Daunte Wright case follows history of fatal police incidents in Minnesota Twin Cities | Nightline

At least 55 people have died at the hands of police in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area over the last 20 years, but the problem goes far beyond the cities’ limits.


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34 thoughts on “Daunte Wright case follows history of fatal police incidents in Minnesota Twin Cities | Nightline

  1. Well,maybe he shouldn't have been out jacking people with a gun an evading police then. Yeah he didn't deserve to be shot,but he wouldn't have been if he didn't resist being arrested an complied. All you people who are up in arms about this should think about the lady who had a gun stuck in her face an robbed of her money. Then he tried to evade arrest not once but twice. What if he had gotten away an you were the next person he pulled a gun on an jacked you? Would you be saying the same thing? I highly doubt it. You would probably be blaming the police for letting him get away.

  2. Harris is a joke she needs to realize the truth and needs to address the truth! They need to set a standard for every citizen in the United States it’s not a black situation it’s not a white situation it’s not a brown situation it’s not an Asian situation it’s a situation where people if they are pulled over they need to cooperate with the police and of story Daunte Wright would still be alive if he cooperated with the police. Police officers not only have to protect the civilians but they also have to protect themselves they don’t know why Dante ride went back into his car the first thing that goes off my mind when I saw the video is that he was going for a weapon. And Harris Biden don’t come to that conclusion they’re idiots. I wouldn’t blame if every police officer every chief of police resigned

  3. Where is the presidents funding for police why aren’t they training the media and people how to respond to POLICE when they pulled over 99% of these killings would end if people would just cooperate with police officers. People need to understand that being a police especially in these times is very difficult police officers have a family to go home to after they fulfill their shift.If mothers fathers teach their kids to cooperate with police officers with the understanding that they have a right and will have a day in court if arrested

  4. Why do the powers that be in the administration of law enforcement ignore the following:
    Post shooting incident testing
    a.       Every officer who fires his/her weapon in the line of duty (except for training or when killing an injured or dangerous animal) shall submit to a breath alcohol test and a urine drug test.
    b.      Post shooting incident testing shall be required and completed whenever possible within two (2) hours of the shooting occurrence, but in any case no later than eight (8) hours after the shooting for breath alcohol testing and thirty-two (32) hours for controlled substance testing.
    Why is there currently an omission to the above after a police shooting?

  5. He ain’t no angel he pointed a gun at a girl and Choked her you called out an angel he Was wanted for arm robbery so do you think that’s right and then trying to leave a scene from the police that’s what happens when you run

  6. If you're an LEO, train frequently for mistakes like this not to happen. If you're a citizen just because you got away from police the first time like Daunte did, doesn't mean it won't happen again…don't flee from police even if you know you have a Felony Warrant out on you for trying to rob a woman.

  7. THE RIOTING HAS TO STOP!! We want the police to change, to stop the violence! But inciting violence will only make it worse! Please I beg you stop making it worse! We have the sacred right to peacefully protest. It's a good, important, and sacred right! We do not have the right to destroy property, assault people, and hurt other innocent people because we are angry at this injustice! We won't get justice like this….There is a crisis in our policing, but perpetuating their "reasoning" isn't helping…Please be peaceful, honor his memory, and show that there is no reason for people to fear or persecute people for their race or ethnicity. We are good people, we don't need more violence…

  8. In any country, police is the number one criminal, because they are crazy, their mentality is full of evilness, they are hungry for killing human, they have brain damage…

  9. CBS, CNN, ABC, MSN, MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, Washington Post, and big tech are liars and need to be prosecuted for conspiracy and spreading false propaganda, racism, and hate on the American people.

    Communists Bastards Simpletons

  10. Your son had a warrant for robbery and resisted arrest, shooting accident tragic sure, but don’t try to play the victim race card here, ps probably bad parenting as well

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