Cost-of-living crisis

A new study suggests the wage many people earn does not nearly cover the amount needed for basic necessities, including child care. And the gender pay gap is widening.


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  1. This is not surprising. Nevermind the fact that every other industrialized country offers free and universal childcare. Doesn't matter. And don't pay attention to the fact that Senator Joe Manchin, the DINO of all DINOs, killed Build Back Better, which would have caught us up with the rest of the developed world in that respect, and not a single Republican supported it. Also doesn't matter.

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  3. Simple math. If your company increases prices to adjust for inflation but your wages don’t go up at the same rate….you need to question where that money goes.

  4. Gender pay gap is a myth

    Always has always will be

    The real issue, which the media tries to lie about and gaslight us on constantly is Biden inflation.

  5. First of all, this is not a new problem. Most wage earners have been living on unlivable wages for a while; the only thing that has changed, is that we're currently going through a protracted inflation, partly brought on by covid-19 disruptions (post-lockdown pent up demand impacting supply & demand, and job reassessments by workers), and partly due to Washington's decision-making choices in its meddlings in the Ukrainian-Russian war. The inflation has only exacerbated the disconnect between wages & living costs, AND—as with any social crisis—it has lifted the veil on a preexisting problem. Most households have had to either have a single breadwinner with 2 jobs, and/or 2 breadwinners with single jobs, or yet, 2 breadwinners with 2 jobs, just to get by. However, inflation has made even those arrangements more difficult than usual.

    As for the 3 demographs mentioned, in terms of how women workers' wages stack against those of the most privileged group in the country—namely, white males, the disparity figures for the "Hispanic" maybe distorted. There are "white" and "black" individuals within the Hispanic demographic group, who may not necessarily choose those binary identities; it makes one wonder if the Hispanic group takes them out of equation.

  6. This is great and all but the gap is not the problem it’s the rate of pay. I am a 40 yr old male and have worked the same trade for the same company for 12 yrs and I only make 25 hr and have never had any benefits. I’m committed to my job but it is not committed to me!

  7. Studies like this and then dusty beta males wanna ask what y'all bring to the table or call you a gold digger for wanting a financially stable man🙄

  8. not really a 'cost of living' crisis. it's a 'luxury entitlement' problem. maybe stay within your means. yes there are really nice things out there but unless you NEED it, it's not worth it. you don't need vaulted ceilings, you don't need granite countertops. it's ok to have linoleum instead of tile. it's ok to have formica countertops instead of natural stone. by all means pay top dollar for the things you NEED and your top wants. but you can totally cheap out on the other stuff. maybe take care of your phone and run it for 5 years. we've become used to things being disposable and it's terrible. remember the old refrigerators from the 70'S? they weren't pretty or fancy but anyone who has one will never have to replace it.

  9. Wisconsin also refuses to enforce child support or force the absent parent to pay for half the daycare costs. I moved out of Wisconsin because I couldn't afford daycare with the low wages and no child support enforcement

  10. One adult and two kids.? That's the problem. Far too many children being born out of wedlock. Find a breadwinner husband, and eliminate those expensive child care cost. It was tough even for a two income household to make ends meet during the 80s and 90s. So it's very unreasonable to think that a women with two children and no husband will be just fine. Our grandparents did a much better job at building family foundations to weather any storm that life throws at us. We must return to our traditional roles and build families that have both parents living in the house to raise healthy traditional families.

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