Facebook Has ‘Blamed’ Their Own Researchers For Negative Press

Jeff Horwitz, technology reporter, The Wall Street Journal, talks about the mood inside of Facebook after reporting that shows the company was aware of negative effects from their products.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Facebook Has ‘Blamed’ Their Own Researchers For Negative Press


Author: phillyfinestnews


41 thoughts on “Facebook Has ‘Blamed’ Their Own Researchers For Negative Press

  1. This guy ,buy his choice of attire, tells you all you need to know about him, the people he works for, and the network who used him as part of a "news" piece.

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  5. All social media sites are full of pretend experts,that's where most people get their mis and disinformation and the result is total stupidity on a worldwide basis , anyway gotta get a pic of my latte! Bye.

  6. We've just lived through a weird year where everyone on TV wore suits in front of their computers in their living rooms (probably with sweatpants on). I like the headband, time to try new things.

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