FBI joins NYPD for subway shooting probe

What federal law enforcement officials and the NYPD know about Frank James, who was named as a person of interest, and the mass shooting on the Brooklyn subway.


Author: Rafael


31 thoughts on “FBI joins NYPD for subway shooting probe

  1. Black people are becoming a problem. Funny there is no backlash against this race. If it was an Asian or Indian or Muslim, you can bet a Spanish or Black person would backlash on them. The NYPD needs to be tougher on blacks and on their mayor.

  2. The FBI fumbled the ball on this one maybe if they weren’t running around making up fake kidnapping plots they could be doing real work

  3. You don't get to do the news anymore. Remind us how "everything" is Trump's fault! Russian Operative. You lost all credibility, and we are watching you FAIL. You would triple your viewership if you did real news like investigate lying cheating Hillary. Russian Operative. You didn't give the man a chance and said horrific and TRAITORIST lies. We won't just blow this off. Now Hunters Laptop$$$$$$$WTF

  4. Let's not take the FBI time away too long. There's more Trump supporters they want to investigate. Democrats are dangerous

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  8. Cointelpro, the FBI enforced program, is the root cause of racism, "terroristic" activity and violence in this country.
    They should be recused from all related investigations.

  9. Democrats want you to be defenseless. Only the criminals and police have guns in NYC. The good people are just victims, because their 2nd Amendment rights have been usurped by a government afraid of its own people being armed.

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