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Individual income tax returns are due Monday, as the IRS still works to clear a backlog of unprocessed returns from 2021.

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  1. I did my taxes on Turbo Tax on April 14th. It came down to I owed the IRS $1,153. I put in my bank account information for them to deduct that amount from my back account and on the 18th it was gone from my account. I wish when they owed me money I'd get it that fast.

  2. Be sure to pay your taxes so the government can send it to other countries. While we suffer here at home.

  3. With the reckless spending from the left it’s laughable and should be criminal they are taking in taxes, just print more like you do for yourselves…

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  5. Trump last paid tax in 2020. He paid $750.

    If you owe more than $750 only pay $750 annotating that Trump is a billionaire but only paid $750.

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  8. The USPS today near my college decided not to open on time ON TAX DAY! it was supposed to open by 9am, I waited until 10am and it was still closed 😐

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