Democrats criticize newly signed Georgia voter law | WNT

President Joe Biden said Friday the new voting law in Georgia that Republicans passed and signed into law was an “atrocity” and he called it an “attack on the right to vote in Georgia.”

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  1. GA Residents, don't ever let anyone "DENY" you the "RIGHT" To Get an ID for your Daily needs, They Are free, And It is your God given Right to Have an " Identification" and Be someone. Every Ga resident HAS This RIGHT. Do Not Let Them Stop You!

  2. Most black americans actually support voter id laws. The problem is with white liberals (white women mostly) that think they know about minorities. But their assumprtion is always "aw minorities do not have access to DMV, they cant afford to get an government issued id. Anyone can do all that! Those kinda people are who only taken in information from liberal medias and get brainwashed to think minorities cant do anything. I know some of them genuinely care about us but they are usually misinformed. This is scary.

  3. Because minorities don't drive cars, rent, go to the doctors, travel, have a bank account, or have jobs. All these require ID smh

  4. Voter ID should be required. No mail in ballots should be allowed. We should be able to verify we voted and for who. People who are not citizens should not be allowed to vote, period (as they have zero vested interest in the USAs well being). Anyone / everyone should be able to verify that no non-citizens votes were counted. Anyone / everyone should be able to verify that no dead persons voted & that no dead persons votes were counted. (My mother received voting materials from Maryland in nov 2016 and 2020 and she's been dead since Feb 2016. I have zero faith that Maryland isn't allowing people to vote using dead realitives ballots). Anyone / everyone should be able to verify that no votes were counted more than once. This is 2021, to ensure election integrity, all the things I've called for here should be reality already. If you want voters to have any confidence in our electoral system.

  5. There is a lot of talk of the necessity for voter ID but that will NOT stop voter fraud. In Bolivia, where I lived from 2012 – 2013, everyone the age 18 and over has a biometric voter ID. Furthermore, EVERYONE age 18 and over is required by law to vote or they will not be able to bank, buy or sell, or travel for 90 days. When each person votes, they have their finger died with a blue die that will not wear or wash off for days. All of this is to give the illusion of a fair election because Bolivia uses the Dominion machines that were proved to be corrupted.

    Until we demand fair elections by having fair vote counting, this country is lost. We need machines that are NOT hooked to the Internet. They should simply count each physical vote and create a report at the end of the day. Then, each report must be entered manually into another machine that creates a master report of all the compiled votes from each machine. Then, these reports should be reported to a central computer via manual entry with a security code. Most importantly, ALL documentation for each vote MUST be kept for audit.

    Again, voter ID is worthless without fair counting. This is the problem we have with the system since Obama won twice using Dominion machines, and I suspect the surprise of the 2016 election was because they did not anticipate the number of people who would vote for Donald Trump that overran the software of the Dominion machines, and that, I believe, is when the DNC began to create a plan to secure the election of 2020.

  6. Can someone please explain why asking ID to see if you are the person who is registered to vote is racist? Don’t you show your ID before you get into a flight? What sort of stupidity is that

  7. I'm sorry to say but that's how democracy works in all around the world. You need ID to vote. My own country has just found four hundred thousand fraud voter in the voter list. It's easy to fake your way in .

  8. ID to vote = racism…. Wow just wow…. The filthy evil party of slavery, Jim Crow law, the KKK and the party that was against the civil Rights Movement and the party locking up thousands and thousands of black men in prison for minor offense… Behold The filthy evil leftist party "The Demonrats aka the Democratic Party has done it again

  9. Oh no, not the same ID I used to register my conglomerate! I run 11 online businesses and have equity in 3 others. I don't even know how I do it – I'm black! 🙁

  10. As a US citizen living in Mexico in 2018 Mexico was having a presidential election, I tried to vote but they told me I wasn’t a citizen! They must be racist for not letting me vote! 😂

  11. Why is it racist to ask for an ID for an American elections for American citizens. How cheap is the Democratic vote that they can buy you off of the bottled water. If you go and vote to get a free bottle of water you deserve what you get.

  12. First of all, I along with many Black and brown people are insulted by the Dems suggesting that we are so stupid that we are not only unable to get a state I.D. (which is needed to buy alcohol, cigarettes, etcetera), but also have the inability to write the last 4 digits of the social security number on the voter form when no I.D is available. What's next? Will we need help wiping our butts? If Georgia's voter law is racist, what does it say about Delaware, Biden's home state? PEOPLE, WAKE UP AND DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING POLITICIANS, PUNDITS, AND OTHER ACTORS TELL YOU!

  13. This is about Democrats trying to get as many illegal votes as possible. If you’re not an American citizen than you can’t vote in an American election. The Democrats do not like this fact because they are terrified that another Donald Trump will come along and put America first. They want the people of our country to completely depend on the government. They know that the majority of this country thinks otherwise.

  14. Being Independent Latino. I totally agree with this voting ID, politicians and citizens, whom disagree is because guilt and skeleton in their closet… Mexico has One of the most secure ID documents in Latin America, the new Voting ID card used in Mexico includes multiple security features and state-of-the-art verification methods that have so far Foiled every counterfeiting attempt and Thump print. Since 2013, the card has been produced by G+D and Veridos and has been available for Mexico’s citizens – including the 12 million who live abroad. At last, all of the country’s citizens can finally benefit from the technology without the risk of identity fraud.

  15. If requiring and ID for voting is racist, then requiring ID for a gun purchase and background checks is racist as well. Get rid of needing IDs on all gun purchases because that is unfair to minorities.

  16. MLB is boycotting Georgia and going to Colorado because this bill is racist .. Georgia is 51% black .. Colorado is 9% .. guess which businesses are profiting from this All-Star game??.. the citizens of Colorado Not Georgia!! well played Lefties, well played

  17. Some say this bill is racist?? mean while Biden says he’s against this bill because Black people don’t know how to go on the Internet or they’re too poor to afford IDs (yeah Thats not rascist 🤣 ) so how the hell did they cash their stimulus check? Are you telling me they don’t have IDs which means: they don’t drive .. they don’t smoke .. .. they don’t drink .. they don’t go out to bars or clubs? All of which require ID!! Btw.. Colorado requires voter ID and they have less voting days so there will be longer lines than Georgia. So exactly why are they moving the game to Colorado?

  18. Georgia new voting law highlights
    * Adding 2 Saturday voting days and 2 optional Sunday voting days
    * Requiring equilibrium in funding for each counties
    * Ensuring there’s a mechanism to address local election problem such as, waiting lines to long, processing of absentee ballots etc.
    * Clarifying the rules regarding absentee ballot applications (to prevent, for example, incorrectly filled-in voter informations)
    * Creating a definite period of absentee voting (to prevent people from being told they’ve already voted when they present themselves to vote in person)
    * Securing drop boxes
    * Adding ranked choice voting for military and overseas voters
    * Creating a quicker process to count absentee ballots
    * Protecting in-line voters from interference, political pressure and intimidation
    * Reducing (preferably eliminating) the numbers of duplicated ballots
    * Ensuring voting is made in the proper precinct
    * Adding transparency by requiring ID

    Tell me how’s that "Jim Crow"…

  19. She's a lowlife, racist, moron who obviously didn't read the bill, Warnock is a super-racist who has constantly talked about "Whiteness" and ABC, yes you, ABC are extremely irresponsible for NOT even reading or showing what's actually in the law. Which is less restrictive than NYC, and Potato Joe's home state of Delaware! DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Now I know why Trump always said "Fake news".
    Listen to the Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and "Learn the truth":

  20. It’s a lie. Water cannot be served by political groups participating in “electioneering” within 150’ of a polling station. People working the polls can serve water. I have never been given water at a poling location in my entire life. These are all lies to distract from the real point which is that Democrats do not want to have voter IDs required. You didn’t misunderstand you were lied to. The only possible legitimate motive behind opposing these laws is to enable the ability to cheat during elections.

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