Before the spa shootings, a history of stereotypes that perpetuated anti-Asian bias | Nightline

Before the spa shootings, a history of stereotypes that perpetuated anti-Asian bias | Nightline


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45 thoughts on “Before the spa shootings, a history of stereotypes that perpetuated anti-Asian bias | Nightline

  1. I always tell myself how glad I am after moving back to Japan, even if I don’t know the language since my parents moved to America when I was 6 months old and even as a 16 year old at the time. It was a decision made by the same reason back in 2018 but, I never knew that something already pretty pathetic could become much more pathetic. It’s absolutely miserable to be an Asian living in America to say the least

  2. America,stop shaking the victims! Basta ! 🙏 Racism is sick and twisted.
    Asians , and all must stand up. When you witness someone getting attacked, get involved. Beating an elderly person demand immediate bed down. Don't let these
    Sum get away . Hate Crimes must be prosecuted. Trump has been beaten.
    Q Anon.had been beaten . Raices Unidos ! Races United !🆒 The alternative?
    A full Race War…exact what the White Supremacist Trumpeter want !🎭
    This Country was founded on the backs of Black, Native, Chinese, Filipino, Me cigar,Japanese, Irish, Italian, Eastern European, Muslim, South American Peoples.It is time to address this in our Schools. Check your White Privilege.
    You do not have to suffer the Sins of your Fathers, but you also must realize that ' the chickens have come HOME to roost. White Flight will not solve this issue.
    Or will you allow the minority White Supremacist Movement to appeal to your deep rooted Hatred of non-whites ? If we do not come together, we will cease to exist.
    It is 2021. I have spoken. I will fight always and forever. Without Justice, there can be no lasting Peace🙋

  3. It’s honestly sad how news companies only paid attention to it when it’s profitable news. Before that, only social media such as instagram (users) would try to bring awareness to.

  4. The spa shootings weren’t racially motivated… why is the media trying to hijack the narrative on this one? Guys that do it for racial reasons – like Dylan Roof – have manifestos and CAN’T WAIT to tell you the racist reasons that they did it. They want the whole world to know. This guy didn’t kill 8 people and then get shy about being called racist…

  5. Asian massage parlours don't necessarily provide sexual services. There are plenty of massage parlours here in Malaysia that are decent and do not offer sexual services, especially here in Kuala Lumpur. The Thai massage parlours I've been to in Sydney, Australia, don't even offer sexual services.

  6. This wasn't a Asian hate crime. It was a disgruntled sex addict who took it out on 2 spas and whoever happened to be there at the time. THe media trims and edits these story to push hard their propaganda. Do not trust them. Real Asian hate is almost exclusively from the black community. But they won't tell you that.

  7. Funny how the guy said He shot up the spa because women got him addicted to sex. So He went in there and just shot any women he saw. He didn't care if they were white, black or Asian. He just wanted to kill any women in that spa because He hated what Females had done to him. His reasoning at the time wasn't even known yet and everybody just assumed he was racist white person who wants to ''kill Asians''. And if you don't believe me, look it up. You can't get mad at me for saying the truth..

  8. The punishments need to be much higher if you want to deter these kind of violent criminals give them a $10,000 fine and 10 year prison
    sentence, get them out of the streets for good.

  9. Stereotypes started by rdnks and good ol boys.
    The Klan is mainly made up of them. They’re the first to start hat in America.

  10. No one deserves to die like that but you can understand people being unhappy the world has stopped for a year and many people have lost everything China should do a GoFundMe for the me and everyone else in the world 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  11. Asians are the most wealthy and hard working people in America. The recent attacks against them by mostly black Americans got started back in the LA riots and never seemed to stop.

  12. The shootings were not a hate crime and race was not a factor whatsoever. Confirmed by the police, FBI, and the shooter. The entire "rise in anti-Asian hate" does not exist, except for a rise in attacks around a handful of sanctuary cities committed by a group I am not allowed to name. Fake news didn't end with Trump gone.

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