Chilling evidence of a Russian killing spree emerges in northeastern Ukraine | GMA

Investigators carefully dig up bodies at a mass burial site, with hundreds of wooden crosses, in a forest in Izium, Ukraine.

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43 thoughts on “Chilling evidence of a Russian killing spree emerges in northeastern Ukraine | GMA

  1. I encourage more whistle blowers, to come clean with this very sick, corrupt FBI. The country is just so sick of bent cops, corrupt judges and crooked politicians. We need these globalists in prison, PERIOD !!! Vote Republican, and we will fulfil our promise of cleaning up the US !!!!

  2. I am sure Ukraine done same to Russia as USA and Ukraine is to kill as many male Russian soldiers as possible to reduce Russia to mostly woman low male population for easy attack . Should report both sides

  3. Ok, now when wars occur lots people get killed. You have to bury bodies or disease spreads. Sometimes it’s large amounts and not necessarily from some intentional mass killing mowing people down on purpose. In the way they try to portray to the public audience.

    Now short of some concrete eye witness or solid proof of malicious intent stop with the sensationalizing of finding a mass grave. It could also be from many bodies. Gathered and buried to prevent disease. During war, nations don’t take the time to go bury everyone in an nice neatly grave solo.

  4. so while the western necrophiliacs are digging up bodies out of individual graves and making up war stories……………….how is it that A. the Russians actually took time to bury the bodies while being shot at by Ukrainians and American HIMARS, LCCMs, Javelins, Rapid Dragons, M777s, AT-4s and small arms fire?…………in individual graves nonetheless. And B: why aren't the Russians shooting at these people spinning the story so close to their doorstep well within range? Something is very fishy about western media these days.

  5. During the offensive, our troops killed up to 500. Fascists. The Ukrainian side was asked to take the bodies of the dead, they refused. Our congratulations have buried everyone as a pologaetsya in Christianity

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  7. Rip poor souls🥲🥲🥲 Russia will pay we will make sure of it.🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  8. Russian invaders just signed their death. Ukrainians warriors are already motivated to free their land these killings and tortures just angers them.

  9. As a woman of deep faith, may Queen Elizabeth intercede with God to bring an end to 'Czar' Putin's reign, along with Lavrov, Shoigu and their minions. May Ukraine fight successfully for a just peace. May the Virgin of Vladimir and St George assist with this request. May Putin's House of Lies come crashing down.

  10. Please, stop lying for political reasons😅 Ukranian army shelled Izyum for months. Those people were killed by Ukranian artillery ☹️
    Ukranians started to play with bodies to create propaganda fakes just like in Bucha🤪
    Do you really think that Russians install crosses over their victims' graves? 😅

  11. I have no doubt that Russian soldiers do or did commit warcrimes, they always occur in long lasting conflicts. But this looks cheap, unless further evidence will be brought.

  12. Ukrainian Nazis reporting war crimes…Russians would have absolutely no motive to commit such crimes…ONLY the Ukrainians would have a motive …everything in the media has been fraudulent so far and very likely this is no exceptio. Lies all lies.

  13. Ukrainian Nazis reporting war crimes…Russians would have absolutely no motive to commit such crimes…ONLY the Ukrainians would have a motive …everything in the media has been fraudulent so far and very likely this is no exceptio. Lies all lies.

  14. The Ministry of Truth is run by actual Nazi-lovers who are supporting the neo Nazi regime in Ukraine that's been massacring its citizens over the last 8 years!
    Punch yourselves, you disgusting, genocide-loving, demokkkrat-Nazis!

  15. I feel sorry for these people . But no way do I believe Russia did this. Why in the world would Russia bury these people and put crosses up. I do not believe the news is giving us the true story. I remember some years back Russia was helping the Ukraine people because their own country was attacking them.

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