Flood alerts continue for millions of Americans

More than 12 million people from Arizona to Louisiana were under flash flooding threats on Sunday morning.

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Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “Flood alerts continue for millions of Americans

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  2. This is God smiting the religious for taking away women’s right and the evil of the SCOTUS. Some call it karma. Wash away the sins of the religious hypocrites…

  3. First, wishing everyone safety.
    Because I’ve spent most of the last 3 years on a news fast, I can’t tell if there are more floods or just more news about the floods.

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  5. Must be part of the unexpected big picture. When Biden’s administration is asked about the economy and so forth the Administration says America is transitioning. To what they don’t exactly spell out. As the Left’s moral values clearly transition into moral depravity and authoritarian behavior the climate transitions, in kind, from mild and moderate to more frequent extremes to match.

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  7. Read the readings from Edgar Cayce, about the forth coming earth changes when earth axis tilds and land sunk and other land rises from the sea.

  8. We need to find a way to catch these water. Hopefully this amount of water is beneficial to the lakes and rivers that are drying up. But highly doubtful.

  9. will the rain be able to fill up the rivers and lakes? or is the earth so dried, it cannot absorb the water and all that water will just wash out to sea and go to waste?

  10. COME ON MAN i see it as a plus filling lakes and ponds since the climate freaks were yelling its getting hotter and climate change MOST of us old folks call it WEATHER CHANGE !!!!

  11. I watched this on GMA this morning and I nearly fell out of my bed laughing at these idiots in Carlsbad caverns. One person said the snack shop ran out of food and left everyone "starving" You dumbass people. Starving..because your fat asses hasn't grazed in over a hour? People let's explain stupid simple things to your ridiculously dumbasses. Just because it raining either heavy rain or sprinkling rain that definitely doesn't mean that you are going to starve to death if you don't eat for over a hour. Hell you can actually go days before you would even come close to starving. Actually you can go up to 3 weeks without food before you would starve to death you idiots. You can go up to 3 days without water before you wither up and have a awful snowflake death. These idiots go a few hours without food and they are crying that they are starving to death lol 😆 😂 🤣 omg how did Americans become the most fragile snowflakes on earth is beyond me. Starving to death within a hours time from your last grazing feast. You idiots lol

  12. Here's more. What must I do to be saved? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ/God's son, and you will be saved. Acts 16:30,31 Please think about it. Repent/believe before the rapture/tribulation,Gods wrath on an evil unbelieving world. Out of love Jesus died for you, live 4 him. Love U

  13. People ask for rain without repentance of their wickedness so the lord Jesus Christ drowns the wicked and send them to burning hell for eternity depart from me workers of iniquity you cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels after they drown maybe if people repents then maybe there won't be no flooding and still plenty of rain but not flooding point

  14. I was in kanab Utah on Friday and was going to drive through Zion on my way back home south of Las Vegas. I could see flash flood warnings coming up on my phone and we decided to drive the long way around Page Arizona and thru Flagstaff. The storms in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah were insane. Lightning and rain like there was no tomorrow.

  15. It is the people of these regions that have been voting for political representatives who have been voting against legislation to fight climate change. They don't believe in climate change. They don't want to stop using fossil fuels. Green energy is a joke to them. They will learn.

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