Biden heads home amid fallout from controversial Saudi Arabia trip

The White House is defending President Joe Biden’s trip and his meeting with the Saudi crown prince.




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28 thoughts on “Biden heads home amid fallout from controversial Saudi Arabia trip

  1. How great is Allah that he can make a senile feeble minded old fool the leader of America and then make him Travel to Saudi Arabia and then grovel before the great leaders of Islam. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

  2. Today the Arabic Quran reading Fujjar by forgetting Adhikr and the Lord is leading anti-natural satanic life all over the world including in Hejaz. In other words, if we compare the occurrence of sodomy, fornication, prostitution, raping, bloodshed, bomb blasting, hawala, terrorism, destroying the nature, drug trafficking, smuggling, human trafficking, leading extravagant life, etc. between in place where Fujjar are in majority, it is seen those places are having the worst living conditions without peace and tranquility. The scholars of Fujjar are the worst creatures beneath the sky as Lord taught through the Messenger. They are teaching their children ‘Lord’s Book’ just like the Jews were teaching their Book to their children during Messenger’s period in Medina. As explained in verses 2: 146 and 6: 20, those to whom Lord has given the Book should recognize the Lord, himself, His Messenger, Lord’s Book, Angels, Satan, Day of Judgment, etc. as they recognize their sons. But by rejecting the Wise Reminder Adhikr, they are not following or witnessing Messenger’s life among mankind. Verse 98: 6 says: “Indeed those who hide the Truth Adhikr among the people of the Book (hypocrites) and those who associate others in Lord’s dominion (blind followers) will be in the Hellfire, they will dwell in it forever, such are the worst creatures on land”.

    If Adhikr is used as the Insight/Balance/Criterion, everyone can see that there are a lack of promise fulfilling people, squanderers are getting dignity and honor, incapable and worthless becoming leaders, deterioration of modesty, la- dies becoming naked even though wearing pardas, increasing sodomy and adulteration, increasing bastards on Earth, boys and girls engaged in illegal sex before puberty, flattening of Earth, Earth becoming illuminated and decorated, spontaneous destruction of crops, entering wild animals to human inhabitations, engulfing of land by seas, quick passing of time, remaining the text of Lord’s Book without Its soul, mosques becoming huge building without Guidance-Adhikr, etc. are indicating the approach of the Pole shift. Lord taught through His Messenger: “During the Last period their Qibla (concentration point) will be ladies”. But today their morality has become even worse than that the girls are being raped by their parents and grandparents. Thus their Qibla has be- come vaginas rather than ladies. Fujjar are only reading in the Arabic Qurán verse 38: 24 which gives the warning: “All mingling male and female are having thirst for illegal sex with one another except those who believed and do right- eous deeds, and they are only a few”. So these Fujjar will be summoned in Hell coincided with their sexual organs where there will be no gap for placing a needle as explained in 6: 28.

    The Arabic Quran reading Fujjar all over the world have al- ready become wrongdoers and transgressors. By seeing these, the ‘other people’ belonging to Messenger’s community are also becoming worse. Therefore, the true believers including male/female and monks from ‘other people’ (such as Jains, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and Christians) among the whole mankind will be separated from disbelievers and will be gathered into ‘Hejaz’.

    Within a short period at ‘Hejaz’ which includes two provinces Mecca and Medina- Imam Mahdi will appear as the leader of believers. At first he will make his appearance at Messenger’s Masjid in Medina where he will be rejected. Then he will reach Mecca, there too he will be rejected. Then the odd believers migrated to Mecca from different countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, etc. will pledge with him. Saudi rulers will consider Mahdi as a terrorist. So they will contact the Syrian ruler informing that their citizens have pledged with the terrorist, and will demand to seize them back. Thus a Syrian force will start to Mecca which will be drowned in the desert on the way. This supernatural event by the Lord will cause to approve Mahdi as a leader by the whole world including Saudi Arabia, America, and Israel. Thus Hejaz will come under the Caliphate of Caliph Mahdi. Then the believers among mankind all over the world irrespective of nation or religion will be gathered at Hejaz testifying Lord’s teaching through His Messenger: “The believers will be gathered at Hejaz from all over the world as a snake crawls into its hole”. Thus the “World Triumph” will occur as mentioned in verses 32: 29; 48: 6 and 25. Verse 32: 28 mentions the disbelievers’ mocking question to the believers: “When will this promise of Triumph be fulfilled if you are so truthful”. Then Lord commands the believer to reply through the verse 32: 29 as: “On the Day of Triumph, accepting the faith will not be benefited to the disbelievers (Kafirs), nor they will be given respite”.

