Florida governor signs 15-week abortion ban into law I ABCNL

“We have legislatures all over this country intentionally choosing to ignore what is safe for women,” Democratic Sen. Karen Berg told ABC News.

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Author: Rafael


17 thoughts on “Florida governor signs 15-week abortion ban into law I ABCNL

  1. My amazing life giving body produces more than just "period blood". This woman claims to be an expert, and she calls fetal tissue "period blood"? What an insult!

  2. Thank you Governor!
    Who would’ve thought being against the murder of innocent babies would make you the bad guy.
    What a society they’ve turned this into.
    Left is right, right is left, men are women, truth is a lie, lies are the truth and facts are opinions.

  3. That rant was . . . legendary. They didn't even show the best part — namely, that she is a trained clinician who has first-hand experience with pregnancy and abortion and knows for a FACT that the claim that a 6-week-old fetus has its own heartbeat is a gross misrepresentation, if not an outright LIE. We need more lawmakers like her.

  4. This radiologist/senator lady is all assertion, no logical explanation as to why 50 million babies had to die since abortion was legalized in America. She comes across as just another hack regurgitating standard talking points of the past 5 decades, no real medical or scientific explanation for massive scale abortions. Women rarely die of complications of pregnancy. Babies die from abortion all day long, 6 days a week, and have for the better part of 50 years. She just pretends they had to die for medical reasons of their mothers. Bulloney. Or maybe she's genuinely that clueless.

  5. Abortion is statistically linked to elevated risks of suicide attempts and completed suicide, sleep disorders, addiction or misuse of drugs and/or alcohol, bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder,   anger or rage,difficulties parenting, increased risk of premature death, and other emotional or mental health issues.

  6. Most women don't even find out they're pregnant until after 6 weeks.. some way later. This isn't fucking fair. Time for woman to set forth a new law that after a certain age men need to have their balls chopped off. Maybe then you'll leave womens bodies alone. They are not your play things.

  7. Many people think it is wrong to cut up and suck a baby out of the womb of a women at 4 months, that she could keep the baby or maybe the father wants the baby or adopt it out.
    Some states might let ya kill the baby right up to birth, if a women wants it done she might have to go to that state that still approves of it to be killed up to birth that's all.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks 15 weeks is more than enough time to make a decision and accumulate the funds for an abortion? That's almost the second trimester. What am I missing here?

  9. UKRAINE MUST BE REBUILT WITH PUTINS MONEY. Get Abramovich's money "ALL 15 BILLION POUNDS OF IT" which is in fact Putin's money to Ukrainian Refugees. We cannot wait for Putin's enabler Boris Johnson to act to ease the suffering of the Ukrainian Refugees. People must demand it. There is one option available to bring attention AN INTERNATIONAL PETITION. a call for action on Refugee Relief. A you tube Channel can be utilized to launch such a petition. Abramovitch and other Oligarchs are merely holders for Putin's Money. Boris Johnson's visit to Kyiv was great support for Ukraine and the 100 million value of Armaments provided by Britain's taxpayers is vital. Notwithstanding his visit was also a smokescreen to cover the fact that he continues to protect Billions of Pounds for Putin. Johnson's action is token against these Oligarchs. An international petition must ask 2 things from both the UK and USA governments for immediate action.

    1 – Immediate Honest Total seizure and Liquidation of entire property assets bank accounts of all Russian Billionaires within the E.U – UK and USA. (what has occurred to date is pure tokenism).

    2 – All Euros generated from this seizure under the control of international body of NGO's monitored by independent Auditors. This money is immediately paid out to every Ukrainian Refugee on a weekly basis until there is no money left. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is widely perceived in the UK as an amoral duplicitous Liar, a significant part of Conservative establishment has been corrupted by Putin. The People of Britain are fully aware of Johnson's character and are universally disgusted by him. It is worth noting in WW2 Japanese and German ordinary working people living in Allied Countries were interned (these people were 99.5 per cent totally innocent and were fleeing fascism) and their entire property was confiscated by the State. Does vast wealth and the right political connections make Putin's Lackeys impervious to the same?

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