Covid Surge Overwhelming Hospitals

Covid cases surge as hospitals in the West are overwhelmed treating mostly unvaccinated patients. Pediatric cases are going up at an alarming rate. The debate over vaccine mandates is boiling over.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Covid Surge Overwhelming Hospitals


Author: phillyfinestnews


32 thoughts on “Covid Surge Overwhelming Hospitals

  1. They’re overwhelmed because of the vaccine mandates. Hospital workers are quitting or getting fired because they don’t want the shot! Of course they’re making a different claim because they’ve been supporting the mandates. They’re never gonna say that what they supported created a shortage of safety workers. It’s gonna do the same thing with PD and FD then they’ll blame the crime surge on something else.

  2. Some time ago I released the following data, contained in Briefing no. 23 published by "Public Health England – GOV.UK", relating to deaths caused by the Delta variant in the period 1 February 2021/12 September 2021:
    "SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England Technical briefing 23 – Tab. 5"
    VACCINATED = 1,820
    Total 2,542 "

    An apparently serious objection has been received from many quarters, namely that the number of deaths is higher among vaccinated than unvaccinated as the number of the former is higher than that of the latter. Let us then examine the statistical data in more detail to verify whether this objection has a real basis.
    1) According to official data, in England the population is 51,000,000 inhabitants and the percentage of people vaccinated is 71.4%. This means that about 36.414.000 people are vaccinated (71.4% of 51,000,000).
    2) Consequently, the percentage of unvaccinated should residually represent 28.6% of the population. This means that 14.586.000 people are not vaccinated (28.6 of 51,000,000).
    Now you can complete the scheme by calculating the incidence as a percentage of the number of deaths between vaccinated and unvaccinated compared to their total number.
    VACCINATED = 1,820 = percentage incidence out of 36,414,000 = 0.00499%
    NOT VACCINATED = 722 = percentage incidence out of 14,586,000 = 0.00494%
    Total 2,542
    Therefore the objection that the number of deaths among vaccinated people is higher by virtue of their absolute higher number is unfounded, especially due to the serious and still inexplicable finding that the number of deaths caused by the Delta variant among vaccinated people is so high, despite the alleged protection of the anticovid vaccine.

    Finally, it should be considered that, while the absolute percentage of unvaccinated, as residual, appears somewhat realistic, the absolute percentage of vaccinated is not such, since it includes a slice of the population that should not be, is to say those who cannot be vaccinated by law, or due to their health conditions or otherwise. It is clear that this number of "non-vaccinable" people, whose number is unknown, "swells" so to speak the percentage and the actual number of vaccinated people provided by health organizations, with all that follows for the analysis. highlighted above.
    In fact, if the percentage of vaccinated were lower than that attested, the number of vaccinated people would also be lower, and the incidence of deaths on this reduced number would be even more serious.

    Since then, the Briefings of the British health authorities no longer contain the comparison between the number of deaths caused by the Delta variant in vaccinated and unvaccinated.

  3. the covid death is simply among the stupid irresponsible bone headed unmasked and unvaccinated people.

    if people choose to die to see god face to face, only religion can help.
    we do not need to worry too much about it. just protect yourself.

  4. My DIY MASK with 100% protection to COVID-19 air’ infections ( otherwise,we still have to sterilize water, food, things,…)

    With uv outside 7uvled , negative ions ( necklace style) inside.

    This design also can help the infected clean their lungs that is covered by COVID-19, too. But, depends on the levels of COVID-19 or the density of COVID-19 at your place.
    if you feel phlegm in your neck , add more uv led.

    This design need to be improved to wear all day and day by day.

    I still have some problems with this design as the fog , the air in and out too small ,…

    Hope this can stimulate your creativity , be safe!

  5. Unvaccinated people don't get virus from unvaccinated people but from Vaccinated people since most people are vaccinated…. who also cause the virus mutate father. Find the truth at FIGU Canada org. Under coronavirus..

  6. Here is a swine virus, killed all the obese and sick, knocked down healthy ones, pregnant women from Covid die like flies. I can't cope with that.
    Guys, check out this dude – Dimash Kudaibergen, "SOS" Slavic Bazaar, 2018
    Lift your mood. Take care.

  7. "The end of the world" according to the book of revelation will be next year. Read rev. 6:2. Then read rev. 6:8. I brought the corona virus. Tell people.

  8. This is what we call no COVID shot no live that all, and I think people doesn’t take the shot is very selfish, they only think of themself not the people around them.

  9. 1) People who get the vaccine still get covid.
    2)  Covid will continue to mutate no matter what.  
    3) Antibody testing should be offered.
    4) If you have natural antibodies you will likely fight covid strains on your own. 
    5) People who have natural antibodies can have more sever immune reactions to the so called vaccine which is actually just an immunity booster.
    6) Covid is a new strain of flu so we don't have the built up immunity of being exposed to it all our life; as we do the regular flu. That is why  unhealthy people have a harder time recovering from covid.
    7) Vaccines that do t provide full protection stimulate stronger mutations of viruses. 
    8)  IVERMECTIN is a very cheap drug that has been used as an anti parasitic for a long time with very very little side effects and has a secondary function as an antiviral. It can cure covid; and even prevent anyone from getting covid if taken prophylatically.
    9) These covid vaccines work on the mitochondria of your cells.   Mitochondria are responsible for many functions including natural Immunity,  aging  and metabolism.
     I would not want my children injected with this especially not every year sa new Covid strains pop up.
    Do the math = your body your choice

  10. Everyone is free to make their own choices in their lives.

    However, no one ever gets to choose the consequences of their actions based on the choices that they have made.


    It has been one year since New Zealand's last Covid death.

    US Covid deaths 638,055 New Zealand 26.

    WTF US has 24,540 times more Covid deaths than New Zealand.

  12. When hospitals are full, even those who are non-Covid patients are denied.

    There'll be looting and rioting in the streets.

  13. Maybe the higher numbers are from the unchecked thousands coming across the border illegally? Nah, I’m sure it’s Cobra Commander, I mean, Trump’s COVID machine. 🙄🙄🙄

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