CDC changes social distancing guidance for schools | WNT

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reduced its social distancing recommendation from 6 feet to 3 feet inside classrooms with masks. Older kids are more likely to spread the virus.

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  1. Not to be a Debbie Downer but weren't they the same group that told us we didn't have to wear masks when the pandemic first started? Lol Just asking… There seems to be a lot of going back and forth. Even if the survival rate is much better than before but who's willing to take that health risk?? It's seems like we're still playing Russian rotulet with people's health – our bodies react differently to bacteria/virus and I assume more so with that new U.K. strain…just saying… This whole thing seems like it's a trial and error – gathering data for the next school year.

  2. Maybe I just have a weird sense of humor, Mr. Muir; I have gotten "vibes" that some parents can't wait to get their kids back to school. Conditions on keeping kids in school, not the least little bit of a problem (ha ha)… What a year…

  3. You people let your children be put through this crap wear a mask all dam day and send them to school with Democrats that think child molesters should get probation

  4. ABC keeps lying about COVID-19. The virus is dying. We can reopen. ABC has been silent about the fact that cases in Texas and Mississippi have been going DOWN despite reopening 100%. I have a video about ABC's lies.

  5. I wish I never voted anyways. Doesn't anyone recall when the president said before his president. He was going to make wearing masks a mandate. What happened to that

  6. Keep going back and forth back and forth make up your freaking mind State leaders present whoever sure had stay-at-home order in effect from the beginning until December last year maybe it would be less people affected by the Coronavirus

  7. They should just have seniors because and first year in middle school and high school. Maybe. I'm having my kids go back by the Fall. Maybe but if it's still the same situation with the Coronavirus. Kids keep doing online learning. Accept their senior year

  8. My kid has been guinea pigged for months. When will us "regular" people be able to get vaccinated?! He has underlining health conditions as do I. But only the elderly right now? I appreciate the Biden administration doing more than the Orange One and his cult. Just this past year has been long and hard.

  9. The minimum distance is going to need to be exactly the height of the individual in question. The neck collars will also need to give off a warning tone, if half that distance is breached; as of course the training is going to need to speed up if we want to activate the collars' decapitation precision explosives within the one foot danger zone, any time soon. Teach those children who their new boss is.

  10. A Doctor on Msnbc JUST said the Studies Show that the VACCINE is NOT very good at protecting against the new VARIANTS! Where is Fauci getting his info on Variants & Vaccine???

  11. A Doctor on Msnbc JUST said the Studies Show that the VACCINE is NOT very good at protecting against the new VARIANTS! Where is Fauci getting his info on Variants & Vaccine???

  12. The US Covid death toll is currently 554,104 with 1,634 more each day.

    1,634 daily is 63 times New Zealand's 13 month total of 26.

    New Zealand is proof that following the WHO simple 3 point plan of social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands work.

    Anti-maskers, Anti-vaxers, MAGATs and QANON are killing Americans and the reason schools were closed and children's futures runied.

  13. Covid deaths US 554,104 Mexico 197,219 UK 126,026 Canada 22,617 China 4,636 Australia 909 NZ 26 Taiwan 10.

    Two thirds of Covid variants originate from the US which makes Covid the US virus.

    There are 16 variants, 10 from the US, 2 from the UK and 1 each from South Africa, Brazil, China and France.

    Traitor Trump's "Do nothing" pandemic strategy is written into the history books as America's biggest-ever failure.

  14. Teachers believe the science follow the cdc we can’t go to school

    CDC says going to school is safe teachers don’t trust the science or the cdc school is not safe

  15. They will never let it go burn YOUR MASKS!! and get your your FREEDOM back now stand up for yourselves. There will always be a new variant. This is the global reset. Klaus Schwab in the world economic Forum Bilderberg and Davos This has been planned as well as the pandemic research event 201. This is all about control chipping vaccinating credit social credit score carbon footprint tax. This is what they have planned for the global World in addition to the largest land grab. In the history of mankind and depopulation You can't even collect on your life insurance if you die from one of these vaccines. It's not FDA-approved. They haven't tested on animals that usually takes three years. Why would you take it back scene? When you could survive this virus with a 99.8% accuracy. Wake up sheep… Where is the test on the six feet? We don't even know where's the test on the three feet? Where's the tests on the masks? We're not even allowed to bring up the word virus. International scientists and doctors are speaking out about this mumbo jumbo They're saying it's not true. The numbers have been manipulated by the CDC and The Who? And recently we just found out yesterday the CDC. Has a 16 thousand percent morbidity covid-19 numbers mistake they were counting flu and heart patients and diabetes and car accident and falling off a house if they kneazle swap Jew. But you have to recommend and understand everyone carries the cold virus as an antibody in their body. Burn your mass. Take your freedom back.

  16. The sad part of it is they're letting children take their their MASKS OFF FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR so they can have an an AIR BRAKE. They're EARNING FRESH AIR. How sick is that? How twisted is that? Stop this hoax.

  17. OPEN IT ALL UP… Do we have a pandemic or not? Apparently not because our borders are wide open. We've got 13,000 children locked up in shipping containers and crates at the border. And now we're giving them a one-way ticket into the interior of the United States and we're told to lockdown stay in place and put on face diapers. Do we have a pandemic or not? I don't think so. It's all about control open up this country and close the border.

  18. My oldest is full time in person learning and she’s now on the honor roll. At home she was missing her friends and miserable and her grades were suffering. She’s at her happiest. We haven’t had a case at her school in a while

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