George Floyd: A Man, A Moment, America Changed l 20/20 l PART 1

George Floyd has big dreams of leaving tough Texas neighborhood: Part 1

Floyd’s loved ones knew him by many names, including Perry and Big Floyd. When he was a kid, he wanted to be a Supreme Court justice, his second-grade teacher said.

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  1. Just to bad the story like all your stories always seem to lean on what ever side is your narrative. News! You are as corrupt and evil as you can be. Your day is coming for being an enemy to the people.

  2. What kills me is the young man, the store clerk who offered to cover the counterfeit bill, seems completely distraught over this whole situation. He never imagined it would end with a man's death =(

  3. He was a dead man walking and didn't even know it. Smh……I think he knew he had a 50/50 chance of living or dieing. The fear must have been unbearable.

  4. Rip 6 funerals millions of dollars paid months of insurgency over what . Some covid patients are sensitive groups it's unfortunate but can we stop treating this guy like he's Black Jesus.

  5. He was lying from the start he did do something he robbed a store. If was counterfeit he knew it if it wasn't he would pay a different way.. if he would have sat quietly he would not have been taken out of the car he would have went to the station but he sat in the back seat kicking back he seats and the doors..umm I don't think him trying to get out is resisting. This man raped a child and held a pregnant woman by gUn point he put the gun on her stomach he robbed her to get drugs they planned it out. What if the gun went off while it was on her stomach. Always the polices fault

  6. Why was he cryn bout it when he knew the manager was gonna call the police, after he refused to go back and talk to the manager. So many chances he coulda made that woulda saved his life.

  7. Geogre Floyd A fraud, A moment, Amerca Overdosed.

    On one hand, the prosecutors (Blackwell) stated that Floyd was/is different from others who has a rarely big heart which was the cause of the death.

    On the other hand, the trial/BLM rioters accused Chauvin and others of treated blacks differently/being racist. I had been wondering what was wrong police officers did treat different Floyd *differently/being racist*. Was it reasonably, logically, and correctly to treat different situation differently? Which was why I felt honored when BLM rioters called me a racist b/c it was a medal for a reasonable person.

    "Chauvin alternate juror describes fear among jury"

    Imagine what if Trump did exactly the same thing as Biden did before any trial, no doubt a big step forward to obstruct justice.

    Floyd Chauvin’s case was a decisive battle(back to it later) of demonize the ordinary police officers who work on the frontline of the entire law enforcement system of United States, which was a flag/iconic event happened last summer that ignited BLM riots across the US and the world in one night. To build the case up and make it an irreversible iron-case was/is a critical political demand to set up the anti-systematic racism image and build the heroic holly rebel narrative, thus to make the touching & political correctness image of the Democratic party completely, which was the reason why Floyd was heroized by the party leaders who took their knee down in the Capitol last year. This year, no wonder Biden addressed his prospective before the verdict publicly which never been seen in any president in history. Not only the only part matters, the highlighted 9 minutes and 29 seconds, got stressed again at the very beginning of the speech after Chauvin’s verdict, but also the fabricated “strawman” as “the systematic racism” was unprecedentedly sublimated to “a stain on American national soul”. (back to the “battle”, an unbelievable but comprehensive detail was Floyd’s family members were jumping with joy and cheering they “won” after they watched verdict. So was for Maxine Waters’ words ‘get more confrontational’ just before the verdict)

    Unfortunately, the baseless exaggeration was so crystal clear that even Biden contradicted with himself in the same speech since the groundless charge was fabricated. On one hand, it was a stain in American national soul which indicated it was a systematic massive deep-rooted "soul" problem; On the other hand, Biden also said most of white men&women who wear badges serve the communities honorably, which means only a few bad cops. It couldn't be true at same time.

    Moreover, the time of the only part matters doesn't count, neck restraint reduces and limits the maximum volume of air one can get while does NOT cut air, which is how neck restraint is effective to deal with active resistance (it is kind like decrease maximum air or fuel a car can get to limit the max speed/engine output power), which was why Floyd could keep talking and crying for 5 minutes in the focused 9 minutes and 29 seconds. Otherwise, if neck restraint has the same effects as *triangle*(important, it is about physics and math, it is the reason why neck restraint with prone position can't cut air) chokehold which can cut air, Floyd couldn't say any word and would lose his consciousness in minutes.

