Coronavirus health disparities highlight race, class divides in NYC epicenter | Nightline

Bronx residents, who are primarily black and Latino, are more likely to be uninsured, have underlying health issues and work on the frontlines. COVID-19 has magnified these longstanding issues.



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37 thoughts on “Coronavirus health disparities highlight race, class divides in NYC epicenter | Nightline

  1. Why aren't people listening to that woman from Alabama whose family survived the 1918 pandemic and take the half teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water every morning? It alkalize the system to fight viruses, cancer, bacteria, etc. If she lived 100 yrs to tell the story, her mom did great by them. Watch the video.

  2. PANDEMIC a Nation divided?
    ESSENTIAL WORKERS have always been
    Shakers of our
    Global Economy.
    We are summons back to work because we are continually perceived as indentured Workers.
    Slavery is ALIVE & WELL.

  3. the disparities are about how much money you don't make
    haves and have not. ever see a congressional lobbyist for the poor who is also poor?

  4. Just went to a covid station walked because didn't see need for vehicle, first one there, it was nearby, told I needed a car to drive thru because of "equipment we use" at the same time a black American walked up as I had no car either, walked all the way back to get my vehicle, none of the attendants had gear on yet but put on later after wards but before beginning first test…on the way sundry amount of people did or did not have masks on, I had mine, now I was in my vehicle, was the other human sent away because he had no vehicle? He has His mask on upon enquiring of the test, 4 cars in line, never saw the fellow again…did he have an opportunity to get his test? I would have let him sit with in my car to get his test done…

  5. We are in the season of Jesus Christ return. Look at all the natural disasters, diseases, and all the other sinful behavior that is worse than ever. Also the pope saying all religions lead to heaven, and wars and rumors of wars. All these things I'm talking about are biblical check the Bible yourself. If you don't believe in Jesus I suggest you do because there is not much time left. God bless😁😁😇

  6. Another story with another angle on Cover 19. Is there anything in America that the media doesn't consider racist? Is China racist for inflicting this virus on every other race on the planet? Nope, white America is racist because poor people get sick too.

  7. Well HELL, at least SOME people are being allowed to work and get paid !!! Along with retaining the benefits that their jobs provide them with, INCLUDING health care. Jeeze. Currently, SOME people are doin' way too much complaining.
    I'm gonna get really real here:
    What about white people and white families who are going through such hardship right now because they are not allowed to work and get their paychecks, huh ??! Does anyone care about THEM ??!
    Stupid question on my part, isn't it…..

  8. But wait! I thought NYC was a Democrat run utopian paradise free of the evils of conservatism and racist alt-right poltics. How can there be race disparities and class divides?

    Oh that's right because the Democrats are full of #### just like every other city they run. Black and Brown lives don't matter to them. Heck no lives matter to them as long as they get to stay in their gated mansions and ignorants keep voting them back in.

  9. I work at that depot. I was sick myself….out for 2 weeks thinking I was gonna die before I heard that we were out there dying from Covid-19. U can bet ur bottom dollar I am still scared. So scared my kids stay at the sitter until my off days. The barriers make it more comforting but I’m still scared just like many other drivers. We have to feed our families pay bills and drive other essential workers to work. Too many non essential people on the buses coughing with no masks on and cursing out drivers if they miss their stop etc. This world is crazy backwards. God bless us all! There will be a second wave…people acting like nothing ever happened and ppl still out there dying.

  10. I find it very hard to believe this particularly coming from New York City, one of our most progressive cities. As a progressive city we strive to create equality and create opportunity for all. This has to be communist Chinese, Russian propaganda designed to make Americans feel bad.

  11. When Egypt was in a time of famine, they did not encounter a loss but instead made a profit because of the wisdom of Joseph (see Gen. 47:13–27). Even during this time of the COVID-19 virus and this time of famine, let’s look to our heavenly Joseph, our Lord Jesus Christ, and ask Him for wisdom. The Lord can cause us to profit even during this time of famine.
    When you go through trouble, know that you are coming out stronger, complete, and established—that is what God has promised in His Word.
    Instead of saying things like, “The worst is still yet to come,” expect to see good in your future and expect to see many good days ahead of you! Let us choose to believe God and say, “Because of what Jesus has done for me at the cross, good days are ahead of me and the best is yet to come!”

    Closing Prayer

    “In this coming week, may the Lord protect every one of you, you and your loved ones, from every danger, harm, accident, and tragedy. The Lord preserve you and your loved ones from the Covid-19 virus. The Lord protect you and your loved ones from all evil in the name of the Lord Jesus. And the Lord bless you and your loved ones with His favor, with His health, with His prosperity, and with His blessings and shalom. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and all the people say, Amen.”


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