Confirmation hearing for attorney general nominee Merrick Garland begins

An emotional Garland talks about his immigrant family and how he feels an obligation to give back to the U.S. as attorney general.


Author: Rafael


28 thoughts on “Confirmation hearing for attorney general nominee Merrick Garland begins

  1. Incredibly disappointed in this guy. I thought he wasn't given a fair chance prior to the 2016 election. Very happy now he isn't a part of the SC. Of course always disappointed in ABC's bullcrap coverage talking about lies of systemic racism and cheering appointments based on race. Pathetic and cowardly as usual.

  2. out of 6 and a half hours they got about 1 minute of him talking without mumbling and stuttering uh uh uh uh i uh um uh um i uh this guy is a joke.

  3. Garland must be nuts! He said the capitol riot Jan. 6th was more serious than the 1995 Oklahoma City federal courthouse bombing where 168 people were killed including 19 children in a daycare and 3 pregnant women – and injured more than 680 others – destroyed or damaged 324 other buildings within a 16-block radius – and destroyed 86 cars – causing an estimated $652 million worth of damage!

  4. Garland should have been asked this question: " If a high government official threatens to withhold aid to a foreign government unless a prosecutor is fired to stop an investigation, is that extortion or bribery?"

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  6. How would resigning help? And yea the crying should be saved for later. Bad enough that Biden is old.

  7. This is the news North America has been waiting for and without fail, the majority of people will cheer when the perpetrators of rights that we all know to be essential for a peaceful society such as TRUMP AND HIS SHEEP violated should head for the hills and hunker down because they are the new domestic terrorists that need to be extricated from society

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