    Both in verses 9: 32 and 61: 8 Lord says: “The hypocrites are wishing to extinguish Lord’s Light (Adhikr) with their mouths, while Lord will spread His Light throughout the world even though disbelievers are hating it.” Justifying these verses Adhikr—the Light—will be translated into different languages and will be distributed/propagated throughout the world. After the departure of the last ‘Sabiq’ (forerunner to the Paradise without Trial) from the world, Pole shift will occur and Antichrist will appear.



  3. Israel and all the Jews of the world must help Ukraine militarily and financially, and when Ukraine wins, Israel and all the Jews must move to Ukraine and establish a state in Ukraine
    A green European state instead of Palestine, all of them are endless problems in the first place, the Jews lived in Ukraine historically, not in Palestine

  4. Israel and all the Jews of the world must help Ukraine militarily and financially, and when Ukraine wins, Israel and all the Jews must move to Ukraine and establish a state in Ukraine
    A green European state instead of Palestine, all of them are endless problems in the first place, the Jews lived in Ukraine historically, not in Palestine

  5. This is the hypocrisy of America, how many news anchor discussing about Shirin abhu akhle and more than 300+ journalists who have bee shot dead by Israeli government.


  6. As a Saudi I can say its really satisfying to me seeing biden who once said he’s going to make us pariah now begging us for some oil and getting nothing out of it but shame

    We don’t need you as an ally if you disrespect us, we are one of the strongest countries when it comes to International Economy and every other country wanna win our alliance Russia being an example

  7. No one seems to understand why Biden is begging for more oil from overseas but yet is cutting production here in the U.S. Answer- He doesn't want the U.S. to be able to produce fossil fuel . Therefore he can gradually cut off overseas markets once we free ourselves from fossil fuels.

  8. Can’t stand Biden but he is trying to help the average middle american here by getting oil prices down so you can’t knock that

  9. Journalist killed in Israel, thousands of innocent Iraqi killed by wrong american decision, thousands of Afghanis killed and American soldiers by wrong decision of America why media don't question?

  10. Biden is the best President since Lincoln. He mastered the art of the deal. Please send him straight to Nursing homes. That man has dimentia

  11. I’m proud Saudi and I’m proud of our crown prince MBS and we the saudies don’t give a single F..CK of the hypocratic west and US president or their fake pathetic media

    The world knows exactly what they did in the past history millions and millions of innocents people have been brutally killed by their invations and war no one was accountable for the endless crimes.

    Our message as from the Middle East as the Saudi to the west with their momy US And their fake human rights organizations F…CK you and we don’t give a about your standards 🏳️‍🌈💩.

  12. Idiot canceled a pipeline in his first weeks and now begging for oil, and buying russian oil from saudis. How stupid that is. And I am no Trump supporter but man Joe what a joke.

  13. I hope that the dollar does not collapse because of China and Russia, because we Arabs depend on this dollar and the American currency, and we will go to hell with America if Russia wins

  14. Moron – "I'm doing all I can to bring gas prices down", quite the opposite! If you were trying, then you should call off the ridiculous sanctions and stop your puppet in Ukraine.

  15. America comes to Saudi asking for oil then calling out their leader for a murder in the name of human rights? Really? Human rights? If there is one country that have no right to talk about human rights is America. Forget about ISIS and Al-Qaeda. America is have the highest number of killing innocent people. Just shut up and go home, Biden!

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