    Furthermore, racism/racist is everywhere according to some people, it sounds like every person is a "Hitler". if so, what kind race of blacks are that so many "Hitler(s)" didn't/couldn't kill them all/the entire race from last century till now? What good can do by putting an exaggerating label on somebody? Just claiming somebody is their enemy, nothing else. This is why "racism card" never solved the "racism" problem, but only made the problem worse. Because these people didn’t/don't want to solve anything but create it from thin air instead. This intention and trick of expanding struggle and escalating conflict rapidly from personal to entire group/race in a heartbeat without any hesitation is toxic to any society, which was a normal political struggle trick played in Chinese culture revolution and it was/is the cause of endless struggles/conflicts in any society which was/is literally more dangerous than any police officer practically did. Words matter, should pass laws to ban using of any word related to racism as if the word Africa American matter.

    All in all, it was/is a typical political trick which had/has nothing to do with justice.

  8. Pointing a Gun at a pregnant woman's stomach.(aka pointing the gun at a baby)
    In 2009, George Floyd was arrested for a 1st-degree felony charge, as per police criminal records/history/past, of assault and armed robbery he took part in 2007 and spent five years in prison for breaking into a lady’s house with the intent to rob her. George agreed that he wore a blue uniform to look like a government employee to gain the lady’s trust, and eventually pave his way into the house.
    The lady soon realized that the person was impersonating to be a government worker, she tried to shut the door but Floyd brute-forced his way into the house. Consequently, a Ford truck pulled up to the house’s main entrance, five people exited the truck and went straight inside the lady’s house.
    This large suspect then proceeded to search the residence while another armed suspect guarded the complainant, who was struck in the head and sides by this second armed suspect with his pistol while she screamed for help.’

    Not finding any cash, Floyd and other men took jewelry and the lady’s cellphone and fled the scene using the truck. A neighbor had witnessed the robbery attempt, wrote down the license plate number, and reported the incident to 911 instantly.
    The police followed the lead and successfully tracked down the car. Floyd was found behind the wheels. Later, his identity was cross-verified with the women who reported that a tall suspect had placed a gun to her abdomen and invaded her home forcefully.

  9. George Floyd was not an angel and no one is really. The point is his offense did not warrant basically being tortured to death. Being an addict is not a reason to suffocate someone to death. If we should treat every addict like Floyd we will have a global genocide. Including someone of our love ones. We have seen mass murders with their guns still hot from their killings apprehended in a more dignified way. The situation could have been easily advoided if the officers showed an ounce of compassion. That the hardest part to reconcile.

  10. “Why is there a gun coming out?!” – says the idiot who’s never spent a day in his life in this kind of neighborhood. (Eric Chaloux) AND after recognizing that these officers were rookies. (2:14)

  11. He didn't deserve to die like that but if only he had gone back into the store when the store clerk came to him this would have not gotten out of control like this. Makes me think he knew the money was fake.

  12. No matter his past crimes he did not deserve to lose his life on this day! I keep hearing about his past crimes, his drug use & I am sick of it because the issue this day was he did not do anything to lose his life for a $20.00 bill, he probably knew it was fake or maybe he had just ingested the drugs & was unable to comply with the store manager at that moment? Still no reason to die by cops knee in the neck, he was terrified because he probably had that feeling he was in serious trouble not sure exactly what but some people can feel or sense when something huge is about to happen, we don't know why or understand how but he just felt it & was terrified, he begged for air & they never gave in by treating him like a human being, he was there so long he even urinated on the pavement in this video! The police got what they deserved but yet still get to live while this man lost his life, they will see there families again even if it is in prison, George will not at least not in human form. I hope this wakes up people throughout the world that this will not be tolerated! When you watch Derik (cop) in the video it is as if you can see right through his soul, his eyes are just empty, there was nothing there that day? When you watch him in court there is still nothing there in my opinion, I believe he thought he was actually going to beat this, American people have shown him different that we will no longer allow this to happen, I know we all have done things in our past at some point, things we should not have done but these comments below SMDH about Floyd holding a pregnant woman by gun? One has nothing to do with the other does it? Lets remember George for the good things he has done in his life, the good things he fought so hard to accomplish & remember drugs influenced the bad as it has so many of us struggling today, he did not deserve to be punished for those 9 minutes 29 seconds because of his mistakes in his life, I am not saying make him into an angle but he did not deserve this either as if it was his destiny because of his past mistakes…Let him be in PEACE & his FAMILY…

  13. Officers are scumbags once they see someone reach for something they automatically think oh I'm at threat but in reality you're the one holding the weapon so you should be the one to not hesitate so don't kill someone if you're not sure or even take them out of the car after all they are human just like you but if you act up with a weapon then you are the one guilty that's how I see it in my eyes your just a guy with a badge on his shoulder that abuses people!

  14. Tears come down when 30 lives were lost in the riot ,because of this druggist man who was convicted several times and family got 27 million dollars when countless stores were looted!!!

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