opposing civil rights!

  3. I am very confused about abortion law in US.
    In my country the abortion law is… Its illegal unless the woman's life is in health related danger ….

    I think that abortion should be legal for a certain month old fetus.
    It should be legal for woman with health issues.
    It should be legal for rape victims,(and the father who is the rapist and impregnated the woman should have horrible punishment and instant death sentence),

    Abortion should be illigal for those who willingly took part in sexual act knowing that
    Condom has 2% chance of risk
    Pill has 1 % chance of risk.

    They know that risk isn't 0%.
    They took the risk of having sexual relation
    They bring up the child.

    People should be held accountable for their action.biologically,sex is for giving birth.not for entertainment.

    And when the child is born from two man and woman, who had sexual relation willingly,,the child is both's choice, if they want it or not.

    They should make law that both parents are gonna look after the child,…the parent who doesn't look after the child should be punished severely, as he/she put the burden of the child fully on the other partner.

    If sex was your choice,
    The baby is not.
    The baby belongs to both man and woman.
    How can woman say my body my choice.
    Man should have rights too.
    As your body contains his sperm.

    Just my opinion.

    At the end of the day,i think i need to learn more about this to understand pro abortion and pro life

  4. Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) on Sunday refused to rule out the possibility that his state would ban certain forms of contraception, sidestepping questions about what would happen next if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Here it comes.

  5. Why didn't they cry out and protest my body my choice when the pandemic was around and we were being forced to take the vaccine?

  6. Look on the bright side, irresponsible hoes shouldn't have babies anyway. lol Maybe tie their tubes while you got em on the table, keep them from breeding at all.

  7. I used to be anti-abortion until I realized that it is not the pillars of the community seeking these abortions. Yes, it is the "dregs of society", scumbags seeking to dispose of their inconveniences. Since "scum begets scum", are we not better off as a society killing these scumbag babies??? They will just be a burden to society, welfare$, incarceration and legal$, execution$. We as a society are better off to kill these scumbag children on the frontend instead of the backend. Every woman should be granted one abortion, however the ovaries come out with the fetus.

  8. The democrat party is evil and whoever thinks abortion it's ok you are killing a human bean,abortion it's murdered you will face the wrath of God and you will cry when you stand in front of him asking for mercy. Repent from this sin and give your life to the Lord Jesus CHRIST do not support this wicked evil act they are trying to pass

  9. USA the most insane nation on the planet! Not only do they LIE WHAT FREEDOM IS THEY ABUSE IN SLAVERY THE WOMEN AND PROTECT THE MEN FROM KNOWING VASECTOMIES WORK CHEAP AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM IN OVERPOPULATED WORLD AND CITIES SO DENSE WITH HUMANS IT IS A HEATH PROBLEM. THE INSANITY TO THINK FREEDOM THE CLAIM IT AS EXTREMES! FREEDOM IS NOT THE EXTREMES THAT IS THE ABUSE OF IT VERBALLY AND PHYSICALLY…..Sphere of liberty sphere of freedom and EXTREMES that ARE NOT FREEDOM! BY LYING TO ALL THE USA STANDS IN EXTREMES TELLING US IT IS FREEDOM WHEN NOT! Permitting the liars extremist to speak and let them influence laws with religion is as extreme as it get short of war. It is time to plain and clearly state the lines of extremest abuse the line of freedom that protect women…the extreme right of politics is now the extremists extreme right and against liberty and freedom and for slavery and exploitation against the USA and world and the planet as well…the crimes must stop or all the planet will suffer this path to extinctions IT IS A CRIME TO LIE FOR THE POSITION OF JUDGE IN THE USA…. it is time to ask them to remove themselves from the job for lying to get it just to do extremes against the laws, the people and the country. Use of religions against politis is not church and state breaking the rules…so all churches now should pay taxes or get out of state affairs all the way to judges or church and state is not binding in law.

