Demand for housing continues to increase substantially amid pandemic

Homes across the country have been selling above asking price, obtaining multiple offers and selling within a week of being listed.


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46 thoughts on “Demand for housing continues to increase substantially amid pandemic

  1. Replacement costs on homes have increased homeowners insurance due to the rising construction costs of new construction and the increased costs for materials rising exponentially. A 2x4x8 use to sell for as little as $2.28 each now sells for $7.71 and even as high as $8.81 each. These costs are being passed to the consumer with higher prices for new construction thus raising the costs of older homes. A 1,000 square foot home can cost as much as $300,000 new construction, or $200 a square foot.

  2. Change is forthcoming – in some areas the prices have dropped by as much as $20,000 making way for a Buyer's market sooner than expected. The lack of homes on the market will cause the market to slip, as many purchased homes during the Great Recession of 2007-2014 for a fraction of their value. These homeowners have the good sense to hold on to their investments knowing a Seller's market means you will sell your home for more, but higher prices to purchase a replacement home does not warrant a good market.

  3. Nothing like greedy landlords kicking out whole families on the streets for no other reason than wanting to cash in on their dumps.
    Ask me how I know…..

  4. The demand for OSB and Plywood continues to increase too. Prices aren't coming down. Maybe start reporting on people needing to make more money. Perhaps congress can go back to all the companies that lobbies them and tell them to add better wages.

  5. Some people won’t have a home anymore because everything is every state has on the highest betting! Some will become homeless! Good luck USA, you are failed us all!🤦🏼‍♀️😡

  6. This is why this pandemic is happening, exploitation of all kinds…its not a conspiracy my thought its fact….those who dont exploit will agree!!!!!

  7. Corporation backed by foreign investors. It will for sure drive housing prices to the moon and will lead to a more stiff competion when purchasing a home. Sad truth…

  8. Congress could easily help out by giving all Boomers, Silent Generation and remaining Greatest Generation $15,000 each if they are over 65, have their home paid off, sell it to a family(no investors) primary residence only and move into Senior digs…assisted living and such.

  9. Keep in mind this is NOT single families buying the majority of these homes. Corporate American is going crazy! Feds need to get involved. Don’t forget 2010…if this theory is new to you-do some research. Yes, there are plenty of single families doing this-don’t get me wrong-but this is a great way for corporations to invest. They won’t be living in these homes-simply renting them. This is also keeping the rental market tight and forcing huge rental prices. Perhaps it’s time to limit purchasing with Asset-Backed Security funding? I doubt that this market is being funded by folks who have sweated for years to purchase a home by saving money from their jobs or by the equity gained in the purchase of a first home.

  10. NON USA foreign nationals are buying homes like crazy in Hawaii. This is a fact, not speculation, I have seen it with my own eyes…. Until USA starts to act like OTHER countries do, which is restrict real-estate and title deeds ONLY to US CITIZENS, working class and growing families (like in these comments) will suffer. This is non-partisian, we all as AMERICANS should support this.

  11. Yeah it’s nearly impossible to get some property here if you weren’t paying 500 K cash. It’s all corporations and people flipping the properties here. It’s extremely rough

  12. I can’t find a house anywhere in my budget. Every time I look for a house, within 24 hours it’s pending. It’s so stressful and I don’t know what to do!

  13. That last part about corporations buying up the houses is what should've been mentioned *first*! Ordinary Americans are competing w direct cash offers from Wall St. banks & PE firms who are buying up homes even more than pre-2008, thereby driving millions to the "permanent renter" class.

  14. 20% of houses left Vacant as investments for Pension funds! Which artificially Inflates Home Prices!!… SHOULD BE ILLEGAL

  15. The world we live in damn shame pay rent on time no issues and can't even use that as a crutch to build your credit! Why not energy , water, gas paid on time no reference to your credit building. Makes no sense.

  16. The wealthy are gouging out the middle class by taking the one thing they can actually invest in. Then they will rent it back to them. Good luck doing that to me, muthuhfuckuhs. I'll be living in my van down by the river.

  17. You notice they really did not speak on the corporate companies buying up all the property. The truth is they are renting those same properties out and making the property unaffordable to live.

  18. Wait da minute. If people are leaving their city homes cuz they can work remotely, then wouldn't the downtown city rentals and sales not go up in price?

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