Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon surrenders to prosecutors after indictment

Bannon is being indicted on fraud charges connected to a fundraising effort for a border wall. He arrived at the Manhattan district attorney’s office this morning.

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46 thoughts on “Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon surrenders to prosecutors after indictment

  1. You know what sucks is that for the important stuff like to prevent something from happening you can't count on law enforcement. You can only count on them after the fact after something's already happened and not even then

  2. Hey Hispanic punk if you're reading this do you remember when I caught you and your friends on top of that bridge stalking me. Erica was there too wasn't she she was a girl that left in the Mercedes SUV with that little girl inside

  3. I want the good guys to charge these crooked m********** with their crimes what's wrong with you you two are going to deprive me of my rights

  4. They frame people and because they know that you'll never be able to prove it they invade your privacy they don't care you can't prove it anyway

  5. Margarita Correa Roxanne Correa the arviso family they think they are so clever the only reason they're getting away with this is because Mike is crooked

  6. These people hacked my phone invade my privacy because they know that law enforcement is incompetent to investigate these types of crimes Mike / agent hacker and the Hispanic punk and Maria Torres think they're so clever

  7. Don't forget that when they kill them they will be in violation of international law for violating my human rights and they must be held accountable

  8. When they kill me because they are going to kill me because they do their own investigations of the crimes they commit so you can bet that they're going to kill me and get away with it so when that happens I want to Will one of my nuts to Mike rodic and my other nuts to the Hispanic punk so they can know what it's like to have balls

  9. Mike roddick Margarita correa's husband from San Fernando California is a crooked FBI agents and his team is also but nobody investigates them they do their own investigations of the crimes they commit and that's how they cover up their crimes they are crooked

  10. Just so you know crooked agents I've already lived my life my best years are over and I had a great time thank God. The rest of my years what can I possibly do I'm old the good years already went by you can't take anything good away from me

  11. Find the Hispanic punk he can give you the names of all those corrupt agents. I gave you a description of the Hispanic punk before and even his address .I don't see why anybody's not doing anything about it

  12. I have grandchildren and it's my obligation to do what is right to do what's in their best interest until they're old enough to take care of themselves and see for their own best interest. And what's in their best interest is not corrupt agents or corrupt law enforcement that is not in their best interest

  13. I'll tell you one thing the crooked bastards would rather keep it the way it is that way they could keep on getting away with their crimes. I don't mean to be talking bad about anybody. But the truth is they're playing you for a fool and that's because you are a fool. Why would you let them investigate their own crimes. They wouldn't let you investigate your own crime when you commit a crime do they or would they?

  14. Am I the only person in the history of the legal system to have noticed this that the system is flawed. Or am I the only one that has been able to get the word out. Was lucky enough to get the word out. There needs to be some changes it's not going to help me any but it might help somebody else in the future somebody that's innocent somebody that's been framed

  15. I am not trained to look for evidence that's why I can't prove it. And the ones that are trained to look for evidence are their friends. And they are a tight bunch. I'm telling you they're crooked

  16. Remember this just because you can't see it does not mean it doesn't exist. Just because you can't see God does that mean he doesn't exist. Just because I can't prove it doesn't mean they didn't do what I said they did.. remember they know what can be proven and what can't be proven. So they do things that cannot be proven and that's how they get away with what they do

  17. I made a bet with a friend and I told him that that your the most educated population in the world but also the smartest population in the world well I'm hoping I don't lose that bet

  18. Oh I forgot they don't arrest each other they don't apply the lot to each other. And they do the investigations so he's not done only I'm done cuz he frames me and they do the investigation

  19. That crooked m********* says that I'm done. Okay well who the f*** is in charge of investigating his crimes because he's got many to answer for he's done too. And one of those crimes is he framed me or else I wouldn't be done

  20. Gay people homeless people people with mental health and addicts have no rights in the United States because as soon as law enforcement finds out you're one of these four categories they discriminate on you

  21. These federal agents these simple sons of b**** say that I have no rights because I am not a US citizen I'm just a legal residence. They say I have no rights because they accuse me of being gay. But my mom and dad they're American my brothers and sisters are American my daughter and grandchildren are American but my cousins are Americans but these sons of b**** say I have no rights because I'm just a legal resident and they say that I'm gay. So that means that the government of the United States discriminates against gay people that's what that means cuz that's what's telling me

  22. I wrote the attorney general I wrote the FBI I wrote the department of Justice not one of them got back to me and I emailed them over a hundred times. That's why I would like to tell the attorney general the US attorney general that didn't be half of the population of the United States and in their best interest I accept his letter of resignation. Mr attorney general clean out your desk

  23. This Mike and his team those are not good guys if they were good guys they would have respected my rights and they did not respect my rights especially my privacy and now they want me to pay for their crimes that's not right and I'm not having it

  24. You don't have to believe me but just keep it in the back of your mind the judges they favor law enforcement over us and that's illegal. A prosecutor that you law enforcement because he doesn't want to offend them because they're the ones that provide the evidence to the prosecutor so the prosecutor can prosecute us. And law enforcement they don't apply the law to each other they don't arrest each other when they commit a crime. I hope knowing that will help you in some way shape or form

  25. I am in this mess because they consider me gay and they don't like gay people. That's the truth they have a word for me they say I'm a sicko. It sucks but that's the truth

  26. Now those are the undercover agents that I'm talking about. But I had some good experiences with uniform officers that have been very nice professional and just kind of. But these undercover agents are the ones you got to watch out for because you just do they don't get in trouble for what they do so they do whatever they want

  27. Is the only thing I could do to get my anger out is right about it and let everybody know. And hopefully prevent this from happening to somebody else because it sucks to be on my shoes

  28. I apologize if I offended anybody I don't mean to offend anybody I'm just very angry because I shouldn't be going through this. But I am and there's nothing I can do about it because the system favors them over me.

  29. You know if only your grandfather's could see you they would be a shame of you. What they thought and died for you're making it be in vain

  30. If there is ever an investigation. Which I doubt there will be a fair one. But if there is even that little punk that helped him framing me I want that little punk charge with this crimes.

  31. That older guy's name I wish I did so I can put it on the internet so everybody would know. Because it is my obligation to inform the public that these guys are corrupt so that the public be cautious around these guys

  32. Love an opportunity to have you in front of my face and look at you in the eye and call you a crooked mother f*** even though it could be my last moment on Earth

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