Driver survives fiery crash on highway

Dramatic video captured the moment a car lost control on a highway, slammed into a truck, crashed into the side of a highway overpass and then was engulfed by flames.


Author: Rafael


26 thoughts on “Driver survives fiery crash on highway

  1. I’m just glad the barrier did its job and kept the truck from going over. This could’ve been so much worse and also probably could’ve been completely avoided at the same time. I just lost a friend to the family who was like a nephew to me in a fiery crash back in February. Please be safe everyone! Not saying EVs aren’t dangerous, but I think people too often forget that these ICE powered automobiles are filled with highly flammable liquids. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. To me it looked like the white car wanted to get on the hwy quick and maybe over to the fast lane and tried to pull across instead of staying within his lane. Just guessing.

  3. I don’t get how the Honda turned into him in the first place? It’s like he took a sharp left turn entering the highway on ramp. Maybe he was going to fast around the curve on the on-ramp and lost control sending over the grass into the truck? Idk even that’s a stretch. The craziest thing is when the truck hits the side of the bride number one he’s lucky he didn’t go over but two the fuel that was sent over the bridge and lands on another highway it hits the ground and a second goes by and then it catches fire for a second and goes out. Imagine being that car underneath and all of a sudden your driving through fire!

  4. I wish the News broadcast agencies that post these "shorts" on their Youtube channels would at least do us all the decency of posting a link to the actual news report so we can find out the details

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  6. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS " Did Truck driver THANK GOD" Whom spared his life!!"?… I hope car driver survived n thank God as well. My prayers for both. Ppl have to recognize God is NOT A FAIRYTALE!!

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  8. 🤯this is why mom doesn't want my big bro driving trucks. Hope the people in that car is safe too! Even though it's that little white cars' fault for causing the accident

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