47 thoughts on “Gasoline prices hit new high ahead of summer travel holiday l GMA

  1. There are quite a few people on this page that don't understand our actual oil trouble. They are just parroting what their friends are saying. The reality is that oil companies saw a dip in returns for their investors while everyone drove less during the pandemic. So now that there is one less competitor in the market, they can put the screws to the American people. Each of our oil executives has said (on recording) that they have no intention of increasing production. They have stated that they will prioritize their investors during record breaking profit time. That is why there 9 thousand oil permits that they have no intention of touching, because it would decrease their profits. In an actual market, competitors were never meant to sit down and talk. That's like two boxers saying "how do we want to do this." I don't know that there are fines big enough to make these companies start drilling, or ramp up production. What's even worse, is that all these profits in oil will be uniquely positioned to buy homes and businesses that fold, because of the high gas prices that they created! It's a horrible cycle that has repeated before.

  2. The price of gas will go down in America if American gas executives and their families were targeted by MAGAT Fox TV/Facebook followers.

    44 Americans are shot by other Americans each day so who would notice.

    Where are the crazy protesting MAGATs and QANON when you need them!

  3. What do you expect in a country that is full of crooks and gougers doing their usual shenanigans and just simple making up nothing but a bunch of bull** excuses. These crooks and gougers just do not care or respect anybody's income.

  4. USA
    2019 COVID-19,, 1 million dead
    2020 inflation bad economy
    2021 riots and looting
    2022 natural disasters tornados and fire's,,massive iliegal immigration,, rampant mass shootings,, rampant homelessness,, rampant violence,, high gas prices high cost of living..
    2023 RIP USA (GAME OVER)

  5. 55mph National Highway Speed Limit coming from the ice cream dementia patient in the White House. Germany already ended the no speed limit for the autobahn

  6. Everything reeks inflation in the economy…. I don't know who, however a person desires to pay attention to this, you have to stop relying on the government and saving all of your money . Venture into making an investment a few in case you actually want monetary freedom

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