Doctor testifies on significance of George Floyd’s respiratory rates

Dr. Martin Tobin said fentanyl did not cause the depression of Floyd’s respiration.


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22 thoughts on “Doctor testifies on significance of George Floyd’s respiratory rates

  1. I hate that fact that there are ads on these videos. There should not be money made from the death of this man.

  2. i have a question for someone that might now.
    They were talking about Carbondioxide levels of 89, while a normal person has 35-45, every minut this increases by 4,9 while not being able to breath, so after 10 min it makes sense its at 89.

    But what did the Fentynol have to do with this? i either missed it in the video, or just dont understand :S
    Ty in advance for the answer.

  3. Look at the common attitude of the comments under this video…all positive. That what happens when there’s no room for nonsense. The only thing nay sayers could do would be to ruin his name to discredit him… lol …cuz facts are facts!

  4. So, if he would have a heart disease that would rise his respiratory rate, yet took fentanil that decreased it by 40% we'd get around 20ish, which is exactly what he calculated. Coincidence? I think not.
    In other words, if fentanil lowers respiratory rate, but heart disease increases… having both would result in a normal respiratory rate? 😀

  5. In principle, the defense cannot lose this case. And even if they lost it, it would be a huge disgrace for the US jurisdiction. They can just practically demonstrate, how truthful dr. Quack's testimony is:

    If you look at the internet, the only people, who die during this police procedure are intoxicated junkies or hysterical lunatics – which is in line with Floyd's case. Floyd was a walking corpse even before this incident. It is actually strange that he was still alive – with his ultrahigh blood pressure, blocked arteries, and drug addiction.

    After this case, the United States officially became a banana republic, where the street mob and Antifa hooligans are the official state prosecutors.

  6. He should have been impeached. One time he accuses. Chauvin of suffocating Floyd yet here he goes saying George's respiratory rate was NORMAL. Make up your mind doc. Testimony that opposes your former testimony is a cause for impeachment. And what caused George to say he couldn't breathe BEFORE Chauvin was even there, before Chauvin's knee.

  7. When this smart and wise old Irish man took to the stand. It was it was over. One very good and cool way to let the jury understand he didn't die of drugs. Proud as punch. 🇮🇪🇮🇪🍀🍀🙏👍☮️

  8. The hypothesis professed by Dr Tobin painting an unproven theory as being a fact is wrong and mislead most people. Positional asphyxiation is not possible in the prone position unless the subject has a large protruding belly or the assailant weighing a hefty amount laid directly flat on him in such a way as to constrain both the rib cage and the diaphragm . I was interested to discover if breathing would be seriously restricted in the Chauvin example. Firstly l laid in the prone position, which had been declared dangerous by the State experts, with my hands tied behind my back to imitate handcuffs. I had no difficulty breathing, I could stay in that position indefinitely with only the pressure on my cheek bone becoming uncomfortable after 45 minutes. Second I got my protesting wife, who weighs 160 lbs and is solid, to kneel with her knee across my neck. She applied heavy pressure because she is heavy handed and much heavier downward pressure than Chauvin was applying. Again no problem breathing despite the pressure and stayed well in the time. Third, keeping the left knee on the neck placing the right knee on my ribs on the left hand side of my back, still breathing ok and felt I could stay there comfortably. Fourth, with left knee on neck and right knee on centre of back lift both her feet off the ground and with all her solid weight now on me and her balancing I could still breathe but don’t think I could stay like that for long, but there was no occasion on the evidence video when both his feet were off the ground so my experiment was very much more extreme. Dr Tobins hypothesis (academic term meaning ‘guess’) was convincing but it isn’t correct, he just wanted it to be correct and so did the jury. The other major error that he made was in declaring that your ribs need to be able to expand and contract to breathe, this is also not true, ask anyone with ankylosing spondylitis and they will tell you that they can breathe with a rigid rib cage by using only the diaphragm. I’m willing to challenge him on his flawed evidence. I’m 66 have asthma, ankylosing spondylitis, COVID survivor twice and long COVID breathlessness, if I can breathe and cope in the Chauvin position and more anyone can, I am the extreme of vulnerability and very low on the ability to breathe at the best of times and didn’t have a problem, my neck was more likely to break before my breathing became difficult.
    Don’t forget that Chauvin weighs in at a not very mighty 140 lbs so much lighter than my wife even with his belt. There was no evidence of excessive force on the deceased’s neck or back, no overt bruising, no subcutaneous trauma and no broken bones.
    Occams Razor advocates that the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected to establish the truth. In this case positional asphyxiation is purely an assumption with no actual evidence put forward in the trial to support it, this hypothesis is in competition with the factually known and incontrovertible medical evidence of chronic heart disease, 95% blocked left ascending and 75% right descending ventricular arteries, an enlarged heart, very high blood pressure together with consumption of fentanyl and meth amphetamine all adding up to a dead man walking. The State medical experts all declared that these extremely chronic conditions played no part in the death and they all stuck solely on the unproven hypothesis of positional asphyxiation as being the independent cause of death, all except Dr Baker (autopsy Dr) who was trying to say that the deceased’s heart gave out while being restrained by the police after fighting with them in the squad car like a wild Arnold Schwarzenegger sufficient to bounce the squad car around on its suspension back and forward while at the same time claiming that he couldn’t breathe which was very much at odds with his actions.
    The state prosecutors also made a lot of hilariously ridiculous declarations including the inference to the jury that people live forever and never die. The State attorney declared that as the deceased had been alive the previous week there was no reason why he shouldn’t have remained alive on the 25th May and if you can’t see how twisted that statement is then you really need to think hard about it, the whole trial was full of nonsense like that.
    Ok I’ll spell it out for those who don’t get it, my father died on the 16th October 1979, he had been alive on the 1st October 1979, according to the State prosecutors declaration to the jury my father should still be alive today because he was alive on the 1st October 1979! The judge didn’t say anything, the jury swallowed it without a murmur and that was the standard of the proceedings.
    Judge – yes ok State prosecutors Dr Tobin can come back for rebuttable but if he mentions anything to do with the previously undisclosed test results ( which had a magically appeared over night) I will declare a Mistrial do I make myself clear?
    Prosecutor yes Sir.
    Enter Dr Tobin and yes you’ve guessed it within a few minutes he mentioned the blood oxygen tests 98%
    Was there a declared Mistrial? You know the answer to that.
    Lastly if you want to try the prone experiment, be careful if you are large in front or have chronic heart, blocked arteries, enlarged heart, high blood pressure or strong illegal stimulants and opiates on board because your heart may well give out otherwise go for it but remember no bruising or broken bones.
    Dr Tobin you’re a disgrace.

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