  10. Why is it that we elected democrats who promised they could protect our right, make our lives better and then the republicans who are left in office as the minority can still do this to us? Then the democrats come back to us and say “look what the republicans did!We need more money and more votes to do the job you elected us to do”? This is a racket of good cop / bad cop and nothing ever gets done on issues we need like healthcare, economy, etc for the people because I don’t think neither republicans or democrats want to do any work for us because then they make less money. Look at all these politicians….really, look at them. They all have protected jobs, protected healthcare, protection in general for the rest of their lives. Their families are taken care of. They don’t have a worry in the world except losing power if people don’t support them anymore. That’s their only fear…losing their power and privilege. So if there are basic rights being taken away then they can distract us with that instead of doing anything we elected them to do like healthcare, inflation, housing, environment….all topics that involve actual work. I’m tired of being asked to donate into a political vacuum that is like throwing money into a slot machine hoping you’ll win this time. This government can’t get it done. We will always be suffering and dying of cancer and other ailments tied to stress from working shitty jobs that dont pay well by corporations who feed them. We have old and I mean OLD people in government who cannot even empathize with what the tax payer goes through to keep themselves above water while they all get richer by their super pacs. It’s evident. Every day I wake up and check the news to see Americans fighting with each other about which political party is doing them wrong but the truth is Republicans and Democrats are sicker, angrier and poorer today than ever before. You raise minimum wage finally to $15.00 an hour but everything is 10 times more expensive….housing, gas, food and healthcare. BARE NECESSITIES that we should have when we pay so much in taxes! One step forward 8 steps back and then you get emails and texts asking for more money from the tax payer to do the f*ckin job we elected you to do in the first place! WTF! People are starving while they play this game to manipulate us and BS us that they are going to do this or that for us when they get up on that podium. This two party system is a joke! In 20 years tell me if any of you are better now financially or feel healthier or safer. None of you. This issue is no longer about political party. It’s about the rotted and eroded whole. And they are going to keep distracting and distracting by creating fights about issues resolved years ago so they don’t ever have to address the real topics that Americans NEED from their government TODAY! I’m also tired of their never being any money to address these issues but when their is a war in another country they can ask for billions of dollars to send and magically that money appears and is sent offshore. This is all BS. I can’t take anyone in government seriously anymore. There is literally 20M people who work is state and local governments….20 MILLION people and NOTHING is getting done FOR THE PEOPLE. This is complete incompetence!

  11. Unpopular opinion that should be popular:
    people without uteruses shouldn’t be able to tell people with uteruses how to use them, and should stop trying to do so.

  12. Morals… Respect… Integrity…are lost. The system has taken over …. Your worried about our plant..You better worry about leaving better kids for it. I am for abortion…But when you're screaming God-Bless the Abortions clinics…And get this little Bastard out of me….You Got Lost somewhere…BAD.. You better start believing in something or someone. And I'm not Religious, but I know Karma🥺

  13. A man in NY went to jail for murder for beating his pregnant ex so badly she miscarried. Under the new law that says fetuses aren't life, he is now released for the misdemeanor of simply hitting her.

  14. Women use your morality would mean keeping your legs shut.
    Integrity on the part of you losers would save you from murdering a new life.
    Ladies… and I say ladies losely… Have you women heard of abstinance?

  15. Let the white women who are for Abortion, Abort…. Black Women have lost 40 million Black Babies by way of this hideous act of Abortion. So let the white women have their day. But.. Black Women, self Genocide is not a Good Business Plan. Continue to Procreate.🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱


  17. About 39 years ago I was close to 13 weeks pregnant and had an abortion. Near the end of the abortion the nurse said 'Oh My God' and stared for about a minute then left the room. The doctor continued staring for about a minute or two longer. I saw they were in shock and knew they watched my baby die. My legs were draped so I could not see. Please read below the extremely fast speed of fetal development.
    Heart pumping blood day 21, brain waves day 40. see "Baby Center- Fetal Development Week By Week" which states on WEEK 11 the baby can FEEL if the belly is gently poked on mom, is kicking and stretching, almost fully developed. Look at the pictures – the fetus looks like a developed baby. I was told at the appointment the fetus was just tissue – the same lie told today despite the advanced technology showing the truth.
    Many women do not discover they are pregnant until 6 weeks have already passed. – heartbeat and brain waves are present.

  18. I know that it's your body but I can't help but think if someone would have aborted you, you would not be here to protest about having an option.
    Is there anyone here that wants to get together to discuss this food stamp gov. giveaway to lazy people of 5 plus years that's milking it or the crappy correctional system that let dirtbags sit behind bars with free food, room and board and cable let's meet up about that.

  19. I've considered both sides of the abortion issue, and this is my conclusion: Women will continue to have abortions – legal or not. As a society will we make the procedure legal and safe or illegal and dangerous?

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