COVID long haulers claim vaccine helped ease symptoms l GMA

Doctors are searching for answers after some previous coronavirus patients said getting vaccinated helped relieve their long-term effects from the disease.

Inside the ‘cyclone’ of brain fog many COVID-19 long-haulers are still experiencing:

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  1. I think it is viral persistence, and suboptimal immune response, causing a persistent inflammatory response. I say suboptimal immune response, because most people can handle viral persistence without problematic symptoms. Exertion temporarily lowers immune response and I think that is one cause of the post exertion exhaustion. Infection will activate the body's stress response releasing cortisol, epinephrine, glucagon, ext… Some people have their stress responses cranked up as this is epigenetically controlled. I would wonder if long haulers were more likely to have social anxiety or have a stronger physical reaction to people in their personal space. Wild animals for example have a much higher physical stress response and require much more space to feel comfortable. It is variable in mammalian offspring and humans are mammals. Female sex hormones attenuate the sympathoadrenal and HPA(Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal) responsiveness, delaying containment of the stress response. So women already have a magnified stress response. This is why you find this and CFIDS in much higher rates in women. Hormone issues in males could also put them at greater risk. CoViD-19 was found to lower testosterone, along with causing ED and sterility in men.

    Vaccinations could help the immune system better fight the virus and early data shows improvement in many after getting mRNA vaccines helping with viral persistence. Treating the stress response, and in particular inflammation should treat many symptoms.

    Cortisol, epinephrine, and glucagon block insulin and some could develop hyperglycemia. Cells are starved of energy when insulin is blocked, and could be another cause of post exertion exhaustion. Hyperglycemia will raise gut permeability allowing gut bacteria or simply breakdown products of them into the blood. You then get immune activation from bacterial ligands and activation of the stress pathway thus keeping their blood glucose high and driving the inflammatory response even if the virus was cleared. Any sort of persistent infection can cause these issues. Infections from poor oral health, intestinal infection or damage, ext…

    Other issues are caused by organ damage as this virus does a lot of that.

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  5. People do not need a vaccine… We have God given immune systems. And if we live healthy lives spiritually, physically, and mentally our God given immune systems will do its job, young or old. Do not be deceived by big pharma. Do not eat fast food or junk food. Eat fresh God given food like fruits and veggies. Drink water. Enjoy nature. No more being stuck on a screen all day. live intentionally about it. Walk close with Jesus! And Love one another.

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  8. All contagions must pass through the population at least once. People are only getting Covid-19 once, folks. Only once. Like Sars (H1N1 or Swine Flu) it’s a one hit wonder, will fizzle out and disappear.

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  11. Only intelligent people know that this tinnitus epidemic being experienced by many globally are actually targeted individuals and it's purposely inflicted.. It's 100% not covid-19 related!

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