Defense witness Dr. David Fowler testifies at Derek Chauvin’s trial

Fowler testified that George Floyd’s underlying health conditions may have contributed to his death.


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  1. Dr Flower is very Arrogant and patronising… It was fantastic that they had Dr Tobins, talking so much common sense and and facts, he was truly brilliant 🇮🇪

  2. If John Doe pushes a woman off a 12-story building, she crashed on the pavement an splits her skull, is the cause of her death is a broken skull? John Doe is found "not guilty" since he is not the cause of her death?
    If she had an aneurysm that ruptured when she fell, is cause of death aneurysm?

  3. This Dr. gave inaccurate evidence and quite passionately defended a now convicted murderer. This Doctors entire career record of decisions over causes of death must be re-examined. A white South African, who graduated in South Africa at the peak of apartheid, defending a white man who murdered a black man. It stinks of evil.

  4. A certain death. But took almost 10 minutes. As for drugs he could have taken a pill the day before and it would still be found in his system. That 20$bill was it found to really be fake??? Handcuffs once they are extremely tight you can't even sit up you be struggling…..I'll end by saying honestly. That was1st degree Murder. Straight up…I'm glad everyone saw that video and all came together for George Floyd for each other. Large in sx. Had nothing to do with it. He wasn't fighting back he was begging

  5. That guy didn't bit more know what he was talking about. Always stating as a physician I would. What did he think he was testifying about or as. He cared only about the fee he was paid to be there he seemed a bit racist. But Thanks Dr. Tobin watched that living game came back and broke it down truthfully making him look like a real fool dummy

  6. Video Summary of Derek Chauvin Murder Trial: Prosecution’s Case

    So the charge, from what I can tell, based just on this video, is that

    1. The officer's actions were excessive

    2. Could be called Deadly Force (Not sure if it could be called 'use of deadly force' though)

    George Floyd died of low levels of oxygen from shallow breathing.

    1. 5:12 Cardiopulmonary Arrest, AKA Secondary Cardiac Arrest, caused by a lack of oxygen in his blood.

    1a. Most probably not a primary cardiac event or a drug overdose.

    1a1. 3:59 Second-hand accounts of Fentanyl deaths don't seem to match Floyd's death as the death seems to be slow.

    1a2. 4:38 Meth death is sudden but based on film (presumably she's seen multiple video perspectives) of Floyd's death, it doesn't seem to be that.

    5:12 The cause of low oxygen levels are accused of being largely due to

    2. "…The prone restraint and positional asphyxiation."

    2a. George Floyd was prone on the street

    2b. was handcuffed, assumed to mean it was adding to the difficulty of breathing

    2c. The knee on his neck

    2c1. Image of one of the officer's boots off the ground (presumably while on George Floyd's neck as that part wasn't shown)

    Indicating that the officer's full body weight was on George Floyd's neck as evidenced by:

    2c1a. One boot off the ground

    2c1b. Officer's erect posture

    2d. A knee on his back and his side (whatever the side is)


    3. The death was most probably preventable.

    Witness #1, Timeline from Firefighter

    1. Figherfighter testifies that they identified themselves to Officer [Tou] Thao, "who was controlling the scene."

    Initial treatment visual assessment

    2. Clearly altered level of consciousness (knocked out level I presume)

    3. Determined that she needed to identify if there was a pulse

    4. Offered the officers assistance in doing compressions OR said that compressions needed to be done if there was no pulse.

    5. Compressions were not administered.


    6. 7:15 She wanted to, presumably, do compressions as seemed appropriate from the initial treatment visual assessment.

    7. She was frustrated (presumably from not doing compressions)

    Witness #2, Civilian 7:26

    1. Confirming Firefighter's timeline

    2. Officers did not check for a pulse upon civilian and firefighter verbal requests

    Person #3, unknown from this video 8:04

    1. Received no post-report of Floyd receiving CPR from the officers.

    Human #4, Lawyer dude for someone I presume, and person #5 agreeing

    1. 8:17 Derek Chauvin is said to have "violated departmental policy 7-350" by not "rendering aid" (presumably meaning to check on Floyd's pulse or provide CPR or to do compressions as requested by Witness #1, Firefighter)

    8:31 Derek Chauvin is being charged with:

    1. Second-Degree Murder

    1a. 8:51 "Need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that" Floyd was also being assaulted while he died.

    2. Second-Degree Manslaughter

    2a. 8:51 "Need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that" Floyd was also being unintentionally assaulted while he died I guess.

    3. Third-Degree Murder (Can they charge you with both 2nd and 3rd-degree murder?)

    3a. "Prosecutors need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that" 8:38

    (A quick search shows that 2nd-degree murder requires at least intent to harm (kill is 1st) or extreme indifference to life in different cases. 3rd degree could be non-felony murder or negligence leading to death and varies by state and stuff. Then manslaughter also seems to be unintentional. I'm not a lawyer, this isn't legal advice, and nothing written on this site is meant to be taken seriously.)

  7. Dr. Fowler is being sued in Maryland by a family for helping officers to cover up evidence of the murder of a black man. Dr. Fowler seriously needs to go back to Africa!

  8. Video Summary of Defense witness Dr. David Fowler testifies at Derek Chauvin’s trial
    as best as I can tell without any outside context, and what more I'd like to know.

    I think the large heart was brought up because of his heart's condition, as they say.

    His heart was in the top 5% of heart size. So he had a large heart. (So next, move on media as the lady mentioned at the end.)

    The video presented this in the opposite order, really getting distracted that the dude had a large heart. The next is what they showed first.

    1. He had a heart attack (with narrowed arteries) due to:

    a. drug use (contributing to heart disease?),

    b. drugs in his system,

    c. was exposed to vehicle exhaust (I'd like to review clips of how close he was to see the level of CO2 significance),

    d. increased levels of CO2 in the bloodstream (I'd like to see an analysis of the significant contributors to that whether it was due to not/restricted breathing or proximity to the exhaust pipe or other factors [I don't think he was suffocated from the exhaust as the lafy mentions Dr. Fowler is the only one to even mention external CO2 possibly being a factor])

    e. paraganglioma or the other natural disease process he had (What heart disease did he have?)
    From Wikipedia "About 85% of paragangliomas develop in the abdomen; only 12% develop in the chest and 3% in the head and neck region (the latter are the most likely to be symptomatic)."
    From medlineplus .gov, Nonsyndromic paraganglioma description, a genetic thing,
    "Paraganglioma is a type of noncancerous (benign) tumor…"
    (So I'd like more explanation as to the relevance of paraganglioma or the other natural disease process he had.)

    Everything else they say is more or less irrelevant.

    I'd like to see more summaries from the Defendant side but there doesn't seem to be as much content showing it.

  9. As a fellow South African, I can tell this man is an old school Apartheid-supporting racist. That kind of racial hate runs deep and it sways him in evil ways. A black man dies unjustly at the hands of a white man, and it's just business as usual. Sadly, these supporters of the republic for the Union make the KKK look like the Human Rights Campaign.

  10. What are the odds of someone just picking that moment to die because of underlying health conditions
    when they were in the store minutes prior and seemed fine???

  11. Why would you choose to bring an "expert" like this clown Fowler? He's from South Africa, you know, where apartheid was law until not to long ago? He's cocky, evasive & argumentative and he got creamed on cross.

  12. 1 of thee Most lying doctors I've ever seen💯!!
    If he actually valued human life regardless of skin color he would've told the truth! But no. Last thing you want is a lying Dr! 💯

  13. Autopsy shows 98% oxygen saturation and this so called "Doctor" claims CO (carbon monoxide) could have been a factor when max CO could only be 2%. I learned that fact in grade 9 science class!!! How the hell is he A DOCTOR!!!?? I

  14. this guy's disposition and the weird stuff he said……….not the least of which was carbon monoxide poisoning WOW! what a leap….must've gotten paid extra for that lie. what is with that guy. if you guys need to win by lieing, then how good are you, and to what degree is the ex officer really guilty of………….sheesh……………

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