COVID-19 infections rise among children l ABCNL

ABC News medical contributor Dr. Alok Patel discusses the latest on COVID as infections rise among children and a highly infectious omicron subvariant continues to spread across the country.

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30 thoughts on “COVID-19 infections rise among children l ABCNL

  1. 👉 Ep. 01 – In this extraordinarily revealing opening episode, a group of biologists, chemists, doctors and journalists take apart the SARS-COV-2 narrative piece by piece – from the non-isolation of the virus, to the hidden problems with purported photographs of the virus, to the claims that it has been genetically sequenced, to the invalidity of the PCR "covid-test." From the treatment protocols for COVID to the assumption of its transmission, Episode One unpacks the science of the claims that changed the world – in which these doctors and scientists make the case that every single claim the authorities made about the so-called SARS-COV2 virus has been based not on evidence, but pseudoscience.
    👉 Ep. 02 – How did it all begin? How could the scientific establishment have possibly gotten so big a story so wrong? Everyone knows the story of Polio…or do they? What from that story is actual history and what is medical marketing? How did a small branch of the scientific establishment come to convince the world polio was the result of a virus and not from environmental toxins? Learn what the actual experiments were upon which this theory was based – and how shockingly unconvincing they are. Discover, too, how the medical establishment’s efforts to squeeze the symptoms of polio into a virus model formed the very foundation of modern virology, and how that commercially successful model has steered modern science ever since, evidence be damned.
    👉 Ep. 03 – What about Smallpox? The Spanish Flu? The Black Plague? Go back, back, back in time to examine the claims and counter-claims as to what truly caused these deadly epidemics. Are the rats of Europe innocent? Turns out they have to be… And in that discovery we see how the superstitions of our time have clouded the eyes of “science” to avoid the most obvious of insights about disease.
    👉 Ep. 04 – AIDS. It was the defining epidemic of a generation. But it was also the coming of age for many leading scientists and doctors who came to realize that blaming the illnesses known as AIDS on a virus was not only unsupported by science, it was downright nonsensical. What were the true causes of the many illnesses labelled AIDS around the world? How many suffered from their misdiagnosis? How the scientific establishment fell into the deadly AIDS delusion is crucial to understanding the pandemic, and health, today.
    👉 Ep. 05 – With the rise of computing and genetic research in the 90's, the virologists go high-tech. They move away from experiments altogether and into genetic modeling – but do the models have any connection to reality? The wonders of genetic sequencing have been pointed to as the proof of virology’s explanatory power – but when the claimed sequencing of SARS-COV2 is put under the microscope, has the game changed from the realm of science, to science fiction? What's really going on the claim of genetically identifying the SARS-CoV-2 virus is made?

  2. She asked why is everyone getting COVID-19 du most were not wearing masks The masks help but the mask is the key to keeping this virus down

  3. Lol look at those puppets. Their mouthpieces regurgitating information.

    You really think some bimbo is going to tell me what's going on.

    This world is based off of lies and illusions.

    Doctors destroy health. Government destroys freedom. Judges and lawyers destroy Justice. The school system destroys education. The FDA destroys food. Religion destroys spirituality.

    But all this is normal. It's all that people know. Just like people that grew up in communistic control perceive that communism is all that they know so it's their normal.

    People get conditioned to a certain way of life.

    People that find success in a corrupted system oftentimes defend that system. People that have worked their tail off in said system feel disrespected if you talk bad about said system.

    Imagine giving up everything to be financially free.

    People scratch and claw, they put everything aside put their nose to the grindstone and work for many years.

    Along the way they lose their soul.

    When you're grinding and grinding and grinding to get ahead your soul gets damaged.

    People get transformed. There's a lot to it.

    It has to do with psychology, people don't want to come to the realization that all of their hard work was based off of a corrupted system that seeks to steal their energy.

    If you found success in that corrupted system you don't want to have that realization that all that hard work you did was for an evil force.

    Because those people benefited they rather turn a blind eye. Those who have not found success in that system will complain. Those people who have found success don't want to hear the complaints.

    Why? Imagine you work everyday for 30 years. You put in the work, you did the grind. If you look at someone who is complaining that hasn't done the same amount of work, who hasn't made the same amount of sacrifices, hearing them complain while you've done more.

    People are very selfish. They say to themselves"I found success in this system and I worked hard and you should too".

    People's philosophy is if I'm going to have to work hard and suffer so are you.

    Unfortunately it's a dog eat dog mentality.

    It's the crab in the bucket. Since I worked hard and had to slave away suffering so are you.

    People want fairness.


    people are willing to go to Great lengths to get that fairness. Most people's logic and they won't admit it but if they have to suffer then you have to suffer.

    If they have to work 7 days a week then they want you to have to work 7 days a week. If you complain and they don't complain they will look down on you.

    People want fairness because the world we are in is unfair.

    So the people take their frustrations out on their fellow man.

    Like I said imagine somebody who works 80 hours a week. That person might not complain.

    Now imagine somebody who works 50 hours a week but complains about it. That person who works 80 hours a week that doesn't complain is going to look down on the person who works 50 hours a week but complains.

    People correlate what they think is right with their own life.

    So if they suffered tremendously they won't care about someone else suffering not as much.

    We live in a very sad ignorant world.

  4. Do kids get the regular flu anymore since 2020? I remember it used to be a problem every year but haven’t heard anything about it since. 🙄

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  6. What did people think was going to happen! You told a not so yet out of the water world, that a virus is still not out there and for money and comfort take off masks! Now that school is about to begin, oh yeah these kids out there who may be in danger of getting sick! In the last second of the game, America was winning and decided nah, the other team deserves it more than we do! Smh!

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