Bearing Witness: Life in a former concentration camp

ABC News’ Phil Lipof goes on a deeply emotional tour through the State Museum at Majdanek in Poland, the site of a former Nazi concentration camp, where unspeakable horrors took place.


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39 thoughts on “Bearing Witness: Life in a former concentration camp

  1. “Never again.” At this moment in Ukraine we are witnessing a similar criminal situation, but the world is standing still allowing these atrocities to repeat. Crimes against humanity all over again!

  2. Putin must be destroyed he has picked up where Hitler left off. We must not forget the terror brought down on Jews and every other man,woman and child that fell victim to an evil dictator that successfully wiped out blood lines of innocent and good people. Putin is Hilter & he is alive and well & directing the Kremlin to proceed with the Nazi's unfinished business. Several concentration camp survivors have been murdered at the hands of Putins war
    campaign. These survivors of the concentation camps that have been murdered by Putins orders did
    not deserve to fall in this manner. This is truly upsetting & sickening, only a coward with power is capable of these attrocities and he must be destroyed or he will continue in his path of devastation regardless of the human loss of life, even to his own military, he is willing to have as many to die if need be.

  3. 1 BOUNTY, 1 PUTIN, 1 BUNKER, SEAL THE EXITS. Fight the Boss NOT the Employees .

    Poland is the land of Auschwitz Birkenau and Krakow Plaszow extermination camps but yet it helps Ukraine.

    End this boring pinky war! Europe's love of killing and racism displays a 'stupidity gene' within European DNA.

  4. Meeting at the Ramstein base is militarism and a crime !

    Why are all those who were at the Ramshine Base meeting criminals ?

    Because it could lead to nuclear war !

    Why did Macron put all the nuclear submarines out to sea ?

    Ukraine does not need to switch to NATO caliber! Whoever raised this issue betrayed his homeland.

    At the base in Ramshein, the front line passed through London Paris Berlin and the USA. Putin is ready to open fire with atomic bombs on these countries! Johnson should resign.

    Today I forbid the West to send military aid to Ukraine. And all those who were at the Ramstein base are waiting for resignation and an inglorious finale. They do not understand how to act. They are out of control of the Coming King

    Zelensky is inciting the West to nuclear war, he must be stopped! The supply of weapons to Ukraine must be stopped.

    Biden is out of control, he makes big mistakes

    Here we can add that we need a leader like Donald Trump. To help our planet avoid nuclear war.

    Leader of Rukh Ukraine Doroshenko

  5. Americans should show their brutalities when they invaded Iraqi and other countries too. They are too criminals of wars. Really double standards

  6. Purple triangles. Jehovah’s Witnesses were also murdered and persecuted. I like the book: “Facing the Lion” by Simone Arnold. So deeply sad for everyone who suffered at the hands of these monsters.

  7. the Truth, I think Nato and Russia are no different at all. Sure maybe different camps but when you wage a war in another country like U.S and Nato does doesn't make them any different from Russia.

  8. It’s so disgusting that anyone could do this to others who didn’t do anything wrong. Every time the holocaust is brought up my heart just hurts and I want to cry. My hope is that all those souls are resting in peace. May we never forget.

  9. After the end of World War II, the Soviet Union first operated against the forest brothers of the states that had joined its territory. When the Cold War and the like are not included, but only clear armed clashes, the Soviet Union and Russia have since waged the following wars:

    * 1946 Soviet troops provide military aid in Manchuria to the Chinese Communists

    * 1950 The Soviet Air Force participated in the Korean War

    * 1956 The Soviet Union occupies Hungary

    * 1960, 1964 and 1969 Soviet forces were active in Laos

    * 1962 Soviet troops were involved in Algeria

    * 1962 and 1967 Soviet troops were involved in Yemen

    * 1965 Soviet troops were involved in Vietnam

    * 1967-1974 Soviet troops support Egypt in wars between Arabs and Israel

    * 1967 Soviet troops were in Syria

    * 1967, 1975 and 1984 Soviet troops were involved in Mozambique

    * 1968 Czechoslovakia is occupied by Soviet forces

    * 1969 Soviet forces clash with the Chinese army on the Ussuri River

    * 1970 Soviet troops were involved in Cambodia

    * 1974 Soviet troops were involved in Bangladesh

    * 1975-1979 Soviet troops were involved in Angola

    * 1977 Soviet troops were involved in Ethiopia

    * 1978 Soviet troops were involved in Nicaragua

    * 1979 Soviet troops occupy Afghanistan for 10 years
    * 1982 Soviet troops were involved in Syria and Lebanon

    * 1987 Soviet troops were involved in Chad

    * 1988 Soviet troops were involved in Karabakh

    * 1989 Soviet troops kill 19 and wound 291 Georgians in Tbilisi

    * 1991 Soviet troops were involved in South Ossetia

    * 1991 Soviet troops kill 15 Lithuanians in Vilnius and attack protesters in other cities

    * 1991 Soviet troops kill seven Latvians

    * 1991 Soviet forces kill three in Moscow

    * 1991 Unorganized Russian troops sent by Moscow took part in the Yugoslav war

    * 1992 Russian troops are involved in Abkhazia

    * 1992 Russian troops are involved in Tajikistan

    * 1992 Russian troops are involved in Moldova's Transnistria

    * 1993 Russian troops kill about 150 in Moscow alone

    * 1994 Russian troops start the first Chechen war

    * 1999 Russian troops start the second Chechen war

    * 2008 Russian troops attack Georgia

    * 2014 Russian troops occupy Crimea, which annexed Russia, and occupy part of Donbass

    * 2015 Russian troops took part in the war in Syria

    For example, the 1962 missile crisis in Cuba and the Moscow peacekeeping operations in Sierra Leone, Sudan, Burundi, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liberia, Chad and Angola are missing from the list.

  10. Honestly, I have read historical accounts in college about these concentration camps, but I didn’t know they were located in Poland …as well. It’s a journey in this video of the chilling effects used against these victims of ww2. For peace of mind, it’s not easy to merely see this presentation. May peace come soon to Eastern Europe in this war… and then to battered Ukraine. May Russian aggressors met their destinies with charges of war crimes… as well. If ..the war ends and the people are freed in Ukraine’s bombed out regions, then what? . Horrifying video otherwise. Thank you for this reporting job as well! 💜☮️⭐️

  11. I wouldn't be able to handle seeing a place like these…Just the thought of how much evil and suffering went on there, it would crush me to pieces.

  12. I visited the Holocaust museum in Washington DC the first week it opened. If you think you can’t hear silence , you can. The silence was tangible in the museum as I stared at each glass case that represents history. It was such a silence walking through the museum that it evolved to be my greatest and most compelling tutor. It was when I arrived to the enclosed glass cases filled with brown and black shoes piled on top of each other , I felt paralyzed with sorrow and grief. I understood just then that we all needed to bare witness in one way or another to the memory of the Holocaust in order to recover and to truly understand the words “ Never again.” Shalom 🙏🏼 ☮️

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