Georgia’s lieutenant governor reacts to Jan. 6 hearings | ABCNL

Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan reacts to evidence provided by the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection and describes the impact the hearings have had on the Republican party.

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46 thoughts on “Georgia’s lieutenant governor reacts to Jan. 6 hearings | ABCNL

  1. How thick face this Republican politician is. Like they can do a better job than handling the inflation and etc. They only want tax cut for the rich. Also, when is he when Mitch McConnell steal a Supreme court judges seat by refusing to even having a hearing for Merrick Garland. Now they accuse Democrat same as Republican party.

  2. Who gives a f*** about George's lieutenant governor George is one of the five states with the most corrupt election in 2020 this country has ever had in history

  3. I don't appreciate that repubs not wanting their grifter to run, decide that the same must be true for dems who don't want Biden to run again. While the criminal one is hated by majority of Americans, the other, up there in age, is revered for bringing decency and honor back to the presidency.

  4. It has been hard for all of us to see, hear and listen to. Clearly he did do something just not what a leader would be expected. He did according to his wish to sabotage the election. For him and him alone for $$ and power. Autocracy is not for American our Republic and Democracy. He cannot do any different-proven-twice impeached, planned a coup, attempt to steal an election and not transfer powers…he is not above the law. Leadership matters!

  5. This man is my Lt. Governor. I am not on his side of the aisle but, WOW, I am blown away by this man's critical thinking skills! This should be a MUST SEE for all members of his party, so that maybe more people could see where they need to go from here. Because most are not willing to be as honest as he is in this interview.

  6. I'm surprised and very impressed with this intelligent Republican. I'm sure we probably disagree on policies, but we're both, evidently, for the survival & thriving of our democratic republic.
    Yes, there are a lot of very dissatisfied Americans. I just wish Republicans in Congress would come up w SOLITIONS. However, they, as a party organization, don't want to provide any relief for average Americans until their party is in the White House & Congress as majority. That's very sad.

  7. First step in the long list of solutions would be to get big money out of politics. Without that, nothing will change – period. Good people cannot focus on their jobs when being required to raise money for their campaigns and at the same time being constantly battered by lobbyists and donors of their previous campaigns that make no bones about the fact that they donate with the intent to collect favor later. Get rid of the filibuster and bring in individual policy country wide referendums on the big issues. This will encourage more voter engagement and people being properly educated on the issues.

  8. People need to be educated.on how the government works. They think the President is responsible for everything that happens in the ciuntry. They don't understand when a party is split it actually works against him and us.their agendas don't happen as they should. People still watching fake news like my Ex! Still love Trump😢

  9. Why do we make such a big deal about despicable revelations of the former president’s conduct? Wasn’t his character as evident as the noon day sun since he launched his 2016 presidential campaign & throughout his 4 years in the white house? What exactly is the problem considering that millions of Evangelical Christians had this knowledge & still voted for him?

  10. President Biden is a great President he is so refreshing to listen to he cares very much about the country he has so much to content with since he came in power

  11. What? No allegations of "Stalinist show trial" or "kangaroo court" or "dog and pony show" or "politically motivated hit job" or even "what about Hunter Biden/BLM/Antifa/Hillary's emails?" What kind of Republican is this? Did they deep freeze him in 1979 and defrost him last week?

  12. I voted for biden, warnok, ossoff in 2020. but I will vote for kemp, raffensperger in 2022. they put country before party, constitution before leader.

  13. I like Geoff Duncan and I'm glad Georgia didn't succumb to a bully they deserve praise for doing the right thing because we all know what trumps tactics that week were to win at any costs breaking the law meant nothing to him and he needs to go to prison

  14. Another former Trump lover in Georgia…one of the leaders of the Republi-can't party? Hmmmm. If this host asks him if he will vote for Trump AGAIN if he is the Republican primary winner for the presidency…what will he say? Probably this: "I would vote for Trump if he is our Republican candidate for President in 2024. Cheney, Kinzinger and the rest of the Con-Trump Republi-can'ts WILL vote for Trump AGAIN. We better hope Trump ends up disqualified or ELSE.

  15. Well go back to your office and pass some policies that will help families in your state you're killing your voters with poor ideas policies that do not help families all of a sudden you wake up

  16. When will reality set in this guy Duncan knew all along that the Republican party was doing wrong where was he early on the Republican Party has been done for a long time culture wars should be an illegal speech there is no place for hate

  17. Republicans are voting against the solutions. That’s what’s wrong. Too many dumb ass republicans, in office.
    For the record, I don’t care if an elected official is Democrat or Republican. We just need the dumb assess out of there.

  18. Joe Biden, knows he will be a one time president, he said so at the beginning of his campaign against Trump. To run against Trump was his only decision to come out of retirement.

  19. I like this guy Duncan. I haven't voted Republican since John McCain. He sounds like a real Republican. We need candidates who care more about the country than getting elected!!

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