Breaking down defense witness testimony

Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd discusses the impact of the defense team’s latest witness in the final days of the Derek Chauvin trial.

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50 thoughts on “Breaking down defense witness testimony

  1. The apartheid doctor's vehicle exhaust theory was pure horseshit because…

    George Floyd's carbon monoxide level was measured. It was in the normal range.

    The court refused to have it entered into evidence because that would have been "prejudicial to the defendant."

  2. This "doc" …uninvolved, retired (out of date), and likely paid to say whatever the defense wanted… this man should be investigated… what a sham!

  3. This sounds like BS in that there was no carbon monoxide found in his system.
    Stop being pissy about dotted i’s and crossed t’s.
    That is not news. As you said , “common sense.”

  4. Sounds like 5 people are responsible for George Floyd’s death Johnson and Johnson, Henry Ford , little Debbie and Ronald McDonald .

  5. The George Floyd case shows that the US has the world's worst record for human rights abuses both domestically and internationally.

    Extremism in the US police may be why US troops are still training to be Nazis in Germany 76 years after WWII.

    You can't blame China, Russia or Iran for this. 137 mass shootings in 103 days. Mistaking a taser for gun?

    Looting and burning isn't BLM or Antifa. It is thieving Americans from both the left and the right. When was America great?

  6. All this experts are full of it.
    No one has ask, if Mr. Floyd was inside of the patrol car asking for help, why no one called the ambulance for him?

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  8. It’s really too bad that the state hasn’t been able to prove beyond any reasonable doubt, their case against the police officer. Clearly, you can’t ROB WOMAN AT GUN POINT, and not expect to pay for it in one form or another. In the Floyd case, it looks like it cost him his life. Karma always wins!!

  9. That state will burn down in flames if they let that dude free our Brothers and sister are feed up with the racial profiling every day we will rise up and end the police immunity system it was made to beat up and killed the black men in humans right protest in Mississippi in the 1900 so the police wouldn’t be prosecuted by the state in case on humans right violations that why police cannot be hold accountable if they kill u or violate ur rights

  10. Reasonable doubt has already been shown. At best this is manslaughter.
    You are blatantly distorting this story. This I have no doubt of

  11. If he's found not guilty, there will be riots. If found guilty, still riots, because it's basically allowed now without criticism or consequences unless you take selfies in Nancy's chair.

  12. THREE TIMES the lethal amount of fentanyl in his system (likely more w/ the metabolites found), meth in his system, COVID, and a 90% blocked artery. But being a little uncomfortable for a few minutes, THAT'S what killed him.

  13. Well since 2 of the prosecutions "experts" differ from the actual doctor that did the autopsy. This was not even close to as bad. The narrative is comical though.

  14. *When the prosecution has a "witness"
    "Witness says that Chauvin is bad man!"
    *When the defense has a witness
    "Let us break down what the witness said using this random 104 IQ attorney that we found that says things that we want to hear"

  15. Still doesnt justify why the X cop's knee was on his neck when he was crying he couldn't breath. Floyd was already subdued, cuffed by 3 people, he shouldve been changed into an different position where he could breathe. Instead the X cop's knee was still on him while he cried for breathe and disturbingly still on his lifeless body, already dead. Floyd was no threat, cuffed on his stomach and passed out. No justification for that.

  16. I admit I had already formed an opinion, but….. the prosecution is so good! The prosecution attorney today who cross examined caught the slightest errors in the witnesses testimony. I think that some of the defense witnesses did more harm than good for the defense. We shall wait. I sure wish and hope all this violence acts will stop! Why are these senseless murders happening everywhere from the unborn to those near death? It’s crazy!!

  17. Ain't nobody buying the BS this man is trying to sell. 😠 We all saw that cop murder George Floyd!😠 but for his actions George would still be alive.

  18. does anyone care that this prick did a home invasion & stuck a loaded pistol at a pregnant woman's stomach? let's give the cop a medal.

  19. This will be a hung jury. Chovan is not guilty based on facts and evidence but half the country doesn't believe in fact's and evidence. I'm sure there's at least a few in this draft pick. The region they live almost guarantees it. Not to mention the civil unrest directed toward the case.

  20. It really sucks that nearly 99% of the comment section only watched the “designated highlights” of this trial. I guess you can all enjoy your “designated highlights” of the upcoming riots…

  21. So, it comes down to the reasonable doubt, about the "reasonable"ness of an officer in this situation. The case is very weak, when it comes to things like intent, malice, forethought / premeditation. If the patrol car was shaking from the action of Floyd, who wouldn't restrain him? The duration of restraint, and the location of the lower neck are the details that could be found within reason, or at least not "unreasonable", in terms of the highest charges of murder. Also, there's the very real possibility he died from drugs. Slap on the wrist. Let the boneheads destroy their own city. It lets everyone else know where not to invest their money.

  22. So basically what she said was, you can't always believe an expert regardless of whether it's a prosecution or defense witness. Brilliant observation!

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