Families of Uvalde victims react to investigative report

Members of a special committee of the Texas state legislature met with family members of the victims on Sunday to present their findings.

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Author: Rafael


20 thoughts on “Families of Uvalde victims react to investigative report

  1. Did the LE have the right to hold back citizens from going in to save their children per the Constitution? This is far from over. It only has begun. "It is the right for people to use reasonable force or defensive force, for the purpose of defending one’s own life (self-defense) or the lives of others." Those other were the parents' children. These officers held the families back and they will be prosecuted per our rights and their not protecting The Constitution of The United States. It is what it is.

  2. It finally dawn on me why these law enforcers didn't enter that room soon enough to save the children and teachers. None of them where white enough to be saved! Of course their not gonna risk their lives for people of color! It's so sad to say but that's the truth! Always remember the phrase, if you ain't white you ain't right…….

  3. You looking for something from white males of privilege that is not going to occur they won't even take responsibility they hide they lie they destroy evidence when are you people in Mexico going to wake up when are you going to come to the realization that you got to roll clan police force who only care about white children when you come to that realization the pain over the death of your children will be eased at accordingly

  4. Police safety os the cops top priority, next priority is job safety of all cop… that exactly what yu saw and will continue to see. This is endemic throughout all law enforcement.

  5. They cannot come back but we sure can try to prevent this from ever happening again getting rid of the rotten apples🍎 these are kids who deserve respect and justice their voice heard even if they can't express that
    we can so !!!!! deal with it they work for us don't u ever get it fc**k d up and as far as I know they been FIRED we don't need a new school we need new law enforcement real ones with proper training and not these clowns 🤡 cowards with war guns as decoration

  6. when they arent in hiding both texas governor gregg abbott and texas senator ted cruz state that its teachers who should be defending students, not cops

  7. They have perfected the psychological manipulation techniques. Pure evil. You want to fix things? Than recognize evil. Recognize how insidious this is. Evil protects itself. If you want a better world you have to make it. It isn't magic. It's a full fledged battle. Until you recognize that their only goal is to maintain control and to obfuscate and do whatever is necessary to keep in power it will continue. It's the chain of evil. If it wasn't a chain of evil we wouldn't have to address it but we do. We have to see that the systemic failures have one thing in common and that is the system. It is one system from top to bottom. The evil is at all levels. The lies, the manipulations, the abuses reside in one system. It is within our government. The government for and by the people. You won't make change being polite about this. It takes overwhelming opposition. The system is to blame. It's one system. It can't fix itself. It will continue until the system is fixed. Until morals are the American agenda. The culprits are the ones brainwashing the masses to accept their alternative realities. Get back to basics. Wake up. If you don't fight evil in all it's forms it will win

  8. both governor greg abbott and senator ted cruz must go

    they have both gone into hiding since the massacre


    they know they are to blame

    their deliberate absence proves it

  9. In this newly released report we now know that near 400 officers from over 20 different state and federal agencies responded to this active shooter incident, yet no one breached the classroom doors or windows to neutralize the suspect until after he had shot and killed dozens of children while they waited in the hallway for well over 1 hour.

    This is dereliction of duty on the largest scale ever seen in US history. The level of incompetence of leadership is mind-boggling, the height of cowardice is incomprehensible as the report states that officers put their safety above the lives of those they were sworn to protect, thus they contributed to the murders of these children and teachers. Therefore they must be fired and charged with negligent homicide.

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