Handyman arrested in gruesome murder of NYC mom I GMA

David Bonola, 44, was arrested Thursday on a charge of second-degree murder for the alleged killing of 51-year-old Orsolya Gaal.

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33 thoughts on “Handyman arrested in gruesome murder of NYC mom I GMA

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  2. I don't feel sad or upset over this. Im glad she got what she deserved. Imagine the type of story her kid has to tell about his MOM. She was getting railed by the handyman and betraying her husband, the kids father. Hopefully she's in hell getting railed by Demondiksgalore. Hopefully they got great life insurance over this and he gets to spend it on anotherhoe.

  3. It disgusts me that commenters 1 . Believe she had an affair just because the guy said. 2. Think she deserves death because of it. 3. Makes her a lesser person. what a load of disgusting people shes dead!! DEAD!

  4. I don't feel bad at all to be honest. She made the decision to have an affair and put her whole family at risk. Things like this happen all the time in love triangles..My advice dont cheat on your wife or husband and get involved in a relationship when your married..If you need a change pay a hooker they won't kill ya or tell your wife or want a relationship 🤣

  5. I find it hard to believe that she had anything to do with this person, maybe he was obsessed with her and made this whole thing up even setting her up to look like they had some sort of affair, everyone wants to believe it so bad for some reason.

  6. God watching everything you do sorry for the husband and son she didn't even care about her own life handyman are for fixing thing around the house only he had no right to kill her rip

  7. I'm not trying to blame the dead but this lady really fucked up how can someone who is married be doing something like this.. it's horrible wonder how disappointed the husband and the kids would be hearing this

  8. If a man gets it on with a married woman then he should be a rolling Stone. I have a couple of buddies that have had sex with over 300 married women collectively. And they are doing very well because they don't get attached

  9. Her husband was checking out colleges with the eldest son, but you forgot to say her youngest son was asleep upstairs while she got a quickie in then tried to break it off with her murderer.

    She absolutely did not deserve to be killed, however she was playing with fire. Every news article I see about her calls her the Bronx mother. They never address the murder with her name. She was not a good mom. A great/good mom would NEVER have her side piece in the same house as her 13 year old son. What if he woke up and heard her having sex or walked in on him being killed?? A mother would never put her kids in harms way.

    No she didn’t deserve to be killed, however if you play with fire you might get burned.

    I pray her husband and children are able to get thru this horrific tragedy. You find out ur wife is cheating after she’s murdered by her side man? Your in one of the happiest days of your life, looking at colleges and thinking about your future and you find out your mom was murdered? Your 13 and you find out a guy your mom was screwing killed her and you were upstairs sleeping …basically feet just feet away? That’s extremely traumatic.

    Yeah they’re definitely going to need some therapy and true love ones around them. Yes they’re getting an out pour of love right now because this is the top story, when the cameras turn off and the media moves on to the next big story that’s when they’ll really need true support. PRAYING FOR THIS FAMILY!! 🕊

  10. My heart goes out to this beautiful woman and all of her loved ones. As for this monster, 25 years to life isn’t good enough. Life with no possibility of parole is what he should get.

  11. That’s what happens when you fool around while married, no sympathy. She subjected her children to harm. Says more about her than her killer. And I’m a guy. Hope he’s allowed to plea bargain to manslaughter. I feel terrible for the husband and children.

  12. Wow, I know she’s not alive anymore to tell her side of the story!
    She had it all, and had to lower herself for that peasant?? 🤢🤮 unbelievable!!
    This was an act from her selfishness, she didn’t thought for one second children’s safety. I’m glad he got arrested, and I hope that lowlife never comes out.

  13. for all we know the husband could of been tired of her and probably knew she might been cheating but could cared less.

    lots of people stay together for the kids and save yourself from all the life troubles it brings you to divorce.

    anyway, hes probably freaking out anyway but it will help him get over this wayyy faster knowing she was cheating (assuming it wasnt open relationship)

    only sick part is that she got killed in the home, blood absolutely everywhere…sat on the couch, touched the knives.

    I would never live in that house again knowing the crime of my wife or mother of my kids got murdered there

    if they dont move out of the house, they will take way longer to heal from this…

    They should move to Florida and enjoy the sun and beaches and hope it helps them heal through this disaster

  14. All because the whore wanted to bang a foreigner. Oh well, not like this wasn't entirely preventable or anything. Try staying faithful to your husband. That dramatically increases the odds you won't end up in pieces in a duffel bag.

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