Biden taking ‘economically responsible course’ toward student depth relief

The student depth relief plan proposed by President Joe Biden has critics on both sides.

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Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “Biden taking ‘economically responsible course’ toward student depth relief

  1. When the Govt spends MONEY. That money is TAX PAYER DOLLARS. $300,000,000,000. For student debt relief. They raised taxes and caused inflation with bad policy. What did you pay in taxes. DONT forget all the taxes on homes cars ect. school tax there are so many. If you added it up over the year how much are they charging you personally to support illegal immigrants in luxury motels by the 1000s. I know they get well over at least 2 months of my earnings. Then everything is more expensive due to inflation. Look at the fine print. They are not giving anyone debt relief. They are charging it to get generations to come. My great grand children will be working off this parties spending spree.

  2. Bad idea Biden. Now people that couldn't afford college and everyone else will pay for people that went to college and couldn't afford to pay for it. Now more inflation also.

  3. Inflationary fears make no sense.

    As it was stated, they key factor to consider is how this move will change borrower's spending habits, however, the reality is that borrowers haven't had to consider student loans as part of their budget for two years now. Household budgets are what they are already without the burden of student loans, so there is no reason why they would drastically change all of a sudden.

  4. Joe Biden just spent $2;000 dollars of every hard working American…and you get Zero….Remember that when you fill out a FAFS for a parent loan for your child….if you don’t vote against every democrat in November…then you deserve to pay twice

  5. So again the government sticks us, the middle class, with a debt we shouldn’t have to be strapped with paying… who in the HELL do supporters think is paying for this?! Our tax dollars are paying for this! FU 46!!

  6. More reckless spending with no solution for the root cause of the problem. This, with all the other insane spending, will lead to more inflation. 2023 will be a tough year!!!

  7. Total ignorance..Joe can’t spend your money fast enough…how do I afford to pay for my child’s education…buying votes…if everyamerican does not vote against every democrat on the ballot then they deserve incompetent Joe…this is socialism…get used to Biden’s communist North America…no longer The United States…If it looks like a handout..and smells like a handout….buy some more votes Joe

  8. Did Landon Hefner put a hit job on me? Did you go on that Rush Limbaugh cruise 32 years ago? Was that the terrorist training cruise?

  9. Finally something good. The best and greatest president ever; someone who care for the Middle Class American. I am honor he is our president.

  10. To some of you out there. How is it possible to be so short-sighted and stupid that you think highly educated citizenry without crippling debt is a bad thing for a nation? Higher Learning is investing in our future but some would have us race to the bottom.

  11. Joe Biden is one smart president lol. I am pretty sure this will have some positive effects lol especially in the polls. Let's go team blue!!!

  12. While 20 million Amercians are about to lose their energy in their homes due to not being able to pay their energy bill, this POS is forgiving student loans? The dismantling of America right before our very eyes. And we’re allowing this to happen?

  13. this is insane; these students entered into these agreements willingly signing promissory notes guaranteeing payback and now they get to skate on their promises? Who really is paying for this? Hey man I'm upset that I have a mortgage to pay is Joe going to help me out? What a crock of bullshit! If you're going to forgive government guaranteed loans, how about requiring those with the forgiven debt to perform a societal task such as working as poll workers, working in the peace corps, cleaning up inner cities; have them do something productive instead of playing video games all day and complaining that their degrees in 17th century romantic poetry didn't prepare them for work in the private sector.

  14. I think that people should know that tuition reimbursement is a benefit at places like grocery store chains. If you really want to go to college you can be a cashier or a shelf stocker full-time and then get your college paid for. It really depends on what you want to be, because things like getting a CDL to drive a semi truck pays pretty well. It's not all, take out a personal loan and risk everything. But we don't really talk about that.
    That would help the economy and motivate people to look to work places they might not think of, and be a fair opportunity. I think the student loan forgiveness will help but if it doesn't it's because people are locked in several directions at once with healthcare costs, housing costs, etc. If you have less debt you'll probably keep trying to pay it off so you can move somewhere nicer or some other goal.

  15. bit too late for me .. took me 15 years to pay off my load ,,proud of myself ! ..but for the rest i m glad for everyone.big help!! thanks to Biden ….perhaps Trump supporters finally can go back to school to learn .

  16. infation is going down and at a good rate but it has to go slow because other county have a much high inflation then the USA ever did .and this help for a soft landing and it look like ther going to pull that off too good job Mr Biden look at china or the ussr or germeny look for you self inflation in china vote !

  17. So are you going to pay all the people that worked hard and struggled to pay their loans $10-50,000 too? Or are you just buying votes for now?

  18. Every College Student should jump for Joy for What a Real President just done for all of them, He just cancelled school debt as high s 20,000 for some and 10,000 for others. that gives all of you in debt and new leaf on life and a New beginning, so all of you should send him some love for what he did, and its a feel good thing. Now if that was the Republican's it would have never happened, in fact they would have increased the interested on the loans for all of you to pay more. SEE YOU KNOW WAHTS SO BAD ABOUT THIS PARTY THEY HAVE A LIFE TIME LOSER RUNNING THEM R8GHT INTO THE GROUND AND THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW IT. SO IF YOU ENJOY YOUR LIFE NOW AND WANTS BETTER ONE IN THE FUTURE, VOTE BLUE ACROSS THE BOARD AND REPUBLICAN WOMEN, VOTE BLUE TO IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY YOUR FREEDOMS IN THE FUTURE WHERE THE REPUBLICANS WILL WANT TO TAKE WOMEN'S RIGHT AWAY. SEND ALL OFYOU BACK TO THE 50'S.

  19. All the poor retard Republicans mad cause they won't get debt off and rich Republicans mad cause they won't get to steal money from people.

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