Dr. Martin Tobin simulates how George Floyd couldn’t breathe

Tobin is a medical expert who testified at the Derek Chauvin murder trial.


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40 thoughts on “Dr. Martin Tobin simulates how George Floyd couldn’t breathe

  1. I think george was drugged up like crazy.. started to stress and than didnt get enough space to breath.. I think he would survive if he was not drugged up.. yes the cop was brutal of keeping leaned on him when they noticed that he was not moving.. but there where mistakes done by everyone that was involved.. gorge has enough time to not make the situation worst and received several warning before he was dropped to the floor.. damn still feel sad for him..

  2. The doctor provided no evidence that wasn't already seen in the video. Fact is he did not provide a single scientific study or trial/s to back his claims. There are however decades worth of clinical studies & trials that show 'positional asphyxia' is a myth. A simple google search can yield that.

  3. people tryna spill facts like there a Dr. too, ok lets talk about real life human interaction shall we. ask yourself this. Did you get chills when you heard him scream for his deceased mother one last time??

  4. ‘The knee was rammed in’ or was it simply placed in that position without being ‘rammed in’, did he see it being ‘rammed in’? Even if the knee was ‘rammed in’ against the chest it wouldn’t stop you from breathing and to suggest that enough downward pressure on the handcuffs was being forced to stop him breathing is nonsense. To cause death by positional asphyxiation you would have to compress fully both the rib cage and the diaphragm at the same time for up to 4 minutes without let up. As the officers were continuously shifting their weight and positions the diaphragm and rib cage would be able function even if one or other of them was being compromised. Dr Tobin could charm the birds from the trees and convince people that the moon was made of cheese, he’s very dangerous and flawed in his testimony.

  5. If you suffer from white priviledge bashing and bullying, if your neighbourhood sucks and stinks come back home to Europe. America is over, finished.

  6. These 4 cops were wearing police uniforms but in reality they were robbers, criminals, gangsters and even I hear that all us police they lacked quality, norms and intelligence even they are dormants and better in killing people rather than saving people. Full of racists also.

  7. In other words,
    Chauvin definitely committed
    cold blooded, calculated torture and murder🎯
    It will be interesting to see whether or not Chauvin's accomplice killer Cops will be held accountable….🤔

  8. Have you seen how the blacks in Minnesota are telling white folk what to do, and blocking cops from the area where Fentanyl Floyd died?

    Well on The UnCensored Voice podcast we are not afraid to talk about this and many other injustices.
    Fentanyl Floyd was a dirt bag criminal who died from his heart giving out as a result his drug habit. He was NOT a good person in any way. How quickly the black community forgets he robbed a pregnant black woman by putting a gun to her stomach and threatening to shoot her un born child though her belly.


  9. But this is how all law enforcement around the world are taught to handle when it comes to violent suspect, no? Maybe they should bring MyPillow and lay it down so suspects are comfortable

  10. Looks like the police knew what they were doing – they might have been trained for this as well. They knew that the man wouldn't be able to breathe.

  11. breathing doesn't require expansion of the chest, the abdomen can expand so that the chest cavity expands downward. singers utilize this.

  12. If this is the case then why did the police publish constraint holds with this exact technique? Why are they charging the officer and not the person who made the training manuals.

  13. My uncle died the same while being placed under arrest by Australian Police. 😢
    I’m so glad he was found guilty & now Police around the world should watch themselves very carefully. 🙏💜

    It is unnecessary to put that much force & weight on a human under any circumstances.
    If the officer had listened to the crowd, instead of worrying about his own safety, George would still be alive!!!
    As for trying to blame this on all the training they get that proved they were following protocol, they’re being trained incorrectly & it needs to be changed.

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