Death toll rises after violent tornadoes in Alabama | WNT

At least six people have been killed after nearly two dozen tornadoes sliced across three states. One tornado possibly carved a 100-mile path of destruction across Alabama.

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  5. How many times are people going to rebuild in the same tornado prone places? If a place has something called "tornado season", don't you think it would be smarter to build your home somewhere else?

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  8. West Texas have you in our prayers – Please let me know if you will be holding a GoFundMePage and I will get with my fellow Texans at News Brews and Barbeques. I can be reached at or thru messenger under Donna Whanchante Whenghi Sanchez.

  9. Very sad 😢. Someone could do with developing a tornado proof building so that this devastation doesn't keep happening